Only 20 Percent of Voters Will Definitely Vote for Obama in 2012

Kevin “Coach” Collins,

We have now seen Barack Obama’s approval ratings fall below 40 percent in a Gallup survey. The left-of-center polling firm reports Obama’s numbers are seriously upside down with an alarming 54 percent disapproving of his performance in office.

Forget about the bad numbers Congressional Republicans are getting. The faces of Congress, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are not running. Obama’s 39 percent approval rating begs for a primary. Maybe Hillary Clinton will grace us with her presence and defend her disastrous years as the Secretary of State. Maybe we’ll see the Left panic and nominate a George McGovern, but as things stand today, Obama and the Democrats are staring an election night bloodbath in the face.

More Bad News and from the White House Steno Pool

The latest word from The Washington Post, the Democrat’s pet newspaper is devastating for the Democrats and Obama. Its just completed survey found merely 20 percent of voters would cast a ballot to re-elect Obama! Another 33 percent “would consider voting for him,” which in political conventional wisdom means most of those respondents would not vote for him. If just half of those voters don’t come back to Obama, and at this point he has nothing left to entice them with, he could be looking at a 65/35 blowout.

But the news in The Post’s survey gets still worse. It found two of three respondents….

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  1. Probably all the welfare recipients that expect the handouts to continue. I hope the numbers aren't even that high or him.

    • Once again you people in government it is time to impeach this louse. Get a backbone and do something with this guy. I'm starting to think even the republicans are communists. This used to be a very beautiful country and you could actually trust someone before Obama came along. He is a racist. There are lots more names to call him but there is not enough space on the computer. Obama may you rot in hell.

  2. I cannot believe there are that many FOOLS to vote for this King of fools !!

  3. Obama is a fraud. He wanted to be president because he thinks that America exploited other countries to get the wealth we have. He believes we should give it back. Remember he is a Black Liberation Theology church member. He also is a Marxist. Many of his friends are Marxists. We know that only the elite benefit in a socialist government. That's why we have to get back to the smaller government and let private business work in the free market. The other reason obama will never understand America is because he is a Muslim, not a Christian.

  4. 20% morons voteing for that SOB good luck with that.

  5. Am surprised that there are those few who still believe him for all his lies and what he has done to this country so far. They must still be hypnotized since 2008. watch what happens when he finds out the number of ballots he can't get on come 2012.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    No person with common sense would vote for the oreo again,however the bums on welfare,foodstamps a nd the illegals will want him because you don't bite the hand that feeds you.This half coon came from a mother who lived off welfare until his commie grandmother took him in,the black side of the family didn't want him.He goes out and if he came up against Rush,Sean,Neal,Levine,Savage,Ingraham or other consevatives in a debate the poor little oreo would wiggle his ears and run to Moochella and cry.This canary couldn't hold his own with the people I've mentioned.

  7. That is exactly the percentage of liberals out there! Well what do you know. You liberals have no idea what your doing! To me Obama and his thugs….are taking the US hostage!

  8. My biggest fear is voter fraud across America. The illegal voter will be given free ATM cards and bussed in to vote in Sanctuary America.
    It has already happened from past elections and these cases are being heard by Judicial Watch .
    State of: CO, NV, CA, Ill, PA, just ot mention a few.
    Certainly we all know by now that this thug leadership will not, nor plans to secure our border.
    There're very specific reasons why.
    They will gardner any non-American they can get to the polls, its already happened.
    If wondering how we're doing over tis issue. This is the largest news from the border and what our gov't is supporting.
    Please support us anyway you can in your state, by passing and enforcing all laws on this issue where you are.
    It won't be long before all of America will become what these picture are telling us.
    This is 24/7 on our boder and this is what you in America haven't been told about.
    It's call terrorism.
    Yes Daisy you put it perfectly, we are all being held hostage and led by a monster. .

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