Occupy Vs. Tea Party: The TV Series?

occupyVSteaparty Occupy vs. Tea Party: The TV Series?

YES! It is finally here! A reality television show that pits two of the most visible and vociferous political grassroots groups against each other in a battle of epic proportions.  Occupy vs. Tea Party is the brainchild of Mr. Gordon Gebert.  A musician by trade, Mr. Gebert hatched the idea of these two groups duking it out on live television upon seeing the growth of such activism after the coronation of Barack Obama.  He wanted a project that was fair, innovative, and fun in a time where politics is becoming all too personal. We can thank Hilary Rosen for that.  However, the dynamics of the show are actually quite interesting.

He said that the show’s will be in a one hour format (44 minutes with commercials) and will be a Survivor meets Big Brother meets Apprentice format.  Occupy and Tea Party contestants will be divided into teams of six with three females and three males on each side.  Each team will endure challenges, like in Survivor, and the winner would pick a debate topic for later in the program.  Gebert said “the meat of the show” is centered on the “Big Great Debate,” where we see our political allegiances duke it out in a battle royale over freedom, liberty, and the American way of life.  Gordon said he wanted to portray a debate that isn’t cut off by commercial breaks or abrupt endings due to time constraints, which I think a lot of us have felt frustrated about watching Hannity, The Five, or (gulp) MSNB—-(I can’t say it!)….the news in general!

At the conclusion of the debate, each side will vote a member off.  As a result, you will experience the typical fight to oust the lazy person, “the village idiot,” the poor debater, or the emotionally fragile. What fun!  The last two contestants will have one final Big Great Debate and the viewers will decide who won the contest.  Gordon feels that in similar programs, where voting off contestants is an integral part of the show, the viewer will find a Tea partier or, do I dare say, an Occupier, to connect with and will share in his or her dissapointment if they are voted off the program.

Gordon hopes that a major network will pick up the show for a weekly broadcast. He is currently raising funds to shoot the pilot episode for his summer preview.  However, if this show is picked up, then production will be given a budget to allow for such amenities and Mr. Gebert hopes that the increase in funds will enhance the quality of the show, provide more eye candy, and conduct more editing to help the narrative.  However, like in politics, it’s all about the money and if he can raise more than his targeted $50,000 budget for the pilot, he can pitch a better product to the network executives in early June or late July.  However, he knows the tough road ahead of him.  He admits that the only way he would be picked up by a major network is if they have a show that fails with audiences in their packed fall schedules.  Although, his optimism couldn’t be higher and there is always a few programs that don’t make the cut.  Case in point, Lone Star, 3 lbs, The Playboy Club, and The Paul Reiser Show were all sentenced to the chopping block.  At the very least, Occupy vs. Tea Party will be posted as a webisode on Youtube. This show has some serious potential and I wish Gordon Gebert the best in bringing this entertainment to a wider audience.

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  1. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Oh man. I am sick of “reality” shows, and although the writer of this article wishes this man the best, I can’t do the same. It will be as “fixed” as the rest, and just about as “real” as any of the others. Politics and the Sideshows thereof, are about as sickening as the “reality” shows. We are bombarded on all sides with all of it. I am not sure I can quite get into yet one more of these aggrevating and mind numbing “reality” hours of tv, such as it is already…………the worst of the worst. Finding really decent shows is almost impossible, and if one does not have cable, DISH, or Direct TV, they are simply SOL! I have DISH, and so I watch a lot of SYFY, and other channels. Bring back Gunsmoke, or something simple, so that for an hour or so, we can actually relax, and forget about the trouble, deep doo doo that our country is in. Is that too much to ask of anyone? I suppose it is when you think about it, the producers and the whole crap hole of what we call hollywood has gone competely in the sewer, and their minds have gotten so disgusting that they can think no further than their genitals! Hollow wood has lost all scope of what real Entertainment means or is about, other than sex and more sex, which has gotten bland and totally disgusting if one watches it long enough…………which I dont. Politically inclined tv will become the same if what this man has in mind makes it past the “powers that be” in the Crap Hole in Califorica.

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