Outrage Grows Over Official Corruption In Allen West Recount

Allen West SC Outrage grows over official corruption in Allen West recount

An overnight firestorm of cyber-messaging is asking that volunteers come to Florida’s St. Lucie County and serve as observers for Allen West’s recount challenge!  Fears and allegations of massive voter fraud are spilling out across the web immediately following a sham recount in the West-Murphy battle for US Congress, even as local media play this down.

I received a late night blog post out of New York called CONSTITUTIONAL EMERGENCY, begging people to show up on Florida’s Treasure Coast to help America’s retired colonel get an honest recount from longtime Democrat machine Election Supervisor Gertrude Walker.

Meanwhile, out of California, a Michael Savage Facebook page referenced by LDotter reveals that at the Harbor Ridge Clubhouse polling place in Port St. Lucie, 850 registered voters cast 1,550 cards, making for a 182.35% turnout!  You can read the entire 170 page PDF file of Walker’s Statement of Votes cast in St. Lucie County’s 2012 General Election, all counters, all races.

The St. Lucie County GOP put out a fiery press statement with quotes from Tim Edson, West’s campaign manager, vowing to pursue every “legal means necessary to ensure a fair election” and to hold Gertrude Walker accountable!  “Nothing about this story adds up,” says the release.  Calling her recount a sham, the West people are questioning the St. Lucie County Board of Elections’ original decision to recount the entire early vote, which was abruptly changed at an “emergency” 7:00 a.m. meeting last Sunday to count only early votes on November 1, 2, and 3.

Tempers of average citizen observers at this meeting flared when Walker’s people refused to talk to them and law enforcement forced everyone to leave. You can view a positively chilling video showing the crass manner in which American voters were treated by their elected officials.

Additionally, a false Sunday morning e-mail circulated warning people to stay away from Walker’s Orange Blossom mall headquarters on Okeechobee Road in Ft. Pierce.  I was there. I saw no angry mobs or riots. In fact, the only truly “angry” individual was the local Scripps outlet reporter who THREW my business card back at me when I identified myself as a Conservative blogger (CIR) whose readers include many retired military and police members.  The Palm Beach Post’s political reporter openly derided me when I questioned him about his paper’s liberal bias!

What I’m left with this morning as I post this report is an overwhelming sense of sadness from viewing many Vietnam veterans who stood long hours at yesterday’s emergency recount.  One tall vet proudly stood at attention wearing a leather vest covered with many Nam insignias.  A blood red patch stated “Never Surrender.”  Linda, a West supporter, said to me: “100% of people in some counties all voted for Obama in PA and CO. . .totally unheard of. . .It’s a sham. . I fear for my grandchildren.”  A stoic Afro-American veteran in his 70s hugged me and said he was at the West recount because he admires what the Colonel did for America.

A commenter is alerting web readers that “There is a November 16 deadline for overseas military ballots; do we just forget about those?”  But a plane carrying many of those Florida military ballots recently crashed in Afghanistan, and nothing further has been said about these votes.  Pictures now are surfacing of Ethiopians bussed into some OH polling places; “95% couldn’t speak English,” someone said.  The Constitutional Crisis everyone feared before the election may now be underway, and the internet is alive with Allen West supporters wanting answers!

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  1. Honestly…this makes me sick to my stomach! This2012 election stinks like last weeks trash!!

  2. This entire election was a FRAUD.

  3. The entire election should be investigated. If any fraud is found, the entire election should be done over, and with out the machines. We should go back to paper ballots and they should be counted by our people in our country because this is our election, not Spains or George Sores.

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