Obama’s “Plan B”

Barack Obama speech 9 SC Obamas Plan B

Now that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has turned down Barack Obama’s offer to replace Vice President Joe Biden, Obama is left with but one move to win reelection and remain President, and it will cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

Had Hillary switched with Biden, Obama would have had a chance to win the election. A hell of a lot more of a chance than as it now stands. He has done everything he thought “the people” wanted, but he has been forced to realize that his “people” are the occupiers (the true 1%, if that).

Obama is watching the Presidency slip away from him.

His fellow Constitution-hating Marxists and socialists, along with his union Communist thugs, are a noisy minority that bullied its way to the front of the class, only to be discovered in the light of day and identified as the enemy within. They are a noisy, inconsiderate, vile, crude, enemy within bought and paid for by the White House.

We see them, we know what they are, and we are leading them to a Reagan-type landslide defeat. A slaughter sponsored by a love we have of Capitalism and Freedom, a love that can only exist unrestrained in the brilliant creation of our forefathers, protected by their Constitution. You know, the one Obama found so distasteful in his quest for a Chavez-style dictatorship in a stripped down, collapsing America.

Now, the only avenue to victory left to him is to start a war. He won’t want it to end too quickly, as it has to last at least until the election and seem like it can last longer.

I can see him waiting until about a month before the election and then attacking Iran. More than likely, he will do it by attacking Israel and creating a high death toll, leaving Iran’s fingerprints on the attack. That will officially draw us into a conflict, during which Obama will allow for as much death and destruction to reign on Israel as he can possibly manage.

All the while sending unarmed American observers, or soldiers without ammunition or permission to engage the enemy to the area to be killed and kidnapped, satisfying his Muslim Brotherhood counterparts.

Of course, the media will play him up as a daring war President, sensitive to other cultures, and rally for his retention “during a time of war!” What a repulsive thought!

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  1. B is for bull****. That's always part of his plan.

  2. Tim Lucas says:

    After Obama and his followers are soundly defeated they don't need a special request to leave because I can do that right now. Why wait?
    After Obama all Communist, related to communism and liberals are free to leave. This includes Hollywood and production companies. It also includes George Sorus.
    We have morales and standards. We like the individual reward system. We dislike traitors and those that wish to undermine the future of this country. We certainly oppose those that think America has built their house upon deceit, greed and theft. I have no complaints and I am an American Indian. I have a work ethic and redistributionon of wealth has never made sense to me exspecially when you reward those that lost nothing in this country to begin with. It takes a twisted mental state to derive the basis of appropriation when history dictates nothing of the sort. What it is, is a twisted mental state to raid as much tax money as you can get away with. Thieves always reason on the sly and measure what they do by reason. Obama and his people has raided and stole from the tax payer about as much as they can and finished up by donation to the campaign fund. This completed the circle of theft. When the people speak Nov. 6th you have your walking papers.

  3. Shhh! Don't give him ideas. We want him gone and all his damage undone. Although, if he tries it, we'll at least know and call him on it.

  4. This is what I have been telling my friends what would happen if Obama loses the election or thinks he will lose. Everybody called me a radical and I just told them to mark my words an keep their guns clean and ammunition dry. He is EVIL.

  5. If he does that scenario we ALL know what needs to happen. They will be no denying it either. NOBODY should be allowed to play with human life that indiscriminately. We need to put the same value on his life as he projects on others !!!!! Paper covers rock, scissors cut paper…rock CRUSHES scissors. Each one in turn doesn't realize the power of the other ! And so it will be at some point in the near future. Ultimately rock crushes scissors !

  6. I, too, have felt for a long time that this is a big possibility. We know he will do anything to get re-elected. How did we ever let this guy become our President?

    • Marcie Landry says:

      You should ask the "sheeple" who dumbly followed his every word and gesture and saw him as their "savior" w/o ever asking who he was, what he stood for, and where he came from? Unfortunately, you and I will be forced to drink the hemlock along with the unwashed masses who voted for this "empty suit"!

    • Tired Lady says:

      sbeden: it's simple. Stupid people, who only heard "hope and change". They didn't bother to check him out. What his voting record was/ What his background was/is? Nothing. They just voted BLINDLY.

  7. Oh Merciful God Above….protect us from this mad mad president…..study his face….do you see desperation or hope in his face or anger and sickness? Just ask yourself that question and be honest….

  8. I have said all a long that Odumbo wants to stay in office by hook or crook.

  9. Everyone who reads this please go see the Movie Obama's 2016. It is already number one on the charts but if you have not seen it you do not know what you are missing….

    • R. Ray Morford says:

      LIZ…..I strongly agree. My wife and I cried through most of the film…..but at the end cheered with the audience because someone had the courage to expose Obama as a THIEF IN THE NIGHT. We can take back our Country. I also e-mailed the Romney Campaign to see the film. More fuel for the FIGHT to save our Nation.

    • johnfromchicago says:

      Not only this documentary, but also: Agenda: Grinding America Down.

  10. Remember his control of the election machines, George Soros owns and is using for the counting for all the
    states totals. It ain't over til' it's over!

  11. If you are an outspoken Christian in America,
    you need to be concerned.

    If you are an outspoken Christian in America
    who happens to be a gun owner, you need to be
    very concerned.

    And if you are a Christian gun owner who
    disagrees with the Progressive anti-Christian
    agenda in America and have a platform to inform
    others, you better believe that you are under
    intense scrutiny. Sound like paranoid propaganda?

    It’s one thing to say that there is a war against
    Christianity and an active agenda to disarm Americans,
    but it’s another thing altogether to watch it unfold, up close
    and personal. And yet another to actually document an
    insidious but effective tactic that is presently being used
    to silence and disarm Christians right here in America.
    I will expose a new tactic being used by the atheistic
    communist supporters of the Obama regime to silence
    Christian critics and to disarm them at the same time.

    • Tired Lady says:

      Raymond: Have you seen the e-mail that came from someone in Canada, with all the photo's of the Islamist MARCH in London?

      I received it from a friend this morning and I wondered if it had appeared in tha Canada Free Press paper.

  12. Homosexuals & lesbians have taken a page
    from the muslim play book. Homosexuals are
    engaged in terrorism & the Southern Poverty Law
    Center is helping them commit these acts. http://americansfortruth.com/2012/08/21/homosexua

  13. Obama & his followers have another tool
    to silence anyone who opposes them.
    It's only a matter of time before they come
    for you & me…… Raymond http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTUYL_BFhKY&fe

  14. Tired Lady says:

    I hope our military are aware of this maniacs plans. If they are, he may be in for a HUGE surprise. Wouldn't it be nice, if the WHOLE of our MILITARY, REFUSED to fire a single shot, or ANY missiles or any other kind of attack on ANY country, VIA OBUMMERS OPRDERS? Just a thought I had, that could possibly happen. Of course, obummer being the ENEMY TO THE USA that he IS, it wouldn't surprise me to find out HE AND HIS GOONS, had actually DONE THE FIRING OF SHOTS/MISSILES THEMSELVES, just to START THE WAR. We best ALL be ready, for whatever comes down the pike in the next I believe it is seventy three (73) days now.

  15. johnfromchicago says:

    Ron if you are wrong about what your purport Obama will do, then NO ONE should listen to your foolishness in the future.

  16. Jamin Jayman says:

    And we thought he was a screw-up commie-dictator before already! Let the heathen rage. We all know who wins in the end. Like I've said before, this guy needs to be taken down a whole lot of pegs in a hurry. Lives are at stake… especially should he do anything like mentioned in this article, God forbid. Gotta go now – Tired of thinking of this Muslim dictator socialist butt-wipe. Hope to see you on the other side. Only Jesus reigns and will reign forever. Amen and amen! ptL!!!

  17. There is NOT one thing Obama could do for me to vote for him! I didn't vote for him the first time, and since he has done everything wrong and rotten and has been nothing but trouble for this nation, why in hell would i vote for this incompetant so and so any time! The man is despicable! He has NO reason to be in office, he is NOT legal and he has NO knowledge of what we Americans are all about ! he is an African and has NO idea who we really are! The man bows down to sheiks and will not salute and ignores our frinds..NO I WILLL SURE AS &^%$ NOT Vote for this fraud!!

  18. He needs a civil uprising here for elections to be suspended, I don't think a war will stop elections. Don't trust this this Anti-American Commie Muslim Terrorist from trying to start an uprising here, he's already dividing this country and it will be his biggest mistake he'll ever make. There won't be anyplace for this trash and his family to hide from the American We The People.

  19. Ron, I can see Civil War in America and Martial Law being imposed. Martial Law would cancel the election. It would also give Obama a chance at a real power grab.
    Perhaps that is what you mean?

  20. who can stop this action? we the people will fight this ugly death act!!!! the only act as "the people" empeach him befor ANY OF THIS HAPPENS! clear the slate!

  21. Go see the movie, 2016! It explains the nut job currently in the Oval Office!

  22. Tell friends and families about this "intention" of Obama so it gets as much publicity as it can get. The movie "Obama's 2016 is a MUST movie that everyone should see.

  23. GySgt Bob Pinkstaff says:

    Buckwheat soetoro AKA bounel AKA obama is an EVIL FRAUD & TRAITOR!! The TRAITOROUS TURNCOAT washington DC & state government establishments, the TRAITOROUS TURNCOAT hillary clinton & joe biden including all of the TRAITOR TURNCOAT CLONES that are campaigning for POTUS/VPOTUS, U.S. congress & state congress are all cut out of the same ROTTEN piece of wood & are positioning themselves for favor & position within the communist NWO/666 world!!

  24. Very important people know that our government is arresting without warrant and brainwashing people.He shows the death threats from the left that NOTHING is done about..only the right is being arrested..there a hundreds that have had same thing done to them. Even Ted Nugent was hassled by Obama's men….
    This is from his nightly shows and very good..please watch this one for sure
    If we don't stand up then we will end up like the holocaust in Germany

    Please watch this. http://vimeo.com/48143927#at=0
    This is a sign of what is coming…don't be like the Germans who ignored when Hitler started rounding up Jews..THIS IS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whitehead said his opinion is that the government is doing this nationally, rounding up people, while also directly targeting military veterans and other “right-wing extremists” according to a previous DHS report.

  25. Watch Whitehead’s interview with Glenn Beck on Thursday via GBTV, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6hBOm-VRaw&fe
    The attorney that got this guy out and also helping others who were arrested for giving out water, and having bible studies in their home….

    DON'T IGNORE WHAT IS HAPPENING…..if we don't stand up it will get worse ..
    Obama is another Hitler

  26. Robert Evans says:

    Obama is watching the presidency slip away from him. This article indicates that he will start a war with Iran about one month before the election. This would be early October. He thinks Obamas pals may attack Israel as pretext for attacking Iran. Scary, but very possible.

  27. This Psychiatric evaluation of Non-Conformists has been in the works for a ling time. They have been planning far ahead of the use of psychiatric evaluations as a tool to silence the opposition to their agenda. Down load and share everywhere. http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Wolves/chisholm.ht

    The council on foreign relations ,does not work for us. Their goal is to bring in a one world socialist "Global"govt with the U.N. as its capital, .http://www.prolognet.qc.ca/clyde/cfr.html link

    if you read that page you know what they are about. Here is a list of Members that includes skull and Bones and the Trilateral Commission. http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/cfrall1.htm
    To see how this all fits together http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/illuminati.htm

  28. herdzcatz says:

    I hope this article is sooooooooooo wrong! But, nonetheless, I am compelled to pray. Much. Often. Without ceasing. I hope you are, too.

  29. Obama needs something, we all know that, but he has better sense than to attack Israel. He might talk one of the neighboring countries into doing it, but we will never foresake our strongest ally. We need a turnout of voters for Romney that is so great that the fraudulemt votes being manufactured by ACORN and the unions can be defeated! Otherwise, we will become a UN controlled third world country.

    • Yes, but these comments were written before the treasonist, illegal, lying, disgusting, communist, towel head took over the presidency once again, again illegally. The voting booths were all rigged just like the last time, ballots were seen in a secluded bin where a trash bin was with them laying on the ground. HE or IT didn't win anything but a thumbs up from his boss Satin. Just look at the two bumps on it's forehead. They are horns, and don't tell me you don't see them. It is the Anti-christ in person. Who else could ever get away and move ahead even AFTER all the evidence was shown and proven prior to this election.

  30. I’d like to know why the GOP hasn’t objected to Soros’s company counting our upcoming votes, the most important election in our nations history. Didn’t Stalin once say, ” It isn’t who gets the most votes, but who counts the votes that wins”. This is the end before it begins if this is allowed to stand! Surely Romney and his aides are aware of this and if not shouldn’t someone inform them NOW?

    • Carl Manning says:

      Maybe it's because the two parties are really one and the same. Or, perhaps, more believably, the GOP has been infiltrated by the Democrats (Commies) themselves.

  31. I'm impress

  32. Where is Congress??? What is obomination holding over Congress?? Has he perhaps called them together and told them (Chicago style) remember I know where you and your families live, If Congress had taken action when he first violated the Constitution, we wouldn't have this problem now. If Congress won't act it will be up to the people to take a stand at all and any cost.

    • Carl Manning says:

      CIA, NSA, and Mossad have files galore on all of your Congressmen and Senators. These guys have all been blackmailed and bribed. The CIA and Mossad (Zionist/B'nai Brith Criminal Network) also own the MSM in key positions of influence. They simply tell the compromised politician that If you do not do as we say, the story will hit the news tonight. If they're not blackmailed, they're bribed or threatened by the CIA and Mossad Black ops death squads, the same guys who killed Kennedy, RFK, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, JFK Jr., MLK, and Senator Paul Wellstone and the DC madam, Jeannete Palfrey, who were going to go public about 911 being an inside job. It is truly a shame that so few of you understand this about your government; it truly is beyond evil.

    • Carl Manning says:

      Remember FBI Filegate??? It's the same thing but now with death threats.

  33. Donald Rose says:

    Look at these helpless ads on this page…

    The ONLY Presidential Candidate that can actually get us out of this mess is RON PAUL !!!

    It's NOT "O-Bla-Bla" (who hates America) and it's NOT "Mittens-For-Money" (who totally screwed up Massachusetts). These two are the biggest hypocrites that America has ever seen. They can't even focus on the economy… instead they throw each other under the bus in all their ads like little school children GROW UP – The Both of you!!! We would like to know what you are going to do for our country other than finding fault in your opponent…

    How about trying to find fault with RON PAUL… Oh, I know why you're not… It's because you CAN"T find any fault when it comes to RON PAUL.


    • I agree with the first part of thie article, but not the second, I don't think Obama will jump into a war with Iran. People are sick of war. He won't pick a fight with Iran, he's a muslim. He supported the uprising in Egypt because he wanted the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the region.

      However, voters, like Donald Rose will be responsible for putting him in office again….because they refuse to see the writing on the wall… Ron Paul is not going to be president…no matter who thinks him the best candidate going…so to write him in or vote on his behalf is to toss out a vote for Romney…and have a vacant vote.

      • disgusted says:

        You are so right about Ron Paul. And I can find fault with him! Because he refuses to accept defeat, he lost the nomination, and has not chosen a side, to give his support to Romney would have helped us get this garbage out of the White House. No, instead when asked who he would vote for, this ungraceful man said “I don’t know”. Split the vote, and give us another 4 years or longer with this filth in power is exactly what will happen, if voters do not wake up and see that this can and will happen if they “write in” another name. Ron Paul may have made a better president, but he lost. Accept it and deal with what we have. Anyone is better than what we now have! I liked Paul, UNTIL he made that statement! This decided me. You have a choice, between the fire and a swimming pool, so you actually choose the FIRE INSTEAD OF WATER? This INSULT IN OFFICE WILL BURN THIS NATION TO THE GROUND IF ALLOWED TO STAY BY THOSE WHO INSIST ON BACKING THE LOSING MAN!!!!!!!! Is this what you want?

    • Ron Paul has about as good of foreign policy plan as Biden.

  34. 1776dejavu says:

    false flags everywhere

  35. Carl Manning says:

    It's really simple. It's Communism 101. Once Communists gain power, they never give it up. They create civil war with staged riots to enable martial law, suspension of elections, civil liberties, and Constitutions, and follow this up with arrests of their enemies and purges with mass executions. These guys will not just leave without bloodshed, and that is their plan. They will stage the bloodshed themselves, and it won't be their blood that will be shed. They already played this country for fools with the false flag of 911 to enable martial law. They have built FEMA camps for this purpose all over the place in secret. They confiscated Jesse Ventura's episodes of "Conpiracy Theory" on Tru Tv that dealt with FEMA camps because they do not want you to know what they have planned for you. The governmment even used special technology to erase your DVR recordings of these shows remotely.

    • Carl Manning says:

      This is now showtime! In several months, the America we have all grown up with will no longer be recognizeable thanks in no small part to a gullible or complicit GOP that refused to stand for the Constitution and the TRUTH when it was most needed. These useful idiots will all be executed someday en masse, and they will all deserve it!

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