Obama’s Supreme Problem

By Wendy Wright, American Spectator

One detail was missing from President Obama’s list of qualifications for his nominee to replace John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court: Any mention of the Constitution.

He just doesn’t get it.

At a time when Americans are furious over Obama’s headlong plunge into socialism, when his Democrat party is losing elections and hemorrhaging incumbents because voters reject their big-government “remaking America” agenda, the chameleon forgot to adapt.

The master wordsmith — who knows how to say what people want to hear — blew it.

He didn’t state the main qualification for any person who serves in government, the absence of which has lit a brushfire of discontent, fidelity to the Constitution.

He and his allies haven’t taken that first step to recovery — acknowledging their problem. It’s their utter disregard for the Constitution that is causing this big mess. The concept of a limited government, restrained in what it can and should do, is foreign to them, while for most Americans it’s in our DNA. This is what puts Obama at odds with so many Americans.

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  1. Federico Hernandez says:

    With all the laws in place, all the systems and procedures, the courts, the legal minds and the general discontent, I ask you: why can't this STOP! Why can't this man be questioned and brought to a point of accountability for his so very obvious distaste for America and all it stands for in favor of its enemies?

    • Because His Zionist Jew handlers will use him to destroy White Christians and this Nation that was established for White Anglosaxon germanic And Kinderd Peopel The Same way they Used unhappy Russians to overthrow the Lawful Zars Government And The The Zionist Murdering Jew Killws the Russians That suported the Over Through anf then He put to Death any one Who Idetified a Crimanal as a Jew.as they are Doing in England and Austrailia and CanadaThat is why they Label any one who exp[ose3s their Murder a Anti Semetic and Never Care or think any thing if of their undermining American and Call them what They Are,Anti American,Anti God,Anti The Constitution And Anti Christ that this Nation is and Established for
      Niggards every one of them. Vomit, Urein, and Puss.
      They Are the Sons of the Devil and Gone all over the World to Steal Kill and destroy
      That is why They Changed Our Money, Our Laws, Our Morals and even our Sex to His and His and Her and her
      You no longer have any rights left only privaleges and pay them for your Hart Beat because they tax the food you eat and the water to flush the toilet

    • There are so many in congress envolved in Obama's cover up it is difficult to get enough congressmen to say yes to the dispute over his birth and actions. And now Obama is placing judges and people in place to whom he thinks will protect him. But if we can get republicans back in control then we can get enough votes to impeach or prosecute Obama. We must support Army Lt. Terry Lakin as I think if this goes to court the Attorneys can demand Obama prove his birth and uncover those documents that have been blocked with pay offs. Secondly, it is hard to believe there are so many uninformed people in this world that know nothing about what is happening. People meek and obedient to authority. Weak people and brain washed. They think just because Obama has the title as President he is above them which feeds obama's undeserved ego. These people do not even follow what is happening in this country, They simply vote for whoever they think sounds the best etc. They know nothing about the Whitehouse corruption etc. It is really pathetic.

    • Because His Anti Americn Handlers ,Sons Of yhe Devil Serpent Peopel Will Use Him And Protect Him the Way they Did Hillery and Bill Clinton, The Bushes Along With Chenney All Anti American Lackeys Pro Communist Just Like Willson, Rooevelts 1n the 30s ,the 90s With Bush and Bilery Clinton With White Water,then Randy Weaver Wife Sarah and Son Samuel their Dog Striker and The Scull Bones Shatterd Off Sarah,Murderd By FBI Assasin With Such Force that hit Harris in the Chest and Colaped his Lung FBI Murder ,at RubyRidge Idaho,The Murders (Sucide)Of Vince Foster, The Branch Dividians At Waco Texas Not to Mention Monica Lawinsky Paula Jones, and Flowers Pluss his Communist Bed Mate Butchers In Israil ,That Violates The establishment of a Religion Suporting GOD CHOSSEN PEOPEL Jews ,NOT ABRAHAMS SEED THE ISRALITES
      The Courts and the Lawyers Have Gone The Way Of the Anti God,Anti American Jew, Who only has the Love of Other peopels Money And Property,
      They and their Bankers Will Steasl Kill and destroy this Nation, as has been Done since 1864 1914 1941 1950 1970 1990 2001 and 2010

  2. Michael Collie says:


    • I keep saying it may be his plane that crashes next along with all his conspiritors. Wouldn't that be great? That is one way to hope he expires.


  4. Bill Roberts says:

    President Obama said his Supreme Court nominee will be someone who knows "that in a democracy, powerful interests must not be allowed to drown out the voices of ordinary citizens.

    The above statement is a prime example that he couldn't care less about our Constitution. Anyone who calls our country a Democracy is woefully deficient in any understanding of what our founders intended this land to be, namely ,a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! He wants to appoint a "stooge" who will make up the law as he goes from day to day. I hope we can survive until November 2012.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Pardon me, but I believe that Obama's behavior in the health care reform bill is a prime example of Obama and his democrat stooges powerful interest being allowed to drown out the voices of ordinary citizens otherwise known as "we the people".

  5. jleckardt says:

    This is a direct quote from Justice Thomas. "U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told a House subcommittee that when it comes to determining whether a person born outside the 50 states can serve as U.S. president, the high court is "evading" the issue".
    God bless America because we are in deep doo doo. Even the Supreme Court is bought and paid for.

  6. jleckardt says:

    I neglected to post the author of the Justice Clarence Thomas quote. It is By Drew Zahn
    © 2010 WorldNetDaily

    We can't even seek justice from the Supreme Court because they are "evading the issue".

  7. Toni Wheeler says:

    Oh me oh my. November is too far away!! I agree with Michael….I'm ready for a revolution AND NOW!!

  8. Wondering Woman says:

    You don't impeach usurpers committing treason. You arrest them, charge them with treason and have a trial. We need a well-versed legalese speaking lawyer to write up a petition giving Obama, Pelosi, Biden and Reid (any others that one thinks belongs on the list for charges of treason) 3 days to turn in his long form true birth certificate and have it verified as not being a forgery (wasn't it 3 days they gave the dealerships they closed to turn over all documents and we are only asking for one document). Failure to do so will result in immediate arrests and charges of treason against all. Perhaps we should include all judges who have turned down lawsuits pertaining to same, all lawyers who have fought to get the lawsuits thrown out – and if it should be alleged that our Congress was the one to handle this, include all the Senators and Representatives who failed to take action against treason when it became obvious that the actual intent of the treasonous ones was to destroy our Constitution and thus overthrow our government – and this is definitely treason. Don't forget the
    appointees he has surrounded himself with.

    • Each and every branch of the Government is Acting in Concert ,to overthrow this Christian Constitutional Union Republic. Al Frankin Bonnie Franks Specter,Libermen,Kerry,Gifford,Finstine, Boxer Etc.andALL in the Executive Branch …
      A Lawyer or Groupe of Lawyers Must Emmeiditly file Restraining orders & Injunctions with treason Charges against ALL THREE BRANCHES Of the Government including All 9 Nine Supream Court Judges,Along with the ADL. ACLU>, AIPAC., Americn Jewish Congress,Southern Law and PovertyOrg.World Zionist Organization, World Bank, Inernational Monetary Fund,The Zionist United Nations ,C.I.A.,Conferance on Forighn relations ,Trilateral Commision, The Owners of the Private Not Federal Reserve Banks and all their Subsidearies Along with their insurances Companey that Forced us to Buy Mandatory Auto Insurance, and Socilist security That steals Two million Dollars or more from every Working American is 45 Years, c

      • Appoint new Judges By Citizes Ballot Elections for Each County And the New Judge Will Hear Each Case With an Impartial Juries to hear the Charges

        Form Citizen none Government Investigaters to look into the Charges Following the Under RICCO And A Pecora 1929 Investigation Rules and Crimanal procedures.
        Freeze Their Assets, Income and pensions and Then one by one Question them to addmit they have userpt the Constitution and will make Restitution, If Not And Crimanl Charges Are then Filed The New Judges and impartial Citizins Juries to hear testimony in all Maters Of Treason Murder, Finance, Monopoly,False Flag Terrorism 9/11/01, War Making For Profit , Imoral and Anti American Christian Education, Bank Fruad , and if found Guilty,Incarcerated ,If muder is Involved Executed, and If they do not make restitution serve Sentences Fiting the Theft and then They the are to be Deported To Israil, China ,Kioiea ,Vietnan and any other Communist Contry they Run.

  9. Wondering woman has it right. But who is going to do it? You need a couple of very high ranking military people to get into the WH and arrest him. Take him out in handcuffs and call a military tribunal made up of constitutionalist folk, not SEIU and Obama liberal stooges. Very simple Mr president (small P) we need to see your real original birth certificate, that you mentioned so lovingly in your book. Even if born on US soil, we need to understand how you can claim to be natural born, when your father was a British subject. If not – you remain here in Levenworth. Oh and Michelle will be charged shortly for aiding and abetting inthis fraud herself and will be joining you. Your kids can go and live with Aunt Zitunni in her gov't subsidized housing in Boston.

  10. BY GOD's Providenc let us ask the LORD JESUS CHRIST for HIS hand in stopping this!! WE are not going to do this, or stop this unles we get "PROVIDECE" in righting this matter. We NEED TO humble ourselves as a people and ask GOD to forgive us and help us to right this country NOW PEOPLE NOW!!!! Don't be afraid to ask God for HIS help, he will do so IF we acknowledge HIM!

  11. California70 says:

    Where is the Republican Party in all this Birth Certificate business?
    Oddly, though congressional hearings were held to determine whether Sen. John McCain was constitutionally eligible to be president as a "natural born citizen," no controlling legal authority ever sought to verify Obama's claim to a Hawaiian birth.

    And plee-e-e-eze remember….John McCain's Father was an Admiral in the United States Navy and John McCain was born in a Military Hospital!

    Does any of this make any sense? But, when it comes to Obama……they all "dummy-up"!

    Make you wonder who "owns" them. They must all be paid off by the Mafia or something!

    Another, "just wondering"

  12. Liberals are so fond of the " Lemon Law" as suggested by M.S. that they need to be consistent with the president as a lemon to be returned to Africa, Then a truth speaking president might face the fact that the Chinese might call in the debt enforced by 30 million Chinese, without wives, just yearning for a fight. On the other hand a thoughtful and truthful president might consider the effect of the Muslim birth rate of over 9 children per family in contrast with the non sustaining Europe and the USA. There must be found a better way and NOW.

  13. T. Moody says:

    the way to fix the system is to Re Elect No One! Ever!
    No more life long favor gathering. No more politicians who have been in office so long they no longer know what the people whom they represent want or need. This also takes away the power from the lobbyists because they can't build relationships for Decades!
    Re Elect No One. Think about it. and spread the word.

  14. I do not feel Obama who swore that he would up hold the Contitution of the United States of America is doing so and another issue is what happen to all the BS that he talking about all the transperency that he was talking about? Also Mr. Obama may not think that we are not a Christian nation but he is the one who needs to check his history — I do not feel that Mr.Obama has the best interest of the American people on any given day.

  15. Michael Collie says:

    They all know what WE the People want, they are just ignoring us, and following their own agenda. The President is a puppet controlled by someone or some group! No one would dare do the things he's done without the backing of some kind of POWER!! He needs to be removed from Office NOW!!!! Praying is a good thing, relying on God to change things is Great, but sometimes he uses us to do that work!!

  16. Hey Guys, I don't know about you all, but I have sent a letter to every supreme Court judeg, Army LT, and Govenors etc I could get my hands on the mailing address …I wrote in Support of Army Lt. Terry Lakin and told them if they tried to lablel Terry needing mental health then half the nation needed the same as we all want to know if Barry Soetoro AKA: Barack Obama is legally holding Title as President. I told the courts WE WANT HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE! and all the records he has blocked with pay offs. It will help to Support High ranking Lt Terry Lakin because if it goes to court Lakin's attorney can demand the proof of his eligibility and if Obama is legal. So we must support Lakin and let them know we are not going to stand for saying Lakin is incompetant in order to justify his request., which I think they may try to do.

    • That is Why They and the President must be Charged with Treason and All three Members ,Congress Senate and of the Executive along with the 9 Whores in Black dresses of the Not So Supream Court and Ledgislativ Branches Bar none,and the State As Well
      There Are Five branches to this Christian Republic and I will explane but the Last branch has been prevented to operate By the Jews who infiltrated this Nation and Brought in the American Bar Assosiation.
      FIVE BRANCHES IN Both State and Federal Government
      1 The Congress 2 The Senate "3 the executive. 4Judical Local and Supream Courts
      5 The Jury the Final and Most impotant That Supercedes the Courts It is Called Jury Nuification
      And Every userper Federal and State Judge, in America HAS AND DOES Tampers with the Jury who has theONLY LAST SAY NOT THE JUDGE
      Authourity Commades

    • The Supream Court is A Lackey For the Communist that run the Nation,They Do not Sit as American Judges and have not Since the Civil War, they receive their Money in Miliary Ocupation Script ,FRNts. that is devalued each Time they Print a New Batch to Pay for all the Crimes (New Laws) they pass A Federal Reserve Puke Note You Us as Dollars is Worth Less then .06 Cents in puchasing power, The Judges are to receive their Pay in undimishable Money Gold and Silver.
      They SOLD OUT To The Zionist Communist Jew And do not uphold the proabitions that are in The Constitution ,a Contract Between the Peopel and The Government ,it is the Law of what they are Allowed to Do, AND Thing they are prohibited to Do..And now Breached Completely
      They and the President must be Charged with Treason All Members ,Congress Senate and of the Executive along with the 9 Whores in Black dresses of the Supream Courts, Bar none.
      Ameican Jury' s have the Authority and Duty to Nulifie the unconstitutiona Laws,the Decisions even of the Supream Court ,But When They tell The JURY, He will decide the Law not YOU .

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