Obama’s Policy Toward Arizona Reminds Us That Weakness Invites Attack

Those who voted for Barack Hussein Obama, especially those who live in Arizona, have many reasons to be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves. They have sharpened the knife of an assassin.

Obama’s reign is catastrophic in its destruction of our nation. He has shown himself willing to break any law, whether written or traditional, as long as the outcome moves his agenda; and his agenda is the ultimate destruction of America.

Saying shame on the greedy hoards of takers who voted for him (and the quisling Republicans who engineered the nomination of a man who was a non-starter from day one) is not nearly satisfying enough, but it is all we have. We can now only stand by and watch as Barack Hussein Obama fulfills the dreams of his Muslim father and Communist mentor to level America and destroy our future.

Because Obama is completely unchallenged by an invisible Republican Party, he is very much like a man strolling through a mall with the keys to every store and no one else around. He can take whatever he wants, eat whatever he wants, scratch his name on the walls, and do so until he gets bored and decides to leave.

Obama’s destructive binge is in such high gear now that he is committing an impeachable offense a week. His latest violation of his sworn duty to protect us is his order to erase our Southern border. As a result of last week’s impeachable act, a torrent of illegal aliens – mostly women and small children – have poured over our border. Not only are they moving freely and unimpeded; they are being welcomed and chauffeured around at our expense.

The vast majority of these illegal aliens, mostly from Central and South America, are being dumped into Arizona. This is proof that Obama is collaborating with the Mexican government in his efforts to destabilize our country.

Apparently Arizona has been selected as the first border state to be “broken” for its obstinate refusal to roll over and allow Obama free reign as he goes about his evil plan.

Texas should be next, but she is much too strong and much too willing to fight.

Weakness invites attacks from tyrants. Where does your state stand?

Photo credit: Barack Obama (Flickr)

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  1. punishment for Arizona for opposing his agenda of opening the borders.

  2. Jan Brewer needs to fight back against O. Email her and DEMAND the borders have armed guards on them

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Coach is right Obutthole does whatever he wants. The halfassed dildo does as he pleases.The worst part is the republicans sit there on the Hill, with their fingers up their asses and do didley.The few that go after him are branded racists or trouble makers.You have that goofy looking Mitch McConell who is a looser looking down his nose at the tea party and fighting them instead of going after the Sand Monkey.The people should riot when he uses executive priviledge and his excuse is congress won't give me my way so I'll bypass them even though people want he 3 branches of government

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Why should any illegal obey U.S. law when obama doesn’t, so obama be ringing the dinner bell, COME AND GET IT, and they are coming in the millions. If there is no voter fraud (I doubt it) and a non democrap wins the 2016 election, then any debt over the 2008 levels should come directly out of all non humanitarian democratic funding AND personally sue obama for the hundreds of millions spent on the kings vacations and lifestyle, and he should NOT get a pension and should NOT get SS protection, how would he like it if we broke those laws.

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