Obama’s UN Apology is a Blueprint for Socialism

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

Much has been said about the first-ever report on U.S. human rights to the UN Human Rights Council, which the Obama administration released to the public this week. Most commentators have focused on how our least patriotic president apologized for America’s shortcomings. But there is a more important facet to the report: it establishes a host of new socialist “rights” the administration hopes globalist bureaucrats will help enforce.

Ditching the Constitution: Obama’s shift away from our Constitution and God-given liberty is startling. The 26-page report uses the word “progress” 18 times. After mentioning  “the original flaw” of the U.S. Constitution, he makes this pivot: “Our commitment to the rights protected in our Constitution is matched by a parallel commitment to foster a society characterized by shared prosperity.” In other words, our desire to maintain the barriers our Founding Fathers wisely established in our form of government is equal to our commitment to “spread the wealth around.”

Obama affirms that he accepts “all kinds of obligations – both positive and negative – that governments have with regard to their citizens.” The reference to “positive obligations” is significant to Obama’s view of the Constitution and its “flaw.” In a 2001 interview with Chicago’s public radio station WBEZ-FM, he complained:

[A]t least as it’s been interpreted…the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. It says what the states can’t do to you, says what the federal government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.

He groused the Supreme Court only offered “formal rights” — for instance, after desegregation, “I would now be able to sit at a lunch counter and order, and as long as I could pay for it, I’d be O.K.” A government pursuing “positive” obligations means the government has to provide everyone a certain amount of money, wealth, or status by redistributing other people’s money. Maggie Gallagher in her column today notes that the report treats ObamaCare as a basic human right. The rest of the report lists a host of other, unheard of “rights.”

Card check: a Fundamental Human Right. Obama goes on to say freedom of organization “protects workers and their right to organize.” But some labor organizers have spoken about “the challenges they face in organizing effectively” – like the fact that no one outside the federal government wants to join a union. “Currently there are several bills in Congress that seek to strengthen workers’ rights – assuring that workers can continue to associate freely.” This is a reference to card check, the system of forming unions that does away with a private ballot and leaves employees vulnerable to intimidation.

Voting six times, a UN Right. The document recounts the history of minority and women voting, claiming there is an ongoing problem (even though the most recent racial voting incident featured Black Panthers threatening to club whitey.) It continues, “The Department [of Justice] recently obtained consent decrees against some jurisdictions” to make sure minorities are not unfairly excluded. One of those decrees was against Port Chester, New York, “designed to cure vote dilution for Hispanic voters.” Port Chester’s had never elected an Hispanic politician, and its population was 46 percent Hispanic; however, in the words of the New York Times, “many are not citizens.” Although these non-citizens are not entitled to any representation, the DoJ forced a remedy: allowing Hispanic residents of Port Chester to vote six times. It did the trick; the village elected its first Hispanic — coincidentally, a Democrat.

Bilingual Ballots and Registering Democratic Voters. The report trumpets securing “meaningful access to the franchise for non-English speaking citizens” (and, undoubtedly, non-citizens, convicts, the mentally insane, and the deceased). Obama believes those who cannot read the English language should vote for the nation’s representatives — in higher numbers than they are now. The document reaffirms America’s commitment “to increase historically low [voter] registration rates of minorities and persons with disabilities.”

Gay Marriage and Gays in the Military. The “LGBT” community made up this report’s preferred victim group, saying its “experience of discrimination illustrates the continuing debate among citizens about how we can build a far more fair society.” Obama enthused that Congress passed the Hate Crimes law that pastors fear will silence their ability to preach traditional Christian values. He highlights the Supreme Court decision overturning state anti-sodomy laws in 2003, and his decision to extend some benefits to the same-sex partners of certain federal employees. Then he looks to the future:

President Obama is committed to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” statute…The President [sic.] has also supported passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act…Debate continues over equal rights to marriage for LGBT Americans at the federal and state levels

The reference to “equal rights” is important language in a “human rights” document aimed at curbing discrimination. The document states “At this point” Obama merely “supports repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.” But its inclusion marks gay marriage as a “human right” in the eyes of the United Nations.

Equality of Outcome. The discussion of “discrimination” focuses on the fact that minority groups have not attained as much as white Americans. This, Obama insists, must stem from bigotry. “We are not satisfied that whites are twice as likely as Native Americans to have a college degree. The United States continues to address such disparities by working to ensure that equal opportunity is not only guaranteed in law but experienced in fact by all Americans.” What he promises is not “equality of opportunity” but equality of outcome — that every ethnic group, and every person, has the “right” to an equal amount of wealth. Every American — smart or dumb, ambitious or lazy, gifted or talentless — will receive the same result as everyone else.

The name for that system is socialism, and Obama regards it as a basic human right.

Feminism. Obama points to his passage of the Fair Pay Act and support for the “Paycheck Fairness Act.” He also claims, “Our recent health care reform bill also lowers costs and offers greater choices for women.”

Affirmative Action. Obama pledges racial redistribution of wealth through reverse discrimination. He promises enhanced Affirmative Action programs “in the workplace when [minorities] are underrepresented.” But he does not confine this to employment. The section on American public education begins: “The United States is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to all children, regardless of their individual circumstances, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender [sic.] or disability.” Yet it makes clear that Obama foresees a world in which all education is administered according to race and sex.  It “promotes educational equity for women” – who are vastly overrepresented on college campuses – “and students of color,” as well as seeking to “strengthen historically Black [sic.] colleges and universities.” And he vows federal, state, and local governments will move heaven and earth to “address the factors that contribute to the education ‘achievement gap’…particularly African American and Hispanic children.” Latinos in particular “find linguistic discrimination a barrier to full participation.” This means they have a right to taxpayer-funded bilingual education. Obama is very concerned about discrimination “in the areas of capital punishment, juvenile justice, racial profiling, and racial disparities in sentencing.”

Universal Preschool. The document states the Dept. of Education will “provide low-income students and students of color with increased access to early learning and education” — that is, taxpayer-funded daycare. In fact, this has already begun. The report notes that stimulus funds “are being used to promote high-quality early childhood education.”

The Right to Illegal Immigration. As I reported yesterday, the human rights report singles out Arizona’s immigration law as a violation of illegal aliens’ rights.

“Freedom from Want.The report undergirds its commitment to socialism by citing FDR’s “Four Freedoms” speech. One of the new freedoms he sought was “freedom from want.” This “right” is listed under the section, “A commitment to foster a society where citizens are empowered to exercise their rights” — making clear Obama’s commitment to “positive obligations” and the federal government’s need to redistribute wealth.

So far, this is the standard, far-Left platform — although expressed more honestly than he ever manages in front of an American audience. The significance of ensconcing all these new “rights” in this UN document is that it creates international legal precedent. In the inaugural report before the UN Human Rights Council, the United States has declared it supports all these as the basic entitlements of every citizen. As the Human Rights Council process continues, a “troika” of three nations will review our report, other international reports, and the testimony of NGOs, then make a series of recommendations to implement these goals. Every four years, the council will grade our “progress.” And this world body reserves the right to “decide on the measures it would need to take in case of persistent non-cooperation.”

That means if future administrations object to the plan the UN draws up in cooperation with the most anti-American administration in history, they could conceivably be deemed guilty of “persistent non-cooperation.” If their lack of cooperation were sufficiently strong — and we were sufficiently weak — it could impose this agenda on the American people against their will. At a minimum, Obama has reduced our standing in the eyes of the world if we reject any piece of his far-Left agenda. This report guarantees we will endure decades of international propaganda that the United States is “not meeting its human rights commitments to the United Nations” — putting us on the same level as China, North Korea, or Iran.

The Obama administration has made its campaign platform the internationally recognized standard of conduct for future generations, all without winning a single vote for much of it.

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  1. An Amish farmer walking through his field, notices a man drinking from his pond. The Amish man shouts: "Trink das wasser nicht. Die kuhen haben dahin gesheissen," which means: "Don't drink the water; the cows have crapped in it."
    The man shouts back: "I'm a Muslim, I don't understand. Please speak in English."The Amish man says: "Use two hands, you'll get more."

  2. Barack Obama's new campaign slogan: “I’ve got what it takes to take what you've got!”

  3. On his Listening Tour, Barack Obama learned that a local sandwich shop in a town he was visiting had named a sandwich after him. He visited the shop and asked what was in his sandwich. “Mostly baloney,” said the proprietor.

  4. The good news about Barack Obama's nationalized health care plan is that everyone will be covered. The bad news is that it will be with dirt.

  5. Well, boys and girls, today we are letting the fox guard the hen house. The wolves will be herding the sheep!
    Obama appoints two devout Muslims to home land security posts.
    Doesn't this make you feel safer already?

    Obama and Janet Napolitano appointed Arif Alikhan, a devout Muslim, as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development.
    DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano swore-in Kareem Shora, a devout
    Muslim, who was born in Damascus, Syria, as ADC National Executive Director as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC).

    • America needs a leader or leaders who can and will lead us out of Obama's and the left's clutches.

    • gramma73 in FL says:

      How can these foreigners, esp the one born in Syria, get into our government. Is he making these appointments while he is vacationing on the Vineyard? He surely cannot be going thru Congress, even those people have some semblence of sanity, esp the Republicans. There are 70 confirmed socialists in Congress, Bernie Sanders, VT, is one. Can't remember the rest, just look them up in Wipeida or whatever the name is. I just ask for the names of the socialists in the WH. Some are even card carrying commies. Like jarrett and a few others in his regime! Would not be surprised if Hillary and Bill Clinton aren't listed!

  6. Wondering Woman says:

    Question: Why is it that the fat-cat politicians such as Obama and his appointees who are living not off the fat of the land, but the sweat of the taxpayers, interested in spreading some of their wealth around? It seems they are only interested in making like the last of the big spenders by digging deeper into the taxpayers' pockets.

    How many of you can afford $50,000/week rent on a fancy resort Mass. Vineyard to vacation in? That weekly rent would go a long way toward feeding a lot of homeless people living on the streets.

    • Harry Truman retired and took the train home to Independence, Missouri.without guard. There were no presidential pensions back then and retired chief execs lived very modestly. They also had strong work ethics and were devoted public servants. This country is out of whack in so many ways; we are heading for a tragic fall, I believe. Obama and wife are milking their gig for all they can. White House drunken parties, $150 lb. meat served, primo liquor etc. (see this week's Globe tabloid- it is more reliable than the MSM for Obama news). I can't believe all the corruption going on. Greed and abandonment of trustful relationship from top to bottom in every strata of society. The future seems bleak beyond comprehension.

    • I believe that you are missing a very big point on the “redistribution of wealth”. The politicians and the elite are in no way talking about the redistribution of THEIR wealth they are only talking about everyone else’s wealth. Just like ACORN has been doing with their programs of government paid handouts for the people not to work.

    • What about the 26 aids Michelle has at a cost of over 1.5 million dollars of our tax payer money per year? What's that all about? She's not in public service. All other first ladies had only one aid, except for one first lady that had 2 aids. Michelle needs to be arrested along side her husband for outright theft.

      • gramma73 in FL says:

        I agree with you. Arrest the Amazon Witch! She is in this for all she can get while zero is passing for our president. Both should be stopped in their tracks. Maybe some one returning from serving our country will have a PTS syndrome and think zerro is the enemy he was fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan. We need someone who can get close enough to get him. I would if I could!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    He can take his socialism and shove it up his @$$!!

  8. This dumb ass does not understand that illegal alians have no rights in the United States and that includes him
    so he should leave and go back to Kenya immediately.
    I have never seen anyone that is as stupid as this man is ……well mayb the judge that granted the Mexicans 6 votes for each of them in Port Chester ……

  9. he needs to be impeached for treason. This guy and all of his wack job nazi, communistic, leftists, socialistic pigs need to find a land in a far away distant galaxy. A planet where there is no people or food so they cant govern anyone and they cant eat, because food is a no no. This guy whatever he is smoking has to be good because he isn't on our wave length whatsoever. Maybe he should have a reality show called how to screw the people and look like an imbisle at the same time

  10. LibsBgone says:

    Obama has absolutely no right to do any of this! He is as lawless as a mobster, and where is our "Elliot Ness" when be need him?! Obama's downfall cannot happen too quickly… The outrage is that lawless nuts like B.O. can continue to do great harm, while law-abiding citizens have to work within the law to get rid of him and his radical menagerie! Why are the REpublicans so silent? Every day they should hold a press conference to say in no uncertain terms what this maniac is getting away with, and state a plan to return sanity! A press conference – every stinkin' day! Are they afraid of B.O.? Understandable. He is a vengeful, angry, arrogant S.O.B. who will stop at nothing to show his disdain for anyone who doesn't totally agree with him! Let him distribute his own wealth! Let him pay for his own 7 vacations… his own Vineyard feasts… all of his own indulgences! While us citizens fight record joblessness, plunging home values, and probably another recession… Those who voted for this horrendous excuse for a chief executive – what hath you wraught?! – God help us all!

  11. I hate obama, i know he is going to hell and he will suffer for all his ugly sins. God is not mocked.

    • All of us have ugly sins because all of us sin. We shouldn't compare ourselves to other people and say, "Well, at least my sins aren't as bad as that person's." From all indications, Barack Obama is not a real follower of Christ so why would we expect him to behave like one? What Barack Obama needs is prayer from every believer in the country. Jesus has not called us to hate people, but to love them. In fact, Jesus explicitly commanded us not to judge others. So if we hate someone, aren't we guilty of sin? Jesus equated hate with murder, so if you or I hate anyone, how can we be pleasing God? Just some things to remember. Of course what Barack Obama is doing is wrong, and that's all the more reason to pray for him.
      May Jesus Christ the Savior bless you

      • We are not to judge the condition of another's soul – that is God's business. We cannot send anyone to Hell or Heaven. We are told that we will know others by their fruits. That's being discriminating, not judgmental. We are instructed to be discerning.

      • Please knock off the god crap. god cannot do anything because of his own free will law. Praying is usless. Get off your ass and do something that will help instead of always asking someone else to do it for you. If god could to anything at all there would never be child rape in the world.

      • Yes, Obama should receive prayer from us. The Scriptures also tell the "Christian" to obey all of the authorities. As Americans we should obey the laws that are enacted and we also have the right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom to peaceably assemble to redress our grievences with the authority.

        This is all included in our Rights as American citizens; which "is" being obedient to the authorities. That is why our nation is so great and we are so blessed. When we see an elected official abusing their "Public Servant" office they should be confronted for their violations.

        Remember the statement "Give unto Ceaser what is his and give unto God what is His"? This is what we are doing by obeying the Constitution, the laws and confronting those in office with their wrong doings.

        This is a outstanding blessing to American citizens.

        What really bothers me is why aren't ALL elected officials demanding that Obama honor his oath of office and obey the Constitution and laws of this country? This is the duty for ALL politicians as Representatives of the people; barring any party alliance.

      • Obummer is a gay muslim and prayers won`t help a devil worshipper. (Islam) He just needs a surgical implant of a 1/2 oz. of lead behind the eyes. Are there any doctors out there willing to do the implant for free?

    • Sandy Santiago says:

      I agree with you, the question is when will the Obama lovers see how his ideas are all wrong remedies for America?

  12. okay I'll reword it. This Monkeyshine sure knows what he's doing.

  13. I should probably clarify I'm not praying for Obama's plans to succeed. God forbid! It is true that Obama is taking this country to hell in a handbasket and that's dreadful. But I am praying that God would humble him and point out to him how destructive his actions are. Obama is certainly defying God whether he knows it or not and God absolutely opposes the proud. At some point I think God is going to let him know that ancient principle.

  14. Esther Rachwal says:

    It appears that Obama does not care what Americans think. If that is the case, what does he have up his
    sleeve to protect his re-election?? With all the Socialists & Marxists he has appointed as Czars, it would not
    surprise me if has dictatorial plans for 2012. Or a rigged election??

  15. He should be arrested immediately, tried and hung for what he's done to this country. As one big piece of dung, he's not worth feeding, medicating and keeping alive in an insane asylum.

  16. john L. Taarn says:

    Chris is an idiot with an agenda. Eagle

  17. Sandy Santiago says:

    I Hate! Obama, with a capital "H". He not only has an pornographic view of human rights he actually believes that his arguments are sound. Yes, the constitution sets the basis for "limited" government a set of negatives that sets a line the government can not cross. Obama sees this as negative rights for the individual, wrong, they are in fact positive and negative only for government to keep it in check. Obama is not as smart as everyone says he is and his thought process and remedies are perverted. His ideology is setting us up for failure in this country and his premise is what keeps all the the inner city poor in their state. This Obama thinking is what keeps the poor thinking they are victims of whites in American society, this is a racist mentality and evil, blame the other don't take responsibility and think for yourself. Obama is very bad for America, can we please get this guy out of office as quickly as possible before he destroys this country!

    • gramma73 in FL says:

      I HATE the insane zero also! Please IMPEACH this bastar- as soon as possible, I doubt that he has ever really read the Constitution and understands what it says. He is such a fool madman!!!

      • F. Bronzo BRAZIL says:

        Hussein Obama actually reads The Coran and praises its hatefully Sharyia doctrine. All he's been doing since jan/2009 is in order to increase the racialistic hate among black and white american citizens, because that is the marxist main principle : DIVIDE AND DOMINATE!…BHO is the greatest danger America has ever faced up. You americans must have that evil usurper stopped before he destroys your great country for ever.

  18. There is nothing wrong with our Constitution, it's o's interpretation that needs fixin'.

  19. The Haircut

    One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asked
    about his bill, and the barber replied, 'I cannot accept money from you, I'm
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    Then a Congressman came in for a haircut, and when he went to pay his bill,
    the barber again replied, 'I can not accept money from you. I'm doing
    community service this week.' The Congressman was very happy and left the
    shop. The next morning, when the barber went to open up, there were a dozen
    Congressmen lined up waiting for a free haircut.

    And that, my friends, illustrates the fundamental difference between the
    citizens of our country and the politicians who run it.


  20. Richard Cancemi says:

    Obama, all the Progressive socialists, their sycophantic fan club followers in the various media, and the "liberal" voting block are like stupid children who do not appreciate the value of the inheritance they have in the USA with its Constitution and Bill of Rights. A precious gift is being trashed by them in their infantile, naive ignorance.

    Obama is traitor to the oath he swore and to the legacy of America. He is the one who should be trashed not our Country and its Constitution!

  21. Mohammoud was a pediphile married a 6 year old girl for sex.

  22. Richard Cancemi says:

    How very TRUE!

  23. If enough people threatened to keep all their withholding taxes from the government until he is arrested, tried and convicted, sentanced and jailed. He would be gone in a heartbeat. Anyone got balls to do that?

  24. Alton Gonzalez says:

    It's time for WE THE PEOPLE to take charge. We have a Constitution. I have two copies on my desk and have read it several times. THAT is the LAW of our land.

    Anything else is bullshit! We are not obligated to follow the legislation put forth by our mostly CORRUPT politicians in Washington D.C. and for that matter, at State or Local levels. I believe political office in 2010 is a license to LOOT our citizens and destroy our country.

    WE THE PEOPLE need to take matters into our own hands.

    1)–Fingerprint check to vote
    2)–ONE term limits for all public offices, maximum of 8 years for ANY office
    3)–No Unions in government jobs at any level–National, State, Local
    4)–Contribution to 401K plan for all elected officials WHILE they are in office, no lifetime pensions/insurance
    5)–A national sales tax to replace the IRS and eliminate income, excise, and all other taxes
    6)–Reducing the power of the Federal Government to those powers outlined in the Constitution
    7)–An immediate DEATH sentence for any government official found guilty of corruption
    8)–Determining whether or not Obama is LEGALLY authorized to serve as president (Birth Certificate)

    • Demidogs or Repubs, just how many of those things you posted do you REALLY think will be passed? Rereading the list again, I calculate NONE would ever be passed. Now, ain't dat a real shame for the American people?? The people need to take the country back, starting on eliminating D.C.

  25. gramma73 in FL says:

    obama or zero, his new name, is insane. Someone should put the madman away in a hospital, he needs to have his brain examined! No one in their right mind would try and do this to our country, therefore he must be in total madness. Hope he does not bit anyone for they are sure to get rabies!! IMPEACH this lunatic before he can do anymore damage to our Country.

  26. William L. Sasman says:

    Obama getting the UN after Arz. on its law. The UN has a new member that I know Obama can get to come over and raise hell with the state. Thats is one of the biggest human rights breaker Iran.

  27. My question is for anyone in the military or the other government agencies whom are sworn to defend our Constitution as to why they are still supporting & following orders being given by an illegal alian, Barry Seotoro, aka, Obamanation?

  28. Where did I put that noose?

  29. Patricia R. Stonsby says:

    It is rewarding to read so many negative comments about the mentally insane man in the White House, also known as O'Bummer, and other less polite names! Hopefully, this is a sign of people coming to their senses and being aware of all this illegal "prez" has been doing to our beloved country! It makes me think that we will cut him off at the knees at the elections by voting out his leftist, socialist, communist and just as nuts as he is associates and then impeach him ASAP or not revote him to a second term!! I hope to see him leave in shame and be definately remembered as the worse president we have ever had! Let this be a lesson to the rest of the world…America is, and will be, the greatest country in the world, because we truly are One Nation, Under God, and in God we continue to Trust! A proud, Christian American Voter against O'Bummer! Amen

  30. Patricia R. Stonsby says:

    I don't know your name, but I am writing to let you know I feel so sorry for your attitude toward God. You could not be more wrong. One day, hopefully, you will know differently and I hope it will be before it is too late! The only one you are pleasing with such an attitude is Satan himself. Yes, he is out there, too, and one day you will know that, too. I wish you salvation because you sure do need it….Amen

  31. Obama most definitely needs to be IMPEACHED!!!!!!!!!! get the MUSLIM out of office

  32. Dear Lord — let us get Obama out of office before he completely distroys everything our forefathers fought for. I can see a civil war on the horizon if he isn't removed from office.

  33. Doesn't it make you wonder if this is Obama's way to put us under marshall law? Calling on the UN…will that open the door to UN Peacekeepers? I don't trust that he is just stupid…I think it is more sinister than that. He is a globalist and has a plan for himself to be at the top. We should his ties to George Soros who thinks of himself as a kingmaker. When push comes to shove I hope the states will support each other. We seem to have come to the time when our government has become tyrannical. If we can hold our mud through the mid term elections we can stop the runaway congress. Be watching for voter fraud too. If you see bus loads of people who can't speak English going to the polls….they might be the new democrats.

  34. This person who changed his name from Barry Soetero to Barak Hussein Obama might not have been the real guy but an identity thief who now lives in the white house.

    The birth certificate issue isn't what bothers me,. What bothers me is his uncanny physical resemblance to Bari Shabazz, who supposedly died in Honolulu. How clever for an identity thief to change his name after stealing an identity! Absolutely brilliant! Way smarter and wicked than the average American, wouldn't you say?

  35. The impeachment vote is coming up in just a few days! Let's hope there is enough common sense out there to get the job done.

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