Occupy Oakland Lunatics Incite 15 Year Old To Murder Adoptive Parents

occupy oakland7492 Occupy Oakland Lunatics Incite 15 Year Old To Murder Adoptive Parents

The liberal media could not connect this murder to the TEA party movement, so we didn’t hear much about this story.

A middle aged couple, she a physician’s assistant and he a prison psychologist, who had repeatedly argued with their 15 year old adopted son over his refusal to stay away from the violent lunatics of Occupy Oakland, was apparently murdered by the ungrateful punk last weekend.

The cause and effect here is glaring. A foster child exposed to the crazy anarchistic conduct of “adults” at Oakland’s Occupy encampment was a perfect receptacle for the hateful bile spewed out by the loathsome thugs he came to idolize. He must have been star struck to learn that “it was okay” to destroy anything and everybody he didn’t like by watching our avowed enemies savage Oakland’s public buildings, including its City Hall.

Seeing these drooling halfwits do physical battle with Oakland’s police obviously captured the imagination of this little punk who is clearly typical of the kind of anti-American rabble that is “protesting” a different imagined grievance every day.

Seeing these selfish slime balls, who aren’t sure of anything except that they want us to pay for whatever they want when they want it, must have inspired a kind of smug sense of entitlement in this kid.

Since he obviously came from a comfortable upper middle class family environment, what else could sway him to destroy his parents and flush his life down a California prison toilet?

Listening to his fellow self-avowed  enemies of society bitch and complain about how “hard” their lives are must have made him decide he wasn’t being entertained adequately enough by the mother and father that plucked him out of the foster system and gave him a new comfortable life.

He had everything; how could he compete when the bitching got serious around the illegal campfires? He didn’t steal the family’s money or car or television. That wouldn’t buy him “creds” with the skunks that had become his heroes. Only blood would do, and blood is what those arrogant lunatics got from this little punk.

There will be more stories like this one, however carefully the media tries to hide them. This story’s headline made no mention of Occupy Oakland, but you can bet the words TEA PARTY would have been mentioned ten times in the first two paragraphs if they could conjure up a connection between the punk and Sarah Palin.

Instead, the San Francisco media waited until the ninth paragraph to whisper that the arguments around the kitchen table were about Occupy Oakland.

Shame on the foul smelling swine of Occupy Oakland. And shame on the media as well; but most of all shame on the Democrats who embrace these people and try to tell us they are the real middle class.

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  1. Vinciente says:

    Think you could do a correction/updaate that includes a link to the actual news report as well.

  2. confusedoregonian says:

    How is it that a so called “informed” website has no idea what occupy is about. They are all protesting the uneven distribution of wealth in this country. When ford had thousands of people apply for a single job opening are all those people too lazy too. Our country was founded upon the right to protest. Its bias media like this that puts lies out that harm us the most. How much of that bailout money ended up back to the people. I still see no jobs. I’m employed, thank god considering I know I wouldn’t get another very easy if I had to. All the bailouts could have giving every American citizen over 20000 dollars a piece, and yet as soon as they get the money they fire everyone they can. No pay cuts to CEOs or anything. The protests are about the wealthy having more rights then the poor. You people are no better then fox news, you’re a JOKE.

  3. The Occupiers not finished yet. Soros himself stated they will become violent. He should know..he help create them. They not protesting anything but what they told to do. Lets see how violent they become by this spring. They are Communist doing the bidding of BHO and Soros. And America need to wake up.

  4. The Occupiers will wake up when their masters are finished using
    them. Why aren’t they protesting the Fed private bank and global
    banksters? Soros is in with them so connect the dots! Obama is a
    usful idiot just like you protesters. Wake up! Confused Oregonian
    is right: he IS very confused!

  5. confusedoregonian says:

    They are protesting the banks. If you watched anything from anyone other than general media or visited one chat room on the subject you would know that. They are also protesting along judges and even senators on ACTA. You all should probably get just a little more informed on subjects before you start spitting lies. There is no leader of the movement but since the general media is all you all want to listen to maybe you should look up who owns every single media station and who stands to lose the most by these protesters. Though I do not condone the Oakland protesters RETALIATING against the police for even more abuse, they need to learn that getting violent is just giving Obama what he wants. So please go educate yourselves before your next post.

  6. Marilynn Reeves says:

    I say all the protesters need a job and a life. Protest on the weekend or after 6pm. Most of these people don’t even know how to spell work. Where are they getting the money to stay out there–bend over taxpayer.

  7. knowledgeispower says:

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. A lot of occupiers have jobs. Like I said judges and senators support these people. Take some of what I told you and research truth. CNN NBC fox news they are all owned by the same person. Check out some occupy videos on YouTube. This is not just the u.s. it the world. If we want the world to change it starts with you. Spread the word and educate yourselves. The media and banks want the occupiers to fail. If they succeed the 1% would no longer be making laws against popular vote. I’m employed does that put me as a jobless occupier. Stop hate among your own people when you all fight for the same thing.

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