Obama’s Senior Adviser Announces Disturbing Partnership With John Boehner

Republican House Speaker John Boehner has given the conservative base of his party more than a few reasons to question his leadership. A chief concern of many opponents is his apparent willingness – along with other GOP leaders – to advance some level of amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens currently in the U.S.

In a candid address to Democrat supporters in Las Vegas recently, Senior Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett added even more validity to such anxiety.

She described Boehner as “frustrated” regarding the immigration issue, explaining he is “hell-bent” to “get something done” by the end of the year.

It is clear that Jarrett feels she and the GOP leader are on the same page regarding implementation of immigration reform – otherwise known as amnesty – despite potential differences in rhetoric.

“There’s a lot of ways to skin a cat,” she explained. “I feel very encouraged about immigration reform. I think you’re going to see mounting pressure.”

Instead of fighting for an alternative to the Democrat plan, she concluded in an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Boehner is more concerned with opposing his own party.

“I think we have a window this summer, between now and August, to get something done,” she said. “We have a commitment from Speaker Boehner, who’s very frustrated with his caucus.”

In her opinion, those who favor amnesty are firmly in the majority.

“We haven’t been able to find that many people who aren’t sin support of it,” she said. Of course, that could be because those hoping to push through such legislation are not necessarily seeking out opponents.

Unfortunately, Boehner is far from alone among Republicans.

Potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush, for instance, recently declared illegal border crossing to be an “act of love.”

Furthermore, he asserted that it “doesn’t make sense” to him for Americans to criticize amnesty.

Nevertheless, Barack Obama recognizes the potential boon so-called immigration reform would to his party. As the conservative Eagle Forum pointed out, passage of an amnesty bill would “alienate the Republican base, working class whites, at least 4 million of whom stayed home in 2012.”

Photo credit: World Economic Forum (Creative Commons)

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