Obama’s Judicial Nominee is a Reverse Racist

Hans A. von Spakovsky, Pajamas Media

In a further demonstration of the Obama administration’s hypocrisy on racial policy, the president recently renominated James E. Graves for a federal judgeship. Those who have followed the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation scandal at the Holder Justice Department know that his administration’s political appointees have exhibited a blatant racial double standard — they are not interested in prosecuting minority defendants for civil rights violations. Graves apparently has a similarly skewed view of race, which raises further grave concerns that such race-conscious approaches to the law are not only acceptable, but seen as worthy of lifetime appointments by those at the very top of the administration.

Graves, a black justice on the Mississippi Supreme Court, was nominated to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals by the president last year…

This despite the fact that Graves’ votes in three different disciplinary cases involving Mississippi judges show that he looks at alleged misconduct differently depending on the race of the perpetrator…

In 2004, the Mississippi Supreme Court dismissed disciplinary proceedings against state judge Connie Glen Wilkerson, who is white. After reading an article about the extension of certain legal rights to homosexual partners, Wilkerson sent a letter to a local newspaper stating his opinion, based on his religious beliefs, that homosexuals belonged in mental institutions rather than having such laws passed on their behalf. He expounded on those views in an interview, saying that homosexuality was an illness that merited treatment, not punishment. The judge was charged with violation of judicial ethics for conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.

Justice Graves…found that Wilkerson’s opinion was not protected speech under the First Amendment.

In 2008, the Mississippi Supreme Court held that another judge could be disciplined for statements made at a National Drug Court Institute training conference. State court judge Nicki M. Boland, who is white, was frustrated because she was not getting support from her fellow judges or county commissioners on establishing a drug court in her county. She apparently got into an angry tirade in which she said that “African-Americans in Hinds County can go to Hell for all I care”…

Justice Graves joined a concurring opinion that not only found that Boland had no First Amendment right to engage in such speech, but that specifically reaffirmed the prior dissent in the Wilkerson case…

But then Justice Graves seemed to suddenly have a change of heart. Less than a month after the Boland decision, the Mississippi Supreme Court decided another disciplinary proceeding against state court Judge Solomon C. Osbourne, who is black. Osbourne, while speaking to “a predominantly African-American political organization” and criticizing a white mayor and his African-American political appointees, said:

White folks don’t praise you unless you’re a damn fool. Unless they think they can use you. If you don’t have your own mind and know what you’re doing, they don’t want you around.

The Mississippi Supreme Court, in an opinion written by Judge Carlson who had dissented in the Wilkerson case, also found that this statement was not protected by the First Amendment…But Justice Graves disagreed, joining a dissenting opinion that found that Osbourne’s insulting and racially derogatory remarks were constitutionally protected speech under the First Amendment, unlike the racial insults made by Judge Nicki Boland or the criticism of legal rights for homosexuals by Judge Wilkerson…

A majority of the Mississippi court, not including Justice Graves, acted consistently in these three cases…

The only difference between the three cases is that Judges Boland and Wilkerson, who Graves thought had no First Amendment rights, were white, whereas Judge Osbourne, whose racial insults Graves believed were protected speech, was black.

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