Obama’s Latest Decree: Releasing Convicts Early

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Barack Obama made it abundantly clear in this week’s State of the Union address that he intends to continue ruling as a dictator, ignoring the legislative process when Congress does not support his leftist agenda.

In addition to several executive orders to which he alluded in that speech, a subsequent report indicates he is prepared to issue a fiat order releasing convicted criminals into the general population before completing their sentences.

U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Cole recently explained that Obama, who commuted the sentences of eight convicts late last year, will soon demand cell doors be opened for even more offenders currently serving time.

Cole called certain sentencing guidelines “out of date,” noting Obama “has the ability to take executive action” in remedying the situation as he sees fit.

Ignoring the decisions of courts across the nation, he said the Justice Department will be on the lookout for convicts it feels should be released and will “recommend them to the President for clemency consideration.”

These criminals are facing extended sentences, he said, noting he wants to see them receive a “fresh start.”

Part of that process, he explained, includes spending taxpayer money to reintegrate these convicted lawbreakers into society. Cole described the eight prisoners released by Obama last month as “only a first step.”

The federal prison population, he said, is too large, indicating it currently houses about one-third more inmates than its cumulative capacity. The answer, he concludes, is to give Obama the ability to release prisoners as he sees fit.

A president has the power to commute sentences; however, even Cole admitted that has historically been an “extraordinary remedy” with relatively few examples. There are undoubtedly convicted criminals serving unreasonably long sentences, too, though legal channels exist through which they can seek clemency.

To a great number of Americans who already view Obama as an imperial president, watching him release countless criminals back into society will only create more cause for concern.

–B. Christopher Agee

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