Opponents Gather In Protest Against New Colorado Gun Control Law

gun control sign SC Opponents Gather in Protest Against New Colorado Gun Control Law

DENVER – Stores across Colorado are pulling high-capacity magazines off their shelves. A new law that took effect Monday limits magazines to 15 rounds and some people are already deliberately breaking the law.

The law requires background checks on all gun sales, including private ones.

“We want to, today, to test how this law functions; demonstrate that it is not enforceable,” a demonstrator told the crowd.

The new laws prompted about two dozen opponents of increased gun control to gather at the state Capitol on Monday at midday in protest. Many swapped and sold high-capacity magazines in plain view of police officers, daring them to make an arrest.

“Well, we just broke that law, I’ve got to assume, several times in just a minute,” rally organizer Ryan Tulega said.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    What can you expect from a liberal state run by a pussy liberal Governor.Colorado was once a state run by tough God fearing people but once they let those commie movie stars movie in and buy up all the good ranch land so the dickheads could ski at Steamboat & Aspen and the other good places it was all over for the real Coloradians.I really feel sorry for the real natives.If there are reservations in Col.maybe the real Americans can start selling guns to the white man like the whites did to the indians.

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