Here’s Why The Only Thing More Dangerous To Israel Than Hamas Is Obama

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I’m not Jewish. But I am one of the biggest supporters of Israel you will ever meet … er, read.

Like most Conservatives I know, I support Israel because the Jews have been the most terribly treated, most discriminated against, and most slaughtered people in human history. They need helping hands from the rest of the world’s good, decent, and just people.

And that’s not all. They are unconditionally surrounded by their poisonous Arab/Muslim enemies, who make no bones about their dark and deadly intentions for Jews and Israel. They are also the only democratic government for … well, let’s say many thousands of miles. Lastly, they are a clear underdog and need our help. I’ve found that Conservatives specifically, Americans generally, and hopefully all other human beings won’t stand by and watch as underdogs are decimated by evil bullies.

Israel and Jews need someone to stand up for them, and America has been that hero for some time now.

And we Americans, and Conservatives especially, stick by our friends and allies—come hell or high water; BUT for our resolute allies, this President has been an absolute disaster.

When President Obama first took office, amongst the adoring throng’s halleluiahs, a vast number of Americans were already sounding the warning bells. “He’s unqualified! He doesn’t like white people! He’s a Muslim sympathizer! He was born in Kenya. He hates Israel,” the warnings stated simply. Pretty clear, direct warnings.

But to all those celebrating the new African-American President, they weren’t having any of it. They called us racists. They started all their requisite name-calling.

They didn’t listen because they didn’t care. They had spoken. They had spoken by choosing a totally unqualified, absurdly credentialed, teleprompter-enhanced, morally–corrupt, white-hating, Christian-hating, Muslim-sympathizing (to put it mildly) President who promised “hope and change.” Now what kind of fools eagerly gobble up this kind of cold, stale gruel? Fools who shouldn’t be allowed to vote, that’s what kind.

But I digress. Israelis, Jews all over the world, and Americans as a whole held their breath. He couldn’t possibly change 60-year old American foreign policy on Israel overnight, could he? Would Obama be as bad as the ‘Chicken Littles’ said?

Well, the results from that question are in. And they’re not good.

All of us who understand how the world works—and America’s role in keeping it safe and sane–were hoping that the insane idea we saw coming would never come to fruition; we hoped we were wrong.

The three overarching reasons Obama loves Islam are:

  1. His father, Barack Obama Sr., was a Muslim Marxist who was not devout in any sense of the word except if the word refers to being an abusive alcoholic who was angry at the world, had a penchant for impregnating white women and deserting them, and died in a drunken car crash when he had fled back to Kenya and his other family there. Like father, like son. Obama’s entire family on his father’s side were Mombasa Muslims, who hated Great Britain and America for their supposed “imperialist” governments.
  2. While living as “Barry Soetoro,” our 44th President attended a ‘madrassa’ in Indonesia. His religious and political personality was then set in stone. And he has not deviated. Not in college. Not as an unaccomplished “community organizer.” Not in his “career” as a “Constitutional law professor” (he wasn’t–he was a “lecturer,” which is a huge difference.) The only time he dropped his Marxist Muslim background was when he began running for elected office.
  3. He sat for more than 22 years listening to the white-hating, God-hating (how is this possible–a pastor and church that hates God?), “Black Liberation Theology” nonsense of Jeremiah Wright, who I won’t give the decent title of “Reverend” here.

Obviously, Obama could not be truthful with the American people in the campaign run-ups of 2008 and 2012. Nobody would’ve voted for him, a radical, extremist Marxist who loved Islam. Another backstory had to be invented, concocted. So he lied about, hid, and covered up any evidence of his Islamic family background, training, associates, and proclivities.

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  1. I and a whole lot of Americans stand with Israel

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