PA Schools To Provide Free Self-serve Condoms

Flickr Creative Commons peachy92 Condoms colored PA schools to provide free self serve condoms

In a purported effort to reduce sexually transmitted disease, nearly two dozen Philadelphia high schools are featuring bowls of condoms – free to students, no questions asked – in their nurse’s offices.

The respective nurses heard of the new program through an email from school administrators, informing them the prophylactics will be placed “near the entrance to your office.”

Though parents can theoretically opt their children out of the condom giveaway, officials made it clear they won’t do anything to enforce such restrictions.

In the same email to nurses, the school district’s assistant superintendent conveyed his position that students “are to honor the wishes of their parents” and doing otherwise would constitute “an issue of the home.”

When teenagers know they can grab a handful of condoms whenever they wish, with a written guarantee their parents will be none the wiser, I’m sure we can trust them to make the right decision. We can probably all remember how responsible we were at that age.

As easy as it is for today’s youth to make unwise decisions, the last thing they need is a school system contributing to their potential for delinquency. Of course, this is hardly the only case of a corrupt public education system actively indoctrinating the next generation with values contrary to traditional parents. It is an egregious slap in the face to social conservatives throughout the school district.

Adding to the insult, outraged parents will be footing the bill for the program since the city’s health department – funded directly by taxpayers – is supplying the condoms.

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Photo credit: peachy92 (Creative Commons)

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