Outrageous: See How Holder And The Obama Admin Are Spitting in The Face Of All Americans

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I don’t know why people are upset about the economy and the lack of jobs; the Obama administration’s minions seem to have figured out how to get wealthy in today’s America.  They just steal it from the American people and then block any investigations into the grand theft.  I’m talking hundreds of billions of dollars here.

A majority of the federal government’s 78 IGs recently gave a report to Congress outlining a systematic attempt by lawyers of the federal government to block access to documents and other information requests from the people supposed to investigate corruption, theft, and other forms of abuse. This obstruction of justice rises all the way to the office of the attorney general of the United States, who has instructed his lawyers to run all document requests by the IG directly through his office for approval.  This essentially gives the attorney general the ability to filter and block any investigation he doesn’t want to proceed and is against the IG law passed by Congress.

The Washington Examiner states the problem very eloquently: “The experience of Justice Department IG Michael Horowitz is especially outrageous. In a Senate hearing in April, Horowitz said his office must go through Attorney General Eric Holder to gain access to DOJ documents and officials. Giving Holder the power to veto an IG’s access in that manner egregiously violates the 1978 law and other statutes.”

Recent estimates of fraud, waste, and abuse in the executive branch range in the two hundred billion dollar area. That’s billion with a B. If the attorney general of the United States himself is blocking investigations into this theft, I wonder where the money is going?  These are just estimates.

In a $3+ trillion budget, the number could be much higher.  Obama is well known for saying ‘I’ll do what I want because I have a pen and a phone.’ Perhaps he is helping himself and his friends because he has access to the federal budget and has the attorney general in his pocket as well?

On the other hand, we have a Congress that refuses to hold this administration accountable for a variety of crimes.  This also goes for our corrupt mainstream media.  The Obama adminstration is literally getting away with stealing us blind.  Perhaps this is Obama’s way of spreading the wealth around?

I’ll say this again: a majority of federal inspectors general have informed Congress that they are being prevented from doing their jobs by having access blocked to critical information by federal agency lawyers–including the attorney general of the United States.  This is shocking but not surprising given the behavior we have seen over the last six years from Obama.  I just wish someone in power would hold their feet to the fire.

Photo credit: North Charleston (Flickr)

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  1. Liberty49 says:

    Obama is the most slick thief who has ever been in the White House, and God knows there have been enough crooks in the White House!

  2. Obama = Tyrant
    Holder = Enforcer

  3. Crooks in the white house, crooks in the DOJ, crooks in the congress. They love spending money and the more they get the more they'll spend. I say kick them all out of D.C. and let's start over.


  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    These 2 dispicable people have been spitting on the faces of Americans ever since the scumbag became president and appointed Dillinger the AG.

  6. Both of these two POS came straight from he!! Those two evil, criminal, corrupt terrorists are the most vile repulsive filth of the lowest level. Money does NOT make a person…..character, INTREGITY, morals, dignity is what matters….but they don’t qualify!!! Tons of money has gone to every evil conceivable plot or favored group by those to demons. They enjoy harming good Americans. One day they will pay for their sins…big time.

  7. Impeach Obama and Holder now

    • And who is going to impeach them, congress? Don’t make me fall over laughing, NOTHING and I will say it again NOTHING will be done about old Barry and his gang of thieves and Liars, Congress doesn’t have the marbles to do one single thing except shake In the presence of all mighty antichrist whoops I meant Obama

  8. When is everyone going to wake up and know that he has his Muslim agenda, he is taking our country apart piece by piece, economically, socially in every way, so it's easier for them to take over. You may say it will never happen, just watch…. It's happening now.

  9. It's not just the victims that are vulnerable.
    Sometimes rape victims get even, then there are also times when the rapist gets even more than he deserves.
    The Political Class has a serious purgative coming — making that Martial Law threat look more like an invitation to begin every day they 9ncrease and broaden their abuses.

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