Obama’s Selective Service Failure: Alabama Supremes’ To Rule Soon

Alabama Supreme Ct 300x213 Obama’s Selective Service Failure: Alabama Supremes to Rule Soon

Next Friday, at or before 11:30 a.m. CST, the decision on oral argument in the Barack Obama eligibility case now under deliberation in the Alabama Supreme Court could come down.   Every Friday morning before noon Clerk Weller receives her Friday document release in cases in front of the nine member Alabama Supreme Court.

This case is being brought by high ranking, Alabama Republicans Hugh McInnish and Virgil Goode with the lead appellant L. Dean Johnson asking the court to determine if then Secretary of State Beth Chapman failed to properly verify that all candidates on the 2012 election ballots in Alabama were eligible to serve.  The 2012 Constitution Party nominee Virgil Goode and AL Republican leader Hugh McInnish are seeking resolution and/or clarity on just who can appear on ballots given to Alabama voters.  Beth Chapman quit her elected position at the end of July and former Secretary of State Jim Bennett, a long time political figure in Alabama, is now back as the state’s 52nd Sec of State as of 7-31-2013. Chapman, age 51, resigned and is now a political consultant with the AL Farmers Federation as a paid consultant seeking out political candidates for this organization’s backing.

Fraud Attorney W.L. Albert Moore, Jr., no relation to Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, filed an Amicus Curiae brief in this case seeking clarity on whether or not sitting President Barack Hussein Obama in fact lost his US citizenship allegedly in or around 1980 when he failed to register with the Selective Service draft as required by U.S. law.  Deliberations here in the Friend of the Court filing involve whether or not Barry Soetoro-Barack Hussein Obama repatriated after being adopted by Stanley Ann Dunham’s second husband, Indonesian Lolo Soetoro, sometime prior to the lost 1/2 year decade of 1980-1985. Islamic Indonesia required students enrolling in their school system to be citizens of that country according to web data which may or may not speak to what is going on here.  As Attorney Moore told CiR, absent epithelial evidence ordered by a grand jury, we just may never know what is going on.

Now, a web reproduced Selective Service picture shows the following: ” Selective Service System small numbers 08, large numbers 970, small Cap S, then small 06, then large 32.”   Other numbers on the form include “080161, Jul 29 80 with a crop at the top of letters 8 0.”  Then we have July 30,”. .?? mumble, mumble. Some blogs state that Selective Service won’t release this form any more.  Other commenters and posters say something may or may not come down from this federal agency.

Of course, the largest amount of online angst and conjecture has centered on what is meant by “natural born citizen.”  But what if, as Attorney Moore’s brief submits, the citizenship issue is the real problem? What if the American people are just left to keep twisting in the wind as legal mumbo jumbo is equivocated. No member of Congress is willing to investigate and with SCOTUS tossing this hot potato out of their doors, where are the American people in all of it?  A Georgia judge last year seemed willing to bring the case to courtroom definition, but abruptly he, too, tossed the case.  CiR found out that within the week that he bunted, the long rejected nuclear facility in that state somehow was given the go ahead, freeing up huge amounts of federal construction dollars.

You can call Clerk Julia Weller’s office at (334) 229-0700  , but you must ask for this case or you will not receive an answer.  Ask for status results in the “Hugh McInnish, Virgil Goode v. Beth Chapman, Secretary of State.”  Additionally, you could also call new Alabama Secretary of State Jim Bennett at 1-800-274-8683.  They may have something for you.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    If all males must sign for selective service then what made Barry special unles he isn't a citizen. Like all democraps including Slick Willy Clinton and Lurch Kerry they want poor people to register to protect their dead asses.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Indiana: Anyone could have knocked Obama off the 2008 primary ballot in Indiana. If anyone had challenged the names and signatures on the presidential petitions that put Obama on the ballot, election fraud would have been detected during the race. But no one cared. 4 people were convicted last April for the petition fraud. Former St. Joseph County Democratic Chairman Butch Morgan, Jr. was sentenced to one year behind bars. Former St. Joseph County Board of Elections worker and Democratic volunteer Dustin Blythe received a sentence of one year in Community Corrections and probation. In April, a jury convicted Morgan and Blythe on numerous felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud and felony forgery counts. Who knows how many other states had Chicago style petition fraud.
    Alabama: Nine member Alabama Supreme Court including Republicans McInnish and Goode with the lead appellant L. Dean Johnson asking the court to determine if then Secretary of State Beth Chapman failed to properly verify that all candidates on the 2012 election ballots in Alabama were eligible to serve and be put on the ballot (PERFECT, DO NOT GO FOR OBAMA, GO FOR THE PEOPLE THAT DID NOT VET FOR ELIGIBILITY! EVERY STATE SHOULD SUE THE PEOPLE THAT DID NOT VET FOR ELIGIBILITY TO BE PUT ON THE BALLOT)!

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