Outrageous: Obama Just Gave Slain General The Middle Finger While Giving Mike Brown Star Treatment

Photo Credit: Twitter/Chicago Tribune

As Western Journalism reported, the death of a two-star general earlier this month marked the highest-ranking death thus far in the Afghanistan war. Later identified as Major General Harold Greene, the general was the only casualty when a man dressed as an Afghan soldier interrupted a training exercise by opening fire and injuring 15 individuals.

Just days later, a black man was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo. after reportedly attacking the officer and attempting to seize his weapon. The death of Mike Brown, who has been linked to a convenience store robbery just minutes before he was shot, has since stoked racial tension in the U.S. and led to continuous protests, riots, and looting in the area.

The two victims, as well as the circumstances of their deaths, are undeniably dissimilar. Adding to those differences is the disparate response from Barack Obama toward their respective funerals.

Multiple reports cited the dearth of White House representation at Greene’s funeral, many of which noted the fact that Obama not only declined attendance but played a round of golf during the memorial service. Monday’s funeral for Brown, however, will reportedly be attended by multiple Obama delegates.

As Fox News indicated, Cabinet Secretary Broderick Johnson will be on hand to join Brown’s mourners. In addition to his position in the administration, Johnson also chairs the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force, an initiative Obama started earlier this year to provide aid specifically for blacks.

Johnson will be joined by Marlon Marshall, the White House Public Engagement Office’s deputy director, and department adviser Heather Foster.


Photo Credit: Twitter/Chicago Tribune

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