On Fire: Obama Eligibility & BC Heats Up

Alabama Supreme Ct

The McInnish-Goode case against former Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman has definitely not been quietly dismissed according to a spokesperson for the Alabama Supreme Court. “It’s still pending,” the court clerk told CiR on Thursday, December 19, at 3:06 p.m. EST.  She said the case has not been dismissed, stating, “I don’t know where they got” the information that case was tossed. CiR was checking web reports that on the very day Attorney Larry Klayman won his blockbuster NSA spy scandal case against the Obama administration, his other big case concerning the Obama Birth Certificate forgery and authentication was dismissed.

Attorney Klayman is plaintiffs’ counsel for Hugh McInnish and Virgil Goode, two Alabama Republican party officials who are challenging former Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman’s decision to allow Obama and other candidates to appear on that state’s 2012 presidential election ballots without first fully vetting them for eligibility. At stake, says investigator Mike Zullo, is “deception of voters and state election commissioners.”

This huge case was taken to appeal for oral argument in front of the AL Supreme Court after lower courts tossed its premise, a typical legal action taken across America by most other lower judiciary challenges to the Obama Birth Certificate issue.  Carl Gallups, Freedom Friday’s radio talk host in northern Florida, has for weeks been pointing out there actually are three birth certificate filings on record in this case.  “Now a third birth certificate has been submitted by AL Democrats.   The Obama, WH generated web birth certificate was shown by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s forensic investigators to be a document forgery.  Obama supporters have submitted yet another BC for consideration.

Meanwhile, several major developments are causing tensions to rise.  The first concerns the inexplicable death of the main Hawaii Department of Health official linked to issuance of the “real” Barack Obama BC, 65 year old Loretta Fuddy.  Hers was the only death in a nine passenger plane crash last week that saw the pilot reportedly swim to shore to get help, after which, according to another Honolulu print outlet, he actually drove himself home.  Attempts by CiR to re-verify this account were thwarted because print access became limited.  Pilot Clyde Kawasaki was reported as saying, “All I know is ‘bang,’. . .OK, I’m in trouble now.”

Attorney Orly Taitz now has entered into the plane crash reconstruction.  Unclear is what happened to Fuddy’s body immediately after the plane hit the water.  Taitz issued a recent press release saying she “was contacted by Mr. Larry Fenton who tried to serve Fuddy with a Taitz subpoena. “He said he received a Facebook request from Loretta Fuddy to be friends,” says Taitz. Fenton was not allowed to serve Fuddy with the subpoena in person as required by law, but “was told to leave it at the gate.”

Lead Arpaio investigator Mike Zullo filed a 207 point affidavit in the case against Sec of State Chapman, citing possible “fraudulent creation of an official document, forgery of a governmental birth record, and deception of voters and state election commissioners  across the county.”  Point #35 of the filing states: “It was now demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that the WH website document was an utter forgery.”  Gallups is reporting Zullo has gone to ground because of a history changing news tip the detective is chasing all over the country.

One commenter summed up these latest developments by saying, “When conservatives are hitting the target, they get the most flack!”  Just recall how CNN talker Don Lemon and his liberal guest attacked Attorney Klayman.  “Cut his mic, ” cried Lemon.

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Alabama Supreme Court case McInnish/Goode v. Beth Chapman (SOS) is being handled by attorney Larry Klayman. It will be the first and only civil case in which Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse is personally involved. Chief investigator for Arpaio Mike Zullo has written a 200 point affidavit to this court and has agreed to testify in person. It's time, you Kenyan muslim islamist terrorist sand monkey niger to go the FK home and take a permanent vacation away from America!!!
    Obureaucrat will try to just buy another judge that agrees with him! 


  3. This case needs to get to trial asap ( like yesterday ) It is time to begin the process of getting this piece of black trash out of the whitehouse and getting him into gitmo where he belongs or putting him on a canoe back to Kenya before he has a chance to finnish destroying this once great country !! We are on the verge of witnessing a medical holocaust in this country because of to ovomit and ovomitcare!!

  4. I think that this might be an attempt by our govt/mafia to make the point "we can and will kill or destroy anyone we please at any time who gets in our way". The fact that the only person who died was who they were reminds me of Brietbart, followed by his coroner. I think that is another example, sort of like waking up in the morning with a severed horse's head next you in bed. That's why all the sudden reversals, like judges who who took up the birth cert issue then very suddenly found some BS excuse to drop the cases.

  5. get him to court — stop messing around . You have enough evidence. Nail is nutt to the wall .

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