Obama’s Views On Muslim Terror Dangerous To America

Obama Muslim SC Obamas Views on Muslim Terror Dangerous to America

Why does President Obama follow the path of the rest of the Politically Correct activists in our society? He is positively hesitant about calling a a spade a spade, or in this case a Muslim terrorist a terrorist. How could the Defense Department classify the massacre at Fort Hood as “workplace violence”? Is it every day that someone screams “allahu akbar” and then mows down 13 innocent people who were preparing to go defend our country?

If you ever needed evidence that President Obama’s rosy view of Islam is dangerous, you need look no further than the Boston Marathon bombings. It’s not unfair to point a finger of blame at President Obama in this case because it is his peculiar bias that has placed blinders on the Homeland Security Department and encouraged the liberal media to ignore the obvious.

Shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings killed three and injured 178, the liberal media wasted little time dragging out the usual right wing suspects (and, of course, the Tea Party.)  The president himself initially refused to use the word “terrorism” because he didn’t want to imply a Muslim connection, and the rest of the liberal talking heads used all kinds of reasoning (except what it really was.)

The liberal media and its lesser Soros-inspired cousins at the Huffington Post, Salon, and the Daily Kos never waited for the facts to become clear before they started hammering Tea Partiers over the past several years whenever a mass murder hits the news. Of course, the facts don’t support any of their reporting; but in the liberal world, it doesn’t matter whether you are lying or not as long as it sounds good and you have  a victim.

Unfortunately for the media and the Department of Homeland Security, one after another mass murderer or would-be bomber in memory has been a clear leftist or Muslim. The liberal politics of mass killers gets scant coverage from the media that fervently hope to report on a conservative crazy, but it’s the media’s and Administration’s particularly blind eye for Muslim terror that is proving increasingly dangerous to America. Not every Muslim is a mass murderer, but all of the attacks on the American people have been carried out by Muslims.

When the Boston bombers turned out to be Muslim, the disappointment in some corners of the media was almost palpable. Despite the fundamentalist Islamic faith that clearly inspired the suspects, there are those in the media, like MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, who still insist that the bombers’ involvement with radical Islam is irrelevant. Their constant bending of the truth and the rants of the commentators have relegated that network to obscurity. The American people know the truth and have discounted the lies perpetrated by the NBC network overwhelmingly. Now MSNBC is in the basement of ratings.

Not only has it been revealed that the brothers were influenced by a fundamentalist Islamic faction, but the FBI is looking for a sleeper cell of 12 or possibly more radical Muslims who trained the brothers and had been planning the attack for some time. In fact, federal authorities had interviewed the older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, years before the bombing after being told by Russian officials that he was an Islamic radical and potential threat. The feds let him go, apparently unable to connect any of the dots that had put him on the Russian law enforcement’s radar. Even after he went back to Russia and came back to the states, he was not put under surveillance by any American intelligence agency.

Unfortunately, since Obama came into office, the federal government has become progressively more desensitized to Muslim terror. There has been evidence produced publicly that the Administration has been infiltrated at many levels, including the White House, by agents of the Muslim Brotherhood and others who have maneuvered themselves into positions of influence. Obama’s closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett (the person who introduced him to Michelle in Chicago and managed his run for the Illinois Senate), is an Iranian immigrant. It’s also clear from the president’s non-reaction to such reports that Obama is OK with those people in those positions. Radical Muslim influence in the Administration is not inconsequential, as law enforcement agencies such as the FBI have been altering training of agents to increase “sensitivity” toward Muslims and changing its focus to chasing the Administration’s phantom Right-wing terror threats. In addition to sensitivity on homosexuality, the military has also revamped their operating manuals to remove all references to radical Muslims or the effect they would have on our readiness.

Besides allowing a scheme like the Boston bombing to go undetected, national security experts have fretted that the Administration’s obtuseness on the issue of Muslim terror has allowed terrorists to slip unchecked across our wide-open borders, and it no doubt has influenced policies such as funding the increasingly dictatorial Egyptian government with more than 500 million dollars and the al-Qaida-linked Syrian “rebels.”

Not withstanding its wanting to find out the cause of the terrorist attack and all the parties involved, if the FBI is able to crack open the Muslim terror cell behind the Boston bombing, it will be despite the Obama Administration, not because of it.

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  1. He is preventing justice and allowing us to defend ourselves and moving terrorists into Wayne County and giving them privilege and protection. He might be using terrorists as well as mexican gangs to gain power by way of violence.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      You make a good point why else would he have Holder and Incompitano protect the illegals,plus let in all those colored ragheads seek asylum in the US.He even ha the democraps and RINOs working with him.

  2. DanniePK says:

    .Yes Obama is a muslim, raised a muslim,in Indonesiam,and when moving to Chicago Obama was a menber of two homosectual clubs,and his homo lover has disappeared from this earth. Obama is a threat to this country,and said he would prefer muslims over Americans.

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