Obama’s War On America’s Borders–Here’s How We Fight Back

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Recent news with regard to America’s borders is not good.

With hundreds of thousands of immigrant children flowing unchecked over our southern border, Obama has deviously used his “phone and pen” threat to our disadvantage yet again. Except, he didn’t even have to use his phone or pen this time.

He used a Bush law intended to protect sexually abused children from the Central American countries as a bridge to ramping up his intentional destruction of the American economy. That’s disgusting.

And now our most “transparent” President in history is relying upon his own scheming misuse of Americans’ good intentions to help others as a wedge lever to accuse the Republican Congress of “being insensitive to children.” Again, disgusting.

Using his submissive media as usual, Obama is working hard at making Americans think he’s been “caught off guard” yet again; but he hasn’t–he’s been actively planning this behind our backs for years.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and their ilk care not about children, foreign or domestic—except how they, the innocent children, can be used to achieve their own grimy political needs to create complete chaos.

It seems our President has been up to his old Dem-vote getting, Marxist, “we must take care of the world” scam and is determined to do more damage to our country.

This is classic undermining as suggested by the sick Saul Alinsky; the demented Frank Marshall Davis; the quisling, “Republic Enemy #1”  George Soros; and the Cloward-Piven Strategy. I kiddeth you not—please look into the above anti-American degeneracy. They’re all Obama’ mentors. It’s Marxist double-dealing. For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention and is just enjoying a morning coffee on the situation, these people are out to destroy America and remake it in their own, stupid Communist image.

Given Obama’s and his henchman Holder’s shenanigans on “Fast & Furious,” which led to Border agent Brian Terry’s death with America’s own guns they gave Mexican criminals, this government has been destroying our borders practically since taking office. He’s been particularly effective in de-funding and totally demoralizing our strong, brave Border Patrol agents.


We must draw a real line—not a phony line like Obama’s Syrian line—in the political/governmental sand. This is not the time for weakness on our part but strength and honor.

Obama must be stopped on this travesty in the making. If he can get away scott free on this one in addition to Fast & Furious, Tarp/Stimulus, Solyndra, Benghazi, NSA, IRS, Bergdahl, the dreadful VA scandal, and all the other betrayals of the American peoples’ trust, where will it all end?

Isn’t it up to “We the People” to stop him? Otherwise, won’t he keep right on going? You bet he will.

Now is the time. It is here and now. If we cannot stop him now, all may be lost.

I’ve asked this question before and will ask it again, as many times as is necessary to motivate American’s reaction. Where are our American backbones?

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I hope something can be done to stop this madman and his ilk the democrap party but so far I hear a lot of talk but no action to stop the spawn of Hitler.Maybe a bolt of lightening going through a golf club could solve the problem.

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