Proud Father Willie Robertson Shares What Sadie’s DWTS Involvement Means For Her


Movieguide, a site providing entertainment coverage from a Christian perspective, recently caught up with ‘Duck Dynasty’ superstar Willie Robertson to talk, in part, about his daughter’s captivating stint on the ABC competition series ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Each week, 17-year-old Sadie Robertson’s performances not only delight fans of her family’s hit A&E program, but also those who appreciate her abilities as a dancer. According to her father, the extent of her skill came as a surprise even to those who knew her best.

“No one knew she could dance this well,” the Duck Commander CEO said, “—neither of her parents, we didn’t know that.”

With each new week – and every new routine – he explained that his daughter is gaining more than just technical skills.

“Just watching her get out there and be confident is neat,” he said, “because she’s almost 18 and I think this will help her in life.”

As for her close-knit family back home, Sadie has plenty of support.

“I’ve tried to come out as much as I can,” her father continued. “We’re in production right now, filming for the next season of ‘Duck Dynasty,’ so we have to come in and come out.”

Sadie’s mother, however, is cheering her on from the audience each week.

“We’re just watching her improve and get better,” he said. “And she really likes it.”

Though her dancing has certainly provided significant exposure in addition to her recurring reality television presence, it is something far more personal that makes her father proudest.

“She’s got a heart for God, too,” he concluded. “I don’t worry about her too much. I know she loves the Lord and she shows that in many aspects. She’s doing great.”

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Ebola Czar Ron Klain In Self-Quarantine?

Megyn Kelly and Krauthammer

Ebola is and will continue to be the hot topic in America until this administration can pull together a less murky policy approach than they have been implementing since its outbreak in the U.S.

Recently, Obama made it a policy to quarantine the soldiers who have come back from the Ebola-stricken countries for 21 days, while nurses and healthcare workers are able to break their self-confinement and go on bike rides like Maine nurse Kaci Hickox did on October 30.

In the midst of the chaos of the quarantine debate happening in the States, Fox syndicate Charles Krauthammer spoke with Megyn Kelly about this administration’s poor handling of the situation.

“Democrats, they have this long history of claiming to be the party of science… So explain to me, Mr. President, how is it that it is science to not have a quarantine for a civilian nurse but to have the Department of Defense, which the last I heard is a part of the U.S. government, declare a 21-day quarantine for any soldier who serves in these hot zone countries?” Krauthammer asked.

He didn’t stop there.

“Does the virus actually decide whether it’s going to multiply and kill the patient on the basis of whether it’s a nurse who’s a civilian or a soldier who’s a member of the military? This is not science. This is policy, and I think the administration’s advocating the wrong policy.”

If indeed this is all policy, why isn’t the man who was appointed to head the Ebola crisis–the Ebola czar–doing anything about the it?

“Remember, the cure for all this, for the contradictory messaging, the over-promising, the protocols that had to be changed almost every week was gonna be the new Ebola czar, who is nowhere to be seen. I think, actually, he’s probably himself in self-quarantine. Where the heck is the guy?”


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The Coming November Wars

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As it stands today, Republicans will add seats in the House and recapture the Senate on Tuesday.

However, the near-certainty is that those elections will be swiftly eclipsed by issues of war, peace, immigration, and race, all of which will be moved front and center this November.

Consider. If repeated leaks from investigators to reporters covering the Ferguson story are true, there may be no indictment of officer Darren Wilson, the cop who shot Michael Brown.

Should that happen, militant voices are already threatening, “All hell will break loose.” Police in the city and 90-some municipalities in St. Louis County, as well as the state police, are preparing for major violence.

After flying out to Ferguson to declare, “I am the attorney general of the United States. But I am also a black man.” Eric Holder has once again brought his healing touch to the bleeding wound.

Yesterday, Holder said it is “pretty clear” that there is a “need for wholesale change” in the Ferguson police department.

But, Holder notwithstanding, that is not at all “clear.”

Should the grand jury decide that Wilson fired in self-defense in a struggle with Brown over his gun, and fired again when the 6’4″ 300-pound teenager charged him, what would justify a purge of the Ferguson police department or the dismissal of Chief Thomas Jackson?

What exactly have the Ferguson cops done to deserve the remorseless vilification they have received?

Yet, as St. Louis is bitterly divided over this incident and how it has been exploited, so, too, will be the nation, should November 2014 provide a replay of the urban riots of yesteryear.

And the president himself will invite a social explosion if he proceeds with White House plans for an executive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens residing in the United States.

Obama is reportedly considering an end to the deportation of an entire class of illegals, perhaps numbering five million, providing them with work permits and putting them on a path to permanent residency.

Such a post-election amnesty would bring a full-throated roar of approval from La Raza and the liberal wing of Obama’s party, but it would evoke an even louder roar of protest from Middle America. And such a presidential usurpation of power would poison Obama’s relations with the new Congress before it was even sworn in.

Undeniably, this would be a decision for which Obama would be remembered by history. But it is not at all clear that he would be well-remembered by his countrymen.

Indeed, among the reasons Obama did not act before the election was that he knew full well that any sweeping amnesty for illegals would sink all of his embattled red-state senators.

The corporate wing of the GOP might welcome the removal of the immigration issue from the national debate. But conservatives and populists will bring it back in the presidential primaries in the new year.

There are also two simmering issues of foreign policy likely to come to a boil and split Congress and country before Christmas.

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President Obama: Quarantine The Military But Not Healthcare Workers


President Obama’s reasoning for why healthcare workers are not subject to a 21-day quarantine drew fire from military spouses, as the Army signed off on a quarantine of that exact nature.

 On Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced U.S. troops returning from nations affected by the Ebola epidemic will be subject to a 21-day quarantine, according to USA Today.

In a press briefing Tuesday, President Obama said a quarantine was appropriate for the military but not healthcare workers because members of the military “are not there voluntarily,” The Hill reported.

“It’s part of their mission that’s been assigned to them by their commanders and ultimately by me, the commander-in-chief. So we don’t expect to have similar rules for our military as we do for civilians. They are already by definition, if they’re in the military, under more circumscribed conditions.”

The president continued, letting healthcare workers off the hook from the quarantine because they have “to tackle a very difficult job.”

“When we have volunteers who are taking time out from their families, from their loved ones, and so forth to go over there because they have very particular expertise to tackle a very difficult job – we want to make sure that when they come back that we are prudent, that we are making sure that they are not at risk themselves or at risk of spreading the disease – but we don’t want to do things that aren’t based on science and best practices.”

Army wife Rebekah Gleaves Sanderlin, who is also a board member of the Military Family Advisory Network, condemned the President’s remarks in a statement to The Hill.

“In pointing out that the civilian volunteers would be sacrificing time away from their families, the President failed to consider that military members also have families and, in this, our 13th year of war, most have already sacrificed years away from their homes and the people they love.”

Air Force spouse Susan Reynolds also condemned the president. The Fort Bragg-based columnist said his remarks were “very insulting.”

“We are an all-volunteer force. To say that we’re not volunteers as well is insulting to us. To say that those healthcare workers’ time with their families is more valuable than the time that my husband spends with me and our son; it’s very insulting.”

President Obama’s remarks have caused a stir on Twitter, notably from journalist Sharyl Attkisson:

And these journalists:

And also these people, including a retired sergeant who served in the Marine Corps:


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Media Elitists On Trial And On Ballot!


A SuperPac called Conservative War Chest is running TV ads that expose the liberal media’s role in deciding elections. One ad running in North Carolina is a blistering two minute referendum on the “corruption of American journalism” by the ‘Media Elitists Destroying Independent-thinking America’, or just MEDIA for short.

Conservative War Chest spokesman Mike Flynn said, “Conservatives can never gain final victory until they confront the root problem of news organizations who are the real opposition party in America,” who added, “This content-heavy spot puts before the public case studies that establish these organizations as partisan, not journalistic organizations that are dedicated to activism, not fearless pursuit of the truth.”

Mike reminds Americans that at one point in our history, the news media valiantly stood up to corrupting forces in America. But today, the MEDIA is the corrupting force in America. Instead of exposing evil, they join in lockstep groveling at the feet of big government bureaucrats to gain regulatory approval and favorable treatment for their businesses.

The new ads show specific, concrete examples of news executives and partisan reporters trying to hide the truth from the American people. Flynn contends that since the MEDIA play such a large role trying to influence our elections,  they should be on the ballot.

The ad singles out the New York Times’ cover-up of the IRS scandal. It also reminds Americans of Sharyl Attkisson’s coverage of the Benghazi scandal for CBS, as well as the ABC smears of the Tea Party including George Stephanopoulus and Candy Crowley acting as Democrat surrogates in Presidential debates. And finally, it exposes Comcast, NBC, and MSNBC as a partisan left-wing attack machine with MSNBC news executive Phil Griffin being the ring leader in a suit.

The question is: Will Americans vote in lock-step with liberal choices served up by the MEDIA? or will they break from the pack and think for themselves and vote for conservative candidates who will help restore a once-great America? Tuesday will tell.

Here’s the ad:

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