One Anarcho-Capitalist Who Knows Conservatism Is As Far As We’ll Go

Dont Tread on Me1 One Anarcho Capitalist Who Knows Conservatism Is As Far As Well Go

I’ve been a voluntaryist (not a misspelling) all my life. Growing up against Jim Crow-lite statism in Georgia confirmed that liberty and free association were the way to go.

A society of like-minded people voluntarily entering into contracts and agreements to govern themselves instead of via government is a fantasy to most folks.

Non-aggression is its chief principle, meaning that no one has a monopoly (unlike government) to use force against others.

Consider how important police and military functions would operate in such a system.

Private security would be the primary means of organized protection, selling their services to subscribers. They would resemble today’s conventional security firms up to heavily armed private military corporations like those seen overseas and in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Militarized private security presently guard nuclear, electrical, and government research facilities. Some even secure US bases.

I already see police and military supporters (of which I’m one too) objecting. They caution that these functions are rightfully reserved for government.

Placing police and military power in private hands is more disastrous than anarchy, they argue. I won’t quibble, but the real definition of anarchy means no rulers monopolizing executive power, not chaos.

Don’t worry folks; voluntaryism isn’t likely to become America’s chief organizing principle, despite epic efforts of Ayn Rand, Ron Paul, and the Libertarian Party among others.

As an anarcho-capitalist at heart, I know that many of our beloved countrymen need imposed rules to keep them from destroying themselves and others.

This is a bitter pill for liberty idealists to swallow, but it’s too true. Pragmatically, the product of our heavily regulated current society would run wild were government’s heavy hand removed.

America is indeed a free country in relation to other nations, but quite the opposite compared to her liberating ideals.

Businesses of all sizes struggle to create profit against a steady stream of rules imposed (with statist guns never far away) by government.

Higher minimum wages, higher taxes, and higher regulatory hurdles for producers to leap through means less income, less savings, and fewer jobs for employees.

The penalties for not getting Obamacare next year are icing on the cake of the American uber-state, smeared atop repression ranging from seat belt laws to TSA security overload.

I do my duty and obey repressive rules because many fellow Americans don’t want liberty. They simply desire more comfortable shackles at election time.

Conservatism is the happy medium between an uber-state and voluntaryism. Its focus on traditional values and less business regulation doesn’t please liberty idealists.

But, liberty idealists must accept that what they consider man’s natural state is fantasy to most of our peers.

I’m an anarcho-capitalist at heart. That said, I know that conservatism is as close to real liberty as America will get.

Without rules that rankle liberty lovers so much, there is very real peril that undisciplined masses will destroy all that America offers.

They don’t see themselves as free individuals who own their bodes and all that their minds produce.

Correcting this mindset is summed up by this saying:

” Free your mind, and your behind will follow. ”

” Cap Black, The Hood Conservative, says,
“ Sadly, we ain’t ready for voluntary society!”


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