Obama’s Recent Announcement Shows How Panic Leads To Mistakes

Obama Reacts Swiftly To Poll Numbers SC Obama’s Recent announcement shows How panic leads to mistakes

Panic leads to mistakes.

Barack Obama’s announcement of support for gay “marriage” was not the result of a “heartfelt” search for “what is right for America.” It was the result of full blown panic and a search for what is best for Barack Obama that will be devastating in November.  The huge 61/39 landslide loss gay “marriage” took in North Carolina apparently set off a panic in Obama’s camp that “demanded” action.

This brought about Obama’s tense “declaration” of support for Gay “marriage,” something that directly contradicts what he said about the issue in 2008.

More than this, it has made raising enthusiasm to vote among African Americans harder by a wide margin. For Obama, the low energy level among his natural base was troublesome until 3 PM Wednesday. Three minutes later, that “troublesome” problem exploded into a raging fire that will require time and energy to put out – time and energy he must spend elsewhere if he is to win. Working to pump up black enthusiasm is not what Obama thought he would have to be doing with less than six months to Election Day.

With African American enthusiasm to vote already at 48% (down 30 points since 2008), this was a lethal mistake for Obama.

A 2010 Pew poll found overall gay “marriage” approval lagged disapproval by just 6 points (42/48), but among blacks, it was a lopsided 28/62 against the Gay position.

Those who would fool themselves into believing the African American position is an outlier and not reflective of the real national sentiment on gay “marriage” do so at their own peril. Notwithstanding the “happy face” news we are incessantly fed from a media eager lie, gay “marriage” has lost 32 of 32 statewide votes on the issue.

Obviously, either respondents are lying or don’t feel strongly enough on the issue to actually vote to support it. Whichever is true, Obama is wrong again. Gays, who are a small percentage of voters, have only two choices: vote Democrat (which they are already doing), or stay home. Either way, the result will be negligible.

Obama might have picked up a few more donors with his announcement, but the number of votes he has lost among a black base already looking for reasons not to vote in November will be telling.  Panic leads to mistakes.

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  1. Devasahayam says:

    Actually, in a warped way it could be said as the result of a heartfelt search for what's right for America–basically, he is guaranteed to do polar-opposite!

  2. Why does anyone bother with the Gay vote? Really, why bother? According to the CDC, they are only 1.7 percent ( has anyone seen a 0.7 person on the planet?) of the population; this number probably wouldn't help win the election of 2000. I truly fail to see why the Democratic fasination with homosexuals. Their numbers are so tiny ,so why care what happens to them? They don't reproduce. They don't live in ghettos or are starving. In fact, many of them are wealthy and powerful. Even if they donate lots and lots of money, it still will not win Democrats a election. So, someone please tell why the Democrats care so much!

    • they must all be homosexuals wanting to come out of the closets

      • Betsy K. Larsen says:

        I was once a ” live and let live” sort of person. I don’t care if some “gay” person wants to have Weird Sex, it was not my concern. And knew few of them anyway. The few I did know were really pleasent people. And I know of one “gay” person who thinks that all of this “in your face” behavior is apalling, he likes his privacy, and does not push what he is on anyone. But this “In Your Face” action, it is getting to be revolting, everytime you turn on the news now, it is either ABOUT Obamas abominable move and “coming out” enough to actually lie to these people, and to us. He did not “evolve”, he is trying in any way he can to get votes. He says that he thinks it is ok for them to marry, but he is not as convincing as he thinks. And to deny that this is not political, when a blind and deaf person could FEEL it! He stnks of corruption so badly that it is almost as if you can SMELL the disease that he IS!
        As I said in one of my “speaking of the mind”, I said that this man is a boil on the ass of America, and he needs to be LANCED! And the cure for this BOIL, would be to get it out of the White House, and as far away as possible,PLEASE GOD, AND THANK YOU GOD! This person did what Franklin Graham said, when speaking of the matter to someone, that “Obama is shaking his fist at God”! Apparently, Obama has no fear of God, for he rolls right over right and wrong as if the word MORALS and INTEGRITY are words he never heard of. And God is as far from his mind, as his is from us……….and we all know that he could care less about a one of us! We do not exist, except to go put our votes in the boxes……….for HIM! that is all he wants from anyone he puts a show on for. He is a stiff neck, and a hard heart. That is, if he even has a heart. I hope he falls flat on that nose, his face and no one picks him up. Rid America of a walking boil!! Lance it soon people!

  3. What's sad is the majority of people are ignorant when it comes to these politicians and the B.S. they feed all of us. Who in their right mind would want to change to this vision or path that Primate One is leading us down. It's failed at every turn and the numbers just flat do not lie. Obama's team cooks the books to make it look as good as possible and it still looks dismal to say the least. Sad thing is once we go down this road we will probably never come back and the lazy ignorant slugs I mentioned in my first sentence are to blame for dragging us all down with them,as their ignorance damages everyone and everything. Thank you you FUCKING slugs !!

  4. CHARLES says:


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