One-Third of Men Are Out-of-Work (And Obama’s Thrilled)

Kevin “Coach” Collins,

Earlier this month the Obama administration crowed that the full point drop in unemployment over the last four months, from 9.8 percent to 8.8 percent, is the best turn around since 1984. There media gave no reason for this turnaround, except to say The One’s special economic policies are beginning to yield the benefits they were designed to bring forth.

What was not highlighted in the glow of the administration’s back slapping is that there is another statistic that goes back even further than 1984. Today, just 65 percent of men aged 16-to-64 (and just 67 percent of all men) are working, a huge drop from the 85 percent who were typically employed in the 1950s.

Obama is destroying America’s men and setting the stage for all men in our society to live as so many minority men now live, instead of lifting the minorities up to a higher status.

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