Obama’s Life Story Continues To Unravel…


In an administration defined by scandal, none have dogged Barack Obama longer or more persistently than the secrecy surrounding his past. While the left tries to discount those who question his life story with insulting pejorative, there has been little legitimate response to the genuine concerns of so-called “birthers.”

In a recent American Thinker report, one specific aspect of Obama’s childhood is explored in detail, resulting in the conclusion that at least one of the president’s biographical timelines is inaccurate.

Citing media reports released over the past 14 years, Jason Kissner highlights a discrepancy that seems to put a young Obama in two very different places at one time. While an Illinois Daily Herald article from 1990 indicates he lived in Asia from the age of 2 until he reached fifth grade, a Los Angeles Times report from the same year suggests he spent just six years in Indonesia before returning to Hawaii in preparation for college.

While those two accounts might suggest Obama reached fifth grade by the age of eight, at which time he promptly began studying for college, a subsequent entry in Hawaii Business adds another wrinkle to his purported past. That report suggests Obama was in Hawaii for at least his kindergarten year in elementary school, which represents a major departure from the timeline advanced in the previous articles.

Furthermore, his education records – along with his mother’s passport – are no longer available for review.

These discrepancies are unfortunately only peripheral considerations in the larger tapestry of Obama’s questionable past. In the same article, Kissner explores Obama’s frequent name changes, focusing specifically on the surname Soebarkah. He suggests the name might have been related to a Muslim cult that encouraged its followers to change their names.

Loretta Fuddy, the Hawaiian health official who authenticated Obama’s birth certificate before dying in a plane crash from which all other passengers survived, was a former leader of the Subud cult, he added.

There is no shortage of controversy surrounding Obama’s birth, childhood, and even much of his adult life. The information introduced by Kissner is just one chapter in a long book of questionable autobiographical claims.

Unfortunately, it seems any documents that could unequivocally prove or disprove Obama’s assertions have been forever lost – or destroyed. To a growing number of Americans, that fact makes Obama’s professions appear all the more suspicious.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. A Fraud is a Fraud 100% of the time and the mindless voted one in 2008 and 2012.Shows how stupid the American Obama voters are

    • sistergranite says:

      You're absolutely right!!

    • Well, I'll apologize. I voted for him in 2008 with out knowledge of the discrepancies. However, I did not vote for him in 2012. But, both times I watched as the country had the majority of states voting Republican only to have Obama win? I believe there was some voting fraud happening. I believe the Democrats found a way to have votes switched during electronic filing. How? IDK, but I believe it. I also believe the only reason the Republicans are not crying foul is cause they did the same thing with GBush Jr. I find it difficult to believe that a Person can win the election with only holding 4 states; Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and Florida. That should not exist. Why lobby anywhere else. Just promise those 4 states everything, get their votes and the rest of the US does not matter.

  2. For crying out loud, he even lied about whence he came into being…saying he was born out of his parents experience at the Selma AL Voting Rights March in March 1965.

  3. He's paid good money to keep his past totally secret!

  4. Obama's grandmother, living in Kenya, has stated many times that Obama was born in Kenya. She has no reason to lie. His half brother states Obama told many lies about his birth and his family in his book. He has distanced himself from his family and hopes they would just vanish.
    The truth always comes out .A suitcase full of cash would go a long way in Kenya.
    He should be impeach for crimes he has committed and failure to honor his oath of office. He should be put on notice to supply the necessary documents to show he is American born, along with school records, etc. If he does not supply them within a given period of time, he should be frog-walked out of the Oval office and deported to Kenya.
    During the 2008 campaign, even Michelle said, "my husband was born in Kenya."
    So after the 2014 midterms and we have control of House & Senate, let's give him 90-days to supply all necessary documents – either put up-or shut up and get the hell out of the Peoples House!

  5. ~Rick Magee says:

    Obama's Records were 'CREATED' and his past 'SCRUBBED'. education again 'CREATED' and obsfucated with his "RECORDS'" SEALED. He has no US Birth Certificate just another "CREATION". Sadly the only Hawaiin official toclaim to have personally seen one is Dead by a mysterious accident in that she was the only victim. The Fraud is minumental and concerns Numerous people to complete it and numerous Stupid Peope to believe it. ~Rick Magee, "MOLON LABE"

    • Litl Bits says:

      anyone here ever see the original movie, The Manchurian Candidate? – we have that "candidate" poaching in OUR White House right now – and because of a worthless Congress who REFUSE to do anything to stop him, he is, along with his whole regime, systematically tearing down what used to be a Free Nation.

  6. ~Rick Magee says:

    PART TWO: Congress has been remiss in their Duties in not investigating the Many Blatant acts of Voter FRAUD by the DNC and or the Obama Campers? Really 37 precincts in Philadelphia and not One Vote for Romney? That is a HUGE IMPROBABILITY. Black Panthers Intimidating Voters outside of the Polling places and reporters being threatened by them and NOTHING was DONE about it? Places in the Ohio area that had over 146% Voters ! Busloads of "STRANGERS brought to the Polls to Vote and then their being allowed? Poll watchers thrown out of those polls! No Vetting of Obama ever done as Constitutionally required! Many instances of DEAD people VOTING. Obama was expelled from the Illinois Bar for lying ion his application! M.Obama also forced to resign as an lawyer or be charged! Recoirds sealed. Very well planned Plats. ~Rick Magee, "MOLON LABE"

  7. The only truth about the POS is he is a pathological liar.

  8. Obama should go the way of his past – Destroyed

  9. bushmandread says:

    "The only people who don't want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide."—- Barack Hussein Obama

  10. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Put all ballot vetting democraps in jail!
    Attorney Klayman is plaintiffs’ counsel for Hugh McInnish and Virgil Goode, two Alabama Republican party officials who are challenging former Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman’s decision to allow Obama and other candidates to appear on that state’s 2012 presidential election ballots without first fully vetting them for eligibility. At stake, says investigator Mike Zullo, is “deception of voters and state election commissioners.” This huge case was taken to appeal for oral argument in front of the AL Supreme Court after lower courts tossed its premise, a typical legal action taken across America by most other lower judiciary challenges to the Obama Birth Certificate issue. Obama generated web birth certificate was shown by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s forensic investigators to be a document forgery. Meanwhile, several major developments are causing tensions to rise. The first concerns the inexplicable death of the main Hawaii Department of Health official linked to issuance of the “real” Obama BC, 65 year old Loretta Fuddy. Attorney Orly Taitz issued a recent press release saying she “was contacted by Mr. Larry Fenton who tried to serve Fuddy with a Taitz subpoena. Fenton was not allowed to serve Fuddy with the subpoena in person as required by law, but “was told to leave it at the gate” before she died. Lead Arpaio investigator Mike Zullo filed a 207 point affidavit in the case against Sec of State Chapman, citing possible “fraudulent creation of an official document, forgery of a governmental birth record, and deception of voters and state election commissioners across the county.”  One commenter summed up these latest developments by saying, “When conservatives are hitting the target, they get the most flack”, from the MSM sand monkey lovers! Just recall how CNN talker Don Lemon and his liberal guest attacked Attorney Klayman. “Cut his mic, ” cried Lemon. When is Alabama supreme court case 1120465 ruling?!?

  11. The best part about the Alabama Supreme Court hearing Obama's elegibility is the Judge presiding the case is nonother than Judge Roy (Love those 10 Commandants) Moore. He just might be the only Judge that the Obama people will ot be able to pay off. A Judge in California was to hear this case yrs back and he said it had merit to proceed. Few days before the hearing he dismissed the case, he also just hired a new Law Clerk from the Firm Perkins Coie. In case you are not familiar with this firms name, they are the firm that has received over 2 million to fight all the elegibility cases. The main lawyer was non other than Robert Bauer who is one of Obama's personal lawyers now and this guy is also married or was married to Anita Dunn.

    • Right you are re those eligibility cases in Alabama and California.

      Let's also not forget the eligibility case in GA, the one where the Judge issued a subpoena ordering Defendant Obama or his appointed legal representative to appear in Court with evidence countermanding Plaintiffs evidence already accepted by the Judge. Even though neither Obama or his appointed legal representative appeared in Court as ordered, the Judge ruled in Obama's favor opining that Plaintiffs evidence lacked merit.

  12. Robert Hamilton says:

    Everybody lies except for Obama. He is the only one who tells the truth. NOT!!!

  13. chinga-kdito says:

    I read all the comments, and yes he should be impeached and deported back to his country. however there is nothing that can be done about this manchurian he is BLACK, the radical left hold him up as their god love the wel-fare, food stamps and promise of free medical, they adore him and his bag of lies and will defend him up to the destruction of AMERICA. As does polosi mc cain and dingy harry..THIS MAN IS BEING BACKED UP BY A MEAN DEMONIC MACHINE. they are blinded by power and they hate ''one nation under God'' what we should do is turn back to GOD and really go after the debauchery happening in Hollywood we need to pray out Sodom and Gomorrah, and those perverted acts that are on stage in, the biggist problem is not Obama it is drugs perversion and un-godliness. Hollywood.

    • What the hell are we afraid of. for 6 years we have sat back and done nothing to take our country back. The left represents only 12%. We won the revolutionary war with only 3% backing. We need to get on the stick and protest loud and clear just like in Egypt. Millions protested Morsi and he was ousted. Even if their mil stepped in not to support them but to prevent a bloody bath, it got done didn't it? Our mil has been purged by the fraud over 200 top oficers. This is what Hitler did before the halocaust. Get some balls and fight now.

  14. While the majority of "Birthers" seem to question where he was born or if he met the criteria of "Natural Born Citizen" (as the term was understood and applied when the Constitution was signed into law). Why not focus on the obvious. Mr. Obama, prove that you were at least 35 years old when you became POTUS. It is a clear requirement of the Constitution that can't be skirted like Natural Born Citizen has been. Make him prove his age with appropriate documentation or remove him from office as being ineligible.

    Back in the '50's when I was in school the U.S. Constitution was taught to all students in my junior high school. I clearly remember discussing eligibility for all Congressmen, Senators, Vice President and President. It was clear back then that a person had to be born of two U.S. citizen parents to be eligible. The person acting as POTUS is not eligible based on the law of the land which is ONLY subject to change through the amendment process.

    What is happening in the U.S. today is exactly what the founders were worried about and tried to prevent. Supreme Court justice John Jay (as can be found here… http://bitly.com/1lJ8f0A) wrote a letter to George Washington suggesting the wording "Citizen" be changed to "Natural Born Citizen" prior to the signing of the final version of the U.S. Constitution. It is clear that the current POTUS, was put in office illegally by the global elite who have almost complete control over the world.

    As Ronald Reagan stated "We are at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind… if we lose history will record in astonishment that those who had the most to lose did the least to prevent it from happening." Those that have the most to lose are the middle class and the most dangerous enemy is the 1% who are trying to gain control of the world and our lives.

    You can go back to sleep now!

    • Absolutely correct Tom. I was taught the constitution as well as other relevant courses that intertwined. Even if he was born in HA he would not be elgible as neither parent were US American Natural born citizens. The father is obvious being from Kenya but the the alleged mother was too young to confer citizenship to him either. Obama is 100 % absolutely NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE THE PRESIDENT OF OUR UNITED STATES. HE IS A TRAITOR AND A SPY AND IN TIMES OF WAR THE PENALTY IS DEATH FOR HIM.

  15. Edwardkoziol says:

    This Sand Monkey can't get his own life story right so how can aqnyone believe what he says.As far as impeaching him it won't happen until the republicans take back the senate.plus the media who kisses his ass have to start printing the truth about monkey boy.I'll bet he still smokes pot with the Grape Ape.Can't wait to see if sheriff Joe and Zullos lawsuit is taken up in court.

  16. Just to illustrate the lack of understanding here, I have a question. What do you guys believe that natural born citizenship is based on?

    If two Americans give birth to a child in Canada, are they a natural born American?

    If one American and one Iranian give birth to a child in America, are they a natural born American?

    If two illegal immigrants give birth a child in America, are they a natural born American?

    • AmericansRon2U says:

      To be a "natural born" citizen, you must be born on American soil and both of your parents must be U.S. citizens at the time of your birth. Obama does not qualify…neither does Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal or Ted Cruz. McCain was cleared by a resolution in 2007 as "natural born" only because he was born on an American military base by two American citizen parents. However, the powers that be did not apply this same resolution to Obama who, by the way, actually co-sponsored that same resolution.

      • Your parents do not need to be U.S. citizens. Natural born citizenship is a birthright, and is not based in any way on parentage. The Supreme Court has ruled this numerous times.

        • What cases? As far as I know none. There has been no out right ruling regarding the term "Natural Born Citizen." The only issue that has been ruled on was whether Obama was a "Citizen" and every case that has come up has been dismissed with out a trial or review cause they feel the cases are frivolous.

        • You Lie!

    • Jack, where you keep getting it wrong is between "Citizen" and "Natural Born Citizen". What is the difference? You can hold any office as just a "Citizen", except the Presidency. As you describe either one parent being a citizen or both and your born overseas, or simply you being born in the USA makes you a "Citizen." However, our founding fathers put more weight on the Presidency and wanted a person who would be loyal to the USA holding that job so they stated only a "Natural Born Citizen" could hold that office. So if everything else covers the term Citizen, then what more could there be or what stricter need must be met for "Natural Born Citizenship?" Both parents must be citizens, AND you must be born on American soil. Military bases are considered American Soil.

  17. Everything about Obama is a lie!

  18. I can only hope and pray that if nothing gets accomplished while Obama is the Resident (president), then when the next Republican or if ever an Independent is takes office they will start a full investigation in to Obama's Administration and ALL it's illegal activity. Perhaps charges of Treason will be filed and at that point and time hopefully Obama gets the jail time he deserves AND all his illegal rules and laws will be considered NULL and VOID! Charge him with Presidential Fraud, SSN Fraud, Citizenship Fraud, Treason against America with "Fast and Furious", Treason against America with "Benghazi", Investigate the IRS scandal holding all parties accountable, and repeal the Patriot Act for the Presidents over stepping their bounds when GBush and Obama both said they would not but did. Oh and fire the head of the NSA and stop their spying- it's a violation of our 4th Amendment.

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