Outrageous: Judge Decides Law Doesn’t Apply To Obama

President Obama face WH photo SC Outrageous: Judge Decides Law Doesnt Apply To Obama

A Circuit Court has decided that Florida election law applies to everyone but Barack Hussein Obama. In response to a suit brought by Florida resident and Democrat Party member Michael Voeltz challenging Obama’s eligibility to the Florida ballot, Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis ruled that Florida election law “…is not applicable to the nomination of a candidate for Office of President of the United States.”  This means that the Florida Statute which says, “the… nomination of any person to office…may be contested in the circuit court…by any elector or any taxpayer…” is null and void when it comes to Mr. Obama’s nomination to the presidency.

“If the plaintiff was challenging the candidate’s eligibility for any other office, his analysis would be correct and [the law] would apply,” said Lewis of Voeltz’s suit. However, according to the Judge, “…Political parties determine their [presidential] nominee at a national convention pursuant to rules that the parties draft and approve…”  In short, Mr. Voeltz’s contest of Barack Obama’s eligibility will NEVER be permitted in a Florida court; for voters do not nominate the president, political parties do in balloon filled convention halls! With this ruling, Lewis has spared Barack Obama the necessity of having to prove his eligibility for office as no Florida voter will have the right to question it, the language of the state’s election law notwithstanding!

Lewis also passed judgment on the natural born citizen challenge of plaintiff Voeltz, ruling that as Barack Obama is a citizen of the United States, he is also a NATURAL BORN citizen and therefore meets that  constitutional requirement. “The judge equated being a ‘citizen’ with a ‘natural born citizen’ and cited no authority to conclude the two terms are the same,” exclaimed a stunned Larry Klayman, the attorney who handled the suit for Mr. Voeltz.

Perhaps the most remarkable of Lewis’ contentions was his statement that “it is the plaintiff’s burden…to allege and prove that a candidate is not eligible.” For the judge did not allow Klayman the right of discovery–the right to subpoena Obama for proof of his eligibility!  “How can you say we have the burden of proof, then not allow discovery?” Klayman asked. “He says we have burden, but doesn’t allow us to meet it.”

Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch, went on to say “The decision issued today by Judge Terry Lewis was poorly reasoned and written.”  “It goes against prior Florida Supreme Court precedent in particular, thus making our chances on appeal great.”

The bias and lack of honor displayed during the past year by the American legal system represents not only a threat to the Constitution, but to the continued existence of the Republic. When citizens mistrust the integrity of the court, they lose faith in their right to expect and receive justice. Klayman said “…if the Florida courts ultimately decide to obey their own election law, we will prevail in the end.” Unfortunately, ignoring both the law and the Constitution has become standard fare for the nation’s judges. Mr. Klayman may need a miracle if he expects the law to be fairly applied in his client’s appeal.

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  1. Pre-Boomer says:

    There are quite a few tricks that these judges have up their black-robed sleeves. They will require you to submit proof of ineligibility and then not allow discovery, or they will say that you aren't allowed to challenge eligibility because you don't have "standing". Alan Keyes, the third-party candidate that I voted for in 2008 was determined not to be allowed to challenge Obama's eligibility even though Alan had been on the ballot and received many thousands of votes – because HE DIDN'T HAVE STANDING! Can you believe it?

  2. Catchmeifyoucan says:

    OBAMA 2012

  3. makes you wonder just HOW MANY have always KNOWN of bummer's illegal status AND are just for ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT………………

  4. Removed this judge he had no ppwer by looking into Obama histroy this Judge look weak very weak did not bother by look into Law Book just pick it out and pick it not one single page he left on. This Judge need to be remover it wrong Judge right to start get another Judger with better understandable.

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