Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment Aims To Sweep The Country

Impeach Obama SC Overpasses for Obamas Impeachment aims to sweep the country

“The Patriot Wave” will sweep the country demanding that Congress impeaches President Barack Obama, James Neighbors, National Coordinator and Founder of a movement called Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment, announced today. He said there will be nationwide overpass protests this summer in July and August. The movement is inspired by a similar protest earlier this month in California.

Protestors in Carlsbad, California made news a couple weeks ago holding a protest on a nearby highway overpass on Interstate 5 on June 8. The protesters held up a variety of “Impeach Obama” signs and the demonstration slowed down southbound traffic on the highway for hours.

“On June 8th, a group of patriots protested in Carlsbad, Cal. led by Roger Ogden. After reading several news stories on that protest, the inspiration struck me that if such protests were to occur nationally, that surely Congress would listen and act, Neighbors said, “After thinking for several hours on how to create something like that, Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment was born.”

Neighbors says the Overpasses movement is growing rapidly and it’s organizers have a goal of having overpass protests in all 50 states. He said, “As we speak, organizations across America are planning protests. California, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Florida and Louisiana.. For now, local groups are planning their own protests, throughout July, beginning July 4th.”

The members of the Overpasses movement regard President Obama as so thoroughly involved in the scandals as to warrant his impeachment. Neighbors said, “His administration is the most scandal ridden that I have ever known of. His policies fly in the face of the U.S. Constitution. For anyone to say he has no knowledge or part in the growing list of scandals is simply astonishing. Nixon said the same thing, and history shows how deep his involvement actually was.”

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Photo credit: katerkate (Creative Commons)

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  1. Your text says: "its organizers"….

    It should be "its" – or do you also say "hi's' ?

    • A spelling lesson? Really?

      • IMPEACH THE ISLAMIC COMMUNIST PUPPET AND HIS REGIME! And go to the highways and by ways in Washington DC, The District of Collusion!

    • Linda From NY says:

      who cares? about the spelling, the issue is impeach this bum dictator.
      I believe you have more important things to worry about then a misspelled word.

    • RacerJim says:

      Your quote is incorrect.

      It should be "it's organizers…"

      Next time be sure to quote correctly lest you make an ass out of yourself….again.

      • yardley says:

        "it's" means: it is – what is "it is organizers" – never heard of that

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          Yet again comprehension is lacking.
          Originally, JimHH attempted to be crass by pointing out a single typo in the article. Unfortunately, he didn't pay attention to his own actions, just as what probably happened in the article.
          JimHH commented: "Your text says: "its organizers"….".
          RacerJim corrected JimHH on what the text actually said:
          "Your quote is incorrect. It should be "it's organizers…"

          You should take RacerJim's final suggestion. "Next time be sure to quote correctly lest you make an ass out of yourself….again."

  2. Linda From NY says:

    l appreciate this article, if we can't make it to support these true Americans, then signed the petition to removed this bum out of our white house, go to the net and type impeach Obama petition. We must stand together before it's too late. God Bless America

    United We Stand Divided We Fall

  3. if we sit here and critizie eachother for simple typo's we wont get anywhere the point is Obama is a criminal and should be impeached asap

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