One Valuable Lesson We Learned At Bundy Ranch

There is an old saying that used to apply to the news media…”If it bleeds, it leads.”

In other words, the news media loves to sell sensationalism. Remember the cry on the streets back when the local newspaper was king?

“Extra!  Extra! Read all about it!”  That was what the newspaper man barked as he peddled his papers filled with the latest news “hot off of the presses.”

That is where the media got its name, you know…the press; it came from the idea of pressing type onto paper.  The “print press” is almost dead, buried by social media and the instantaneous “publishing” of information on the net.  Today’s newspaper carries yesterday’s news.

I thank God it is dying. Long live the First Amendment and the new media.

What is the “new media?”  Why it is nothing more than a smart phone with access to the internet.  The recent events at the Bundy Ranch revealed the power of this new form of communication.

Mainstream media, as we know it, is on its last breath.   The media, first and foremost, is a money-making operation. That is why it has such a great need for sensationalism.  CNN devoted almost two solid weeks of round-the-clock-programming to the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370.  Today, everything is “breaking news,” even if it is “olds” rather than “news.”

Their polling showed that the American public was interested in the mystery; so, in the interest of keeping their viewers, they turned the lost plane into a mini-series. Anybody and everybody who had a theory on what had happened kept the intrigue flourishing. Nothing in recent memory demonstrated how much ratings drive the “news.” (Just curious…has anyone found the plane?)

Compare that to the events at the Bundy Ranch, where the entire story was kept alive by social media.  The “lamestream” media was nowhere to be found…as lost as the Malaysian jet.  Yet Mom and Pop Americans carrying nothing more than a cell-phone camera and an internet connection drove the story the media chose to ignore.

Truth be told, if it had not been for the internet and cell phones, many would have died at the Bundy Ranch.  Remember Waco, Ruby Ridge, and other “government interventions”?  They all ended badly, and the controlled-media chose what to let the American people see.

Would Waco and Ruby Ridge have turned out differently if David Koresh and Randy Weaver had access to cell phones and the internet?  We’ll never know.  But we can be sure that the ability to bypass the alphabet channels and broadcast to the world over the internet saved the lives of hundreds of patriotic Americans in the desert outside Las Vegas.

Can you imagine the story the government-media would have fed us if violence had broken out at the Bundy Ranch, and the only information we received was what the government wanted us to know?  Thank God for cell-phones and the internet.

Let’s face it, folks. The idea of the media being a watchdog is dead. Today, they have all become lap-dogs, propagation arms of one form or another.  The “alternative media” is now the real media. The “press” button has been replaced by the “post” button.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I really believe that without the cameras and cell phones Dingy Harry and Obuttholes storm troopers would have taken out the Bundy family.Remember that black piece of shit Crybaby Holder authorized it.Obutthole has his men in place who are willing to kill Americans but wouldn't hurt an illegal alien.

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