Outrageous: Media Rush To Blame Shooting On “Workplace Violence”

MSNBC logo SC Outrageous: Media rush to blame shooting on Workplace violence

Former U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan’s own testimony contradicted the leftist assertion his deadly 2009 shooting spree at Fort Hood was just another case of a disgruntled employee. Nevertheless, mainstream media jumped to the same conclusion following Monday morning’s shooting at the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard.

In describing the event that reportedly left 13 dead, including suspect Aaron Alexis, MSNBC’s Toure declared “it does seem somewhat consistent with some of the things we’ve seen before in terms of workplace violence.”

Taking a break from his role as one of the network’s resident race pimps, the host discussed the breaking story with psychologist and Wright State University Associate Vice President Dr. Larry James.

The discussion furthered a narrative that Alexis — who was not an employee of the Navy Yard at the time of the shooting and entered the area under false pretenses — was merely upset with working conditions and showed up with a gun. James listed a number of signs that an employee had “gone off the edge,”

Considering the initial similarities between Monday’s tragic shooting and the Fort Hood massacre, one might assume media professionals would shy away from immediately blaming Alexis’ actions on workplace violence. Political hacks up to and including Barack Obama used the same talking points when referring to Hassan’s rampage, only to be proven wrong when the shooter himself proudly admitted his motive was rooted in his radical Islamic faith.

Though facts continue to trickle in as law enforcement officials investigate the scene, ideological lightweights such as Toure find it necessary to place the blame on an abstract theme. Not only does this help solidify public opinion by excluding politically incorrect causes (i.e., Hasan’s jihad against the U.S. military), it also opens the door to continue a relentless attack on the Second Amendment.

For his part, washed up actor Henry Winkler was among the first to blame legal gun ownership for the Naval Yard shooting. Posting on Twitter, the former “Happy Days” star sarcastically called on Americans to “do nothing to promote gun control,” adding “thats how we roll until we have all shot each other (sic).”





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  1. Calvin Sibert says:

    Here is a better idea,how about we scrap diversity,(perversion) training in schools and start teaching gun safety and marksmanship.Encourage everyone to carry a gun.Maybe then criminals will think twice before trying these atrocities.If most people were armed this man could have been stopped before the body count got so high.This tired old narrative that decent law abiding citizens should be disarmed so that only the criminals and tyrants have guns is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. Where’s the media OUTRAGE over the outrageous MASS MURDERS of 85,000 babies aborted BY HUMAN HANDS -AND-

    Multiply that by even a FEW OF the numbers of other states’ statistics, to get things in the PROPER PERSPECTIVE

    There have been killers and weapons of every sort since Hunters/Gatherers, but how would they respond to what they did?

  3. Calvin Sibert, you are right on the money! And every one of those idiots that push for gun control are just that. Idiots! All research shows that an armed society, is a safer society. No doubt about it. All those gun free zones are targets for the nuts who run loose and those politicians who promote gun free zones should be held responsible for the deaths too.

    • They aim to take control of America out the hands of Americans and control her themselves and put American citizens in bondage, a long time dream of Muslims..

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    It kills me when I hear some idiot like Sen.Diane Feinshet from that liberal state of Cal start her bullshit on assualt weapons.The only ones that had assualt weapons were the police.This crazy spook did have a shotgun.That fat ass Diane carries herself since those blind guys tried to grab her.I say blind because who with good eye sight would want to molest this homely duck.

  5. That is only because he is black, if he were white they would lay into him like he was the most evil person on earth. Remember Zimmerman? He killed a black in self defense and this man killed just for. If you want to see hypocrites in action keep up with this story. the fun of it.

  6. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Hasan’s case was terrorism, Alexis’s case is workplace violence. Case closed, both should be dead!

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