Our Government Arms Itself While Disarming The American People!

Guns SC Our government arms itself while disarming the American people!

As Florida becomes the first state to register one million concealed carry permits and the Illinois’ legislature proposes the nation’s most draconian gun regulations, the US government is quietly using $1.6 billion in borrowed money to amass ammunition for the domestic operations of Homeland Security.

A 91 page standard transaction form filled out by the Department of Homeland Security Training Center in Glynco, GA reveals a staggering amount of ammunition purchased (in unit price in the thousands) by the Department. The .223 Rem Caliber 62/64 Grain JHP was purchased in quantity of 1,100; the .40 S&W Caliber 180 Grain JHP buy quantity was 2,824; 209 9 MM Luger 115 Grain JHP along with even buckshot is on this order form now hard to Google.

The purchase of 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo and other weaponry, which may or may not include bullets banned by the Geneva Convention,   leaves many Americans wondering why all this heavy stuff is needed inside the United States! For the DHS operates only within the nation’s borders, only on American soil.

The first page of this huge, federal government ammo buy states: “Acceptance of an award certifies that the firm will comply with FAR 52,22-50, combating trafficking in persons, by notifying all employees and subcontractors at all levels.  Period of Performance: 10/01/2012 to 09/30/2017.”  The next item on page 1 states: “Lot 1-base year: date of award and continuing for 12 months (actual 12 month period of performance will be reflected on award document)  This contract is for commercial leaded training ammunition (CLTA) in accordance with this document”

Commercial Leaded Training Ammunition is being acquired upon award of this order, but the period of performance extends out over five years!  This offer due date was made on 08/20/2012 at 1430 ET and extends out to September of 2017.  What is this?  Way into September of 2017, these CLTA ammunition bundles are being acquired for domestic use by Homeland Security. And the Department is buying the stuff with money our country does NOT even have!  Just what is their purpose?  One source even says that “radiation pellets for protection of the thyroid gland” are even included!

Yet just as federal bureaucrats have decided to arm their agencies for a level of action seemingly not anticipated since World War II, State legislators in Illinois are hoping to place legislation on the Governor’s desk next week that will guarantee an outright ban on countless rifles, shotguns, and some 80% of the state’s most widely-owned handgun models. (2)

Why would elected officials prepare the GOVERNMENT for a massive gunfight on U.S. soil while working to disarm the American people it ostensibly serves? Could it be the leftist breed that now dominates the nations’ capitol harbors a greater fear of the American people than of the country’s well-known enemies?

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  1. Maybe if the Federal and local Government did not arm itself, as if it was about to go to war with the American people such as a dictator, maybe then the American people would not be so afraid and feel a need to be prepared for this assault on the American people that the local and Federal Government seems to be planning when they order "hundreds of millions" of hollow point bullets for even the EPA, FDA, and every other department of the US government. It appear the US government is going to wage a full scale war on the entire united states like Hitler did during his Nazi regime. The American people just want to feel safe, because the Nazi's did not give their victims a chance. The American people are not going for that.

  2. Our country and citizens are in big trouble. The government has been preparing for this day for a long time. They have used taxpayer money to build the FEMA camps(for us) and the underground, well stocked food residences for the big shot politicians that we blindly voted into office. 98% of them should be arrested and charged with treason. They and only they have set all of this in motion. They are backing a man that no one really knows, who are his parents? Once he has conquered our country i'm sure he will tell all..

  3. Arm yourselves right now, heavy weaponry, tanks etc. welcome.

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