Obama’s Weakness Could Be Dragging The World Toward A Nuclear War

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Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him?

Reagan knew that the only thing evil men and aggressive empires respect is strength. But the American public elected Barack Hussein Obama, twice. Now we are going to pay the piper.

I hope you have ordered your Rosetta Stone for Russian because you’re going to need it. You can thank your liberal hope and change believers for the demise of world peace and the death of your children’s future.

What we are witnessing is the rise of a fascist kind of imperial economic totalitarianism in Russia. The men running the country want to put the Soviet Humpty Dumpty back together.  Only this time, the monster won’t be communist, since everyone knows communism doesn’t work.  This beast will be hitched to capitalist principles up to a point–that point being the Oprichnina, or the palace guard surrounding and supporting the tsar.

They will at the end of the day own everything and gorge themselves on the profits. The fruit of this state-owned capitalist engine will feed an aggressive militaristic nature that will have as its goal to put the former Soviet republics back under the Muscovite thumb. This is happening already before our very eyes. South Ossetia in Georgia, Georgia itself, Crimea, and East Ukraine are just dominoes in a chain that has just started to fall. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland are somewhere down the list.

If you think the Kremlin is not going to go after the Baltics just because they are part of NATO, think again. Putin recently threatened the West with nuclear missiles. He’s not kidding. Moscow believes the West will cower under the real threat of nuclear attack. They could easily pop off a nuke in Europe to show they mean business.  They believe we don’t have the stomach to fight that kind of war.

Under Barack Hussein Obama, they are right. Never mind ISIS, North Korea, or China.  They will just feast off the American leftovers after a new Russia puts us in our place, as they already have done in Syria, Iran, etc.

I’m sorry to say, but we deserve this. We have let a feel good, pacifist, socialist cancer infest our beloved United States.  We are no longer the home of the brave but the land of the people with their hands out.  Half the country doesn’t even know American history, and that half is trying to destroy the country.

Obama and his friends don’t care if America ceases to exist. The evil in the world knows we no longer have the will to defend ourselves. The Russians will take this as far as they need to. They will invade NATO countries with little green men and protect the native Russian speakers there. They will destabilize NATO. They will threaten the United States with nuclear war, and they will mean it.

Our Dear Leader will do nothing. He will play golf. And our children will be subjugated.  Get used to chanting the Olympic chant, Rossiya! Rossiya!

Photo credit: Action Sports Photography / Shutterstock.com

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    You could dig up Ronald Reagan and he'd still be stronger then that half black marshmallow we have in the white house.Dink ass countries don't fear the US since Sambo took over and went on his apologetic tour to camel humping countries.

  2. Much of what is said maybe true, but I know for a fact that there are MANY brave Americans that will stand up and be counted when the bullets fly. This is still America, we are still full of patriots maybe not as many as before, but I promise we are here and we will never ever let Russia take us over, in GOD WE TRUST!

  3. If this POS Obama has his way, America will be home of the slave and land of the queers while being attacked by Russia and everyone else who hates this Country. But thank God for millions of vets, patriots who will rise up and fight.

    America is leaderless, what we have in our white house is a jerk taking America down the wrong path, and anyone who supports this jerk is just as stupid, the Blind leading the Blind.

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