ONLY Obama Would Hire Pedophile Enabler, Global Warming Fraud Graham Spanier

spanier ONLY Obama would hire pedophile enabler, global warming fraud Graham Spanier

One thing that is clear about the despicable rapes of little boys at Penn State University is they were green lighted by the school’s president Graham Spanier.

He knew what was going on, weighed the value of Penn State’s football program against the lives of the little boys Football coach Jerry Sandusky was raping and consciously decided to ignore the ugly crimes happening on his campus. To Spanier the football program was more important than anything else. Why not? Spanier is a low character fake. He also approved Penn State’s part in the Left’s fraudulent climate change “research.”

No thanks to Spanier Sandusky’s crimes finally came to light and Spanier was forced out of his position. In an America not run by Barack Obama, this would have been the end of this bum; but the immoral mongrels who work for Obama have reached out to Spanier and given him a job. Now you and I are paying his salary.

Graham Spanier a man who should NEVER have clearance even to sweep the floors of a federal building had his top secret clearance reaffirmed AFTER Sandusky’s rapes came to light. He now works doing, “part-time consulting…for a “top-secret agency on national security issues.” What? He does what?

His biography says he chairs The National Security Higher Education Advisory Board which is supposed to prevent the theft of sensitive research conducted at American universities. Sensitive research? Would that include fake climate change data? If so they have the right guy.

Penn State joined England’s University of East Anglia in what was the biggest scientific fraud since the “Cardiff Giant.” Penn State’s phony Professor Michael Mann, the creator of the fraudulent “hockey stick” graph, colluded with the fakes in England to lie about and hide any evidence they found that proved “man-made” climate change is a lie.

What national security benefit can we gain by employing a man with a proven track record of approving fraud and child rapes? Is this a “Golden Parachute” payoff from a grateful Barack Obama for Spaniers’ help in trying to pass Cap and Trade with fake numbers? The character of both men says yes.

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