Occupy Seattle Protestor Marries Abandoned Warehouse

occupy wall street4322 Occupy Seattle Protestor Marries Abandoned Warehouse

An Occupy Seattle protestor married an abandoned warehouse on Saturday, but it’s not really what you might be thinking.

Baylonia Aivaz didn’t “marry” the vacant building due to some strange fetish, sexual hang-up or far-fetched daddy issues somehow involving derelict architecture. She did it in order to protest gentrification.

“I’m doing this to show the building how much I love it, how much I love community space, and how much I love this neighborhood. And I want to stop it from gentrification,” she said.

The building was recently occupied by protestors, and is scheduled to be torn down to make room for apartment buildings.

“If corporations can have the [same] rights as people, so can buildings,” said Aivaz, who did indeed don a white dress for her big day. She described the event as a “gay marriage”, though we’re not sure if this is just a two-for-one liberal protest or the building has kind of a fem-vibe.
Read more – http://w.po.st/share/entry/redir?publisherKey=Inquisitr.com-607&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.inquisitr.com%2F188875%2Foccupy-seattle-protestor-marries-abandoned-warehouse%2F&title=Occupy%20Seattle%20Protestor%20Marries%20Abandoned%20Warehouse&sharer=copypaste

By Dusten Carlson

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    WHY are WE still tolerating this expensive, usless garbage in our cities????
    Should have been STOPPED the day it started!!

  2. Are these riots being encouraged so that martial law may be declared if the elections don't seem to be going the way certain ones want them? These people are being used, but they can't see it. I hate to be suspicious of everything, but I wonder who we can really trust anymore. If only more people had pride in themselves, their country, their flag, and would try and get a job, even if it is at minimum wage. We all must start at the bottom and work up. I shouldn't have to pay to support these people with the money I earned , and neither, by the way, should the rich. Keep this up and you will find we have lost the best country ever, but it will be too late to go back. I taught my boys growing up that they will never have the same equally unless they earn it. You should put down your protest signs and go earn your living like the rest of us.

  3. Everyone of these idiots must have been dropped on their heads as babies. This b.s. is getting too ridiculous.

  4. VirgoVince says:

    Oh, I see, but OUR FREE speech isn't being violated every day, in the media AND on these news sites/blogs???? Doesn't matter, conservative or libturd, WE ARE being censored!!

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