Did The VA Just Call Barack Obama a Liar?

In a speech Wednesday morning, Barack Obama addressed the ongoing scandal regarding inordinate waiting periods for patients at facilities operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Though he assured Americans that such delays are unacceptable, he questioned whether they played any part in dozens of veteran deaths.

He cited a report by the Inspector General, noting that “he did not see a link between the wait and them actually dying.”

While that claim is technically true regarding the investigation into the Phoenix VA system at the epicenter of the current scandal, Obama did not mention the department’s own report linking delayed treatment to at least 23 deaths across the nation.

Last month, reports indicate that the VA-admitted veterans died at 13 of its facilities due to complications directly linked to their inability to receive timely treatment. At one hospital in Columbia, S.C., 20 delays were reported, proving fatal for six veterans.

Affecting at least 76 veterans in total, the VA confirmed postponed endoscopies were responsible for the nearly two dozen deaths. Reports indicate most of the incidents occurred between 2010 and 2011.

After the report was released, VA Committee Chairman Rep. Jeff Miller spoke out against the deadly delays. While the Republican saw the internal report as a step toward restoring trust in the department, he said its findings were “heartbreaking.”

Furthermore, Miller noted that officials within the VA were not held accountable. Over the past month, as allegations of delays and cover-ups exploded, many Americans believe those in charge are still avoiding responsibility.

After one top official, Dr. Robert Petzel, announced his resignation, it became clear he was already planning to step down later this year. As for VA Secretary Eric Shinseki (pictured), Obama explained he would not only be keeping his job but would also head up the investigation into his own department.

Photo Credit: Facebook/U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Another lie from the lying king

  2. Patriots For America says:

    This is a crying shame for this stupid evil man Obama and the rest of these criminals idiots of this administration to treat our Vet like this. This Fukken A-hole has no problems wasting millions on vacation for him and his ugly wife and allowing for ill treatment of our vets causing many to die, what a POS this man is

    • Linda, you idiot! This has been going on longer than Obama, all the way to bush. Don’t make everything seem like it’s his fault.

      • Linda From NY says:

        Hey Derik, you azz-hole!!

        If anybody is an idiot it is you, you fukken azz-hole, Obama is evil and I do NOT denied that Bush too was another Evil POS too. I am aware that 911 was an inside job, a False Flag created to take away our freedoms.

        Bush and Obama both work for the same puppet masters, I am by no means a fan of Bush, he and his old fart of a father are for this New World Order Crap and so is Obama this POS.

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        So tell me, you idiot, leaving 4 Americans to died begging for their lives to be butcher by these fukken animals, in Benghazi mean nothing to you? and then the Fukker lies about it blaming it on a youtube video.

        Obozo nevers knows anything, when ever a scandal explodes, he is the only president who always say he heard it in the news just like the rest of us. If this clown so dumb not to know what is going on? What a POS of a president this man is.

        The whole world is looking at this idiot and they are laughing at him and at morons like you who voted for this POS of a president

        Is this the Fukken Hope and Change you voted for? you muslim azz kisser

        • Who the hell gave you the right to call me a Muslim?
          I wonder who is the real a##f##ker. YOU!!!!!

          • Linda From NY says:

            Hey Derik,
            who the Hell gave you the right to call me a idiot? you started first with the name calling, you Idiot! and I didn't call you a muslim I call you a moron and a muslim azz kisser!!

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Linda your right this minority asshole is an asshole.When you start changing your name or at least the letters you know sooner or later he will be an mohammy or abdul.You can tell he loves the jigaboo who sucks at being president.Don't let this scuzzball get under your skin

          • Linda From NY says:

            Hi Edward,
            Thank you, I appreciate your words, what I don't understand how these scuzzbalss still defend this POS obama. I don't get it, obama has done NOTHING for these people, most of these people live in poverty, and no way of bettering themselves.

            Obama has made life much harder for all of us, this healthcare alone is a job killer, and yet these un-inform idiots will defend their messiah when obama does NOT give a Sh!t about them.

            How stupid can these people be?

          • Edwardkoziol says:

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  3. I understand there are millions of dollars that were spent settling wrongful death lawsuits by the VA. obama is so embarrassing he doesn't know up from down.

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