Obama’s Security: Muslim Brotherhood Front Trains Airport Scanners

Connie Hair, Human Events

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) has completed training for 2,200 Transportation Safety Officers (TSOs) at the Los Angeles International Airport according to a press release found on the MPAC website.

The MPAC release notes that the two-month training course informed officers of “the diversity of Muslims around the world from cultural dress to language to tenets. The four trainers taught the TSOs how to properly handle a Quran and discussed the different ways Muslim women and men choose to cover or dress. For example, the TSOs learned if a woman wears hijab and needs a secondary screening she should be screened in a private area by a female TSO officer.”

(The Drudge Report shocked the nation with this photo of a nun being patted down by a Muslim woman in head garb. Apparently Christian women are afforded only public groping sessions.)

In 1986, MPAC was formed as a political action arm of one of the largest Wahhabi mosques in America, the Islamic Center for Southern California….

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  1. Where the hell is the outrage from ALL the lawmakers in this nation. States, Cities and Federal?

    • Fortitude1 says:

      This is an outrage. Where are our representatives? Since it has been reported that anyone in a burqua doesn't have to submit to inspection, everyone should wear one and present themselves at the airport and see what happens. That burqua can cover a multitude of sins and other things, like terrorists and explosives. Even a male can play Halloween and wear one. This country has gone beyond the pale. Is there any hope?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those f**kers!

  3. This is all so wrong.

  4. huckingfarley says:

    Obama AND the CNO are absolute and complete morans , and , ulike the commandant of the Marine Corps , the CNO is an abject coward .

  5. Apparently it’s alright to profile a muslim for preferential treatment but not for potential criminal acts.

  6. NO MUSLIMS on our airplanes…..AT ALL. Send them home most of them are illegal.

  7. jon weston says:

    Why not hand the terrorist a helping hand obama you piece of crap. If anyone in the short period of America's history deserves to be blown away then the name obama should be the first name at the top of the list.
    You would have to be totally blind not to see what this son of a bitsh is doing to America.

  8. What an outrage!!! we are not allowed to seach THEM, but they are allowed to search US!!! HOW MUCH MORE OF THIS “B.S.” are we supposed to tolerate? Things are just going to get worse, as long as “BIG EARS” remains in office….Im sure that our “FORE-FATHERS”, are spinning in their graves, right now! And what about the “MILLIONS” of men, and women ,that have fought, and died, to make this the great country, that it “WAS”?

  9. As a christian that photo enrages me as it is an insult to my religion and my beliefs. In my religion we are taught that nuns are married to God so no one should put their hands on them. Why do we have to show respect to the muslim religion and their beliefs while no respect is paid to mine!

  10. Just another example of political correctness gone mad.This is the slow death of America while her sheeple sleep.

  11. Well, let's see. Sinse O'Bama has been in office he has spent Trillions of tax payers money, closing Gitmo, Obamacare, has many Zars, closing the shuttle program and telling the NASA Director to do more research into the muslum world, stopped chaplains in the military from wearing the cross, does not want to secure our borders, does not lisson to the American Public, Appoligizes to the world for things America has done over the years, Bowes to Saudi Sheiks, has nothing to say about ground zero where the muslims want to build a morque, and now the very people we can not trust are inspecting Americans boarding the Airlines. God Help Us.

  12. Damitall, I guess I’ll tell TSA that I am a Muslim and carry a Koran!

  13. It ticks me off to no end that after I fought for this country that we are turning it into the very nations that I fought against. Looking at the above picture sickens me even more as I am Catholic. Did anyone else notice that the TSA molester looks like she is wearing a muslim head rag?

  14. What new crime against Americans will be next? How long will it be before something is smuggled in under the hijab or inside the Koran. No on even knows if it is a man or woman, all you can see is the eyeballs.

    I guess everyone will have to dress appropriately and carry a Koran, that would fix the TSA and their messiah NObama.

  15. There should be no diference in how and where women are "patted down".
    What is next, for their enjoyment, complete nudity to go through the scanners? It has nothing to do with racism and that is the tiredest line that is used too often. This political correct cr– has gone to far and the citizens have very little freedom, moreso since the puppet Obama took over.

  16. susanehmann says:

    send all the muslim back to the country they came from and don't let any more in . I'm tired of hearing about there rights our rights come first . this is America

  17. Looks to me like we are allowing the foxes to guard the chicken houses. Does anything from the elite from DC ever make any sense?

    People better wake up, but I fear it is too late. Once they get access to private owned weapons it will be gone for good.

    America it was good while it lasted, I was hopping it would last long enough for my kids to enjoy freedom as I did while I was younger, but like I said its gone, and this political pc crap will be the last nail in the coffin.

  18. Obumma has always BOWED down to the muslim leaders in the world. since when do muslims differ from American Citizens when it comes to being searched at airports????? You know, I have been signing impeachment petitions for about two years now. When are enough signatures enough???? if you are not going to act on this " agenda ", PLEASE QUIT MAKING THE CITIZENS OF THE U.S.A. think you're doing something!!!!!!! YOU HAVEN'T THE b@!!$ TO STEP UP AND DO ANYTHING EXCEPT SEND OUT PAPER, WHICH IS JUST ABOUT WORTH AS MUCH AS PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EITHER DO SOMETHING OR STOP SENDING OUT PETITIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. john littlefield says:

    this is bunch of crap throw these muslims out of here i be damned if i let one of them feel me up.

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