Obama’s License To Kill A Handy Item For Would-be Dictators

Obama Forward SC Obama’s License to Kill a handy item for would be dictators

The “Nobel Peace Prize Winner” Obama and Mr. John Brennan issued themselves a license to kill anyone, anywhere, at any time in the name of national security. Unlike the most famous figure–007–Mr. Obama and Mr. Brennan feel they answer to no one for their actions.  They randomly identify anyone as a terrorist without any proof, even Americans without due process. The most controversial target of the Obama regime was an American born teenage son of Nassar al-Awlaki, a known American-born terrorist. Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki had no ties to terrorist organizations yet was killed by a drone on Oct 14, 2011. He was targeted by the Obama White House while the Eric “The Cleaner” Holder Justice Department shields the Chicago good-fellas by justifying the assassination.


Despite the efforts of Congress and the courts to force the Obama Family-controlled White House to release a DOJ memo concerning Drone killings,  it was leaked to the Obama-friendly NBC news. The 16 Page memo provided details for the justification of the Obama hit squad to select “enemies of the state” for execution. If they happen to be Americans, so be it, even if they are not indicted and represent no actual threat to Americans. But of course, these are not the unfortunate results of collateral damage. They are deliberate hits!  The lap dog media of Don Obama would never dare report this unless they want to risk a visit by the goombas from justice.

The actual memo is scary and vague, even though the targets are represented as al-Qaeda leadership and associates. The meaning of “associates” is unclear and could mean just about anyone. According to U.S. Judge Colleen McMahon, the Obama administration “had engaged in public discussion of the legality of targeted killing, even of citizens.” But, she wrote, they have done so “in cryptic and imprecise ways, generally without citing … any statute or court decision that justifies its conclusions.” It’s the Harvard way, as Obama and his minions believe themselves to be above the law. Obama must have skipped the class explaining due process.


White House jester Jay Carney didn’t want to discuss the memo but justified the strikes as being ““legal, ethical and wise” and added that they were constitutional and used to save lives.”  In 2007, Obama condemned the Bush administration for their handling of the war on terrorism and promised torestore proper legislative and judicial oversight to counterterrorism operations.”  It never happened, and the lame steam media has short-term memory problems when it comes to Democrats. So it will never be asked. However, in a rare moment of clarity, a NPR reporter dared to asked ““Why does the government believe it’s legal to kill Americans abroad, but not inside the US?…There’s no Constitutional distinction — it’s just that capture is not feasible [inside the US]? If imminence is one of the major tests, a plot in the United States would be more imminent than something abroad?” The jester just danced with useless rhetoric.

If this doesn’t concern you, what will?

Photo credit: Dave Merrick

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