Obama’s Involvement In The Children’s Scandal Is Worse Than You Probably Thought

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So now we have tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children streaming across the southern border of the United States and then being dumped in cities across the country by the Federal government.  Some of them are being reunited with families here in-country.  We hear in the news how it will be years before any of these kids come up for an immigration hearing, and most will never be deported.  What we are seeing, folks, is just another flagrant violation of the law by our corrupt president.

Our Dear Leader states that all of this is just coincidence.  It’s all just the result of children wanting a better life, and his administration had nothing to do with this situation.

Well, my friends, we all know he is a liar. I think as time goes by and the evidence comes out, as it always does, we will see that this is nothing less than an orchestrated effort by the President of the United States and his administration to flout the duly enacted immigration laws of this country for political purposes.  He wants the Hispanic vote in November and couldn’t get amnesty through Congress, so he decided to send out the word quietly that he would not turn these children away–and they could stay. As I have said before, these are impeachable offenses. Openly trying to harm our country has to rise to the status of high crimes and misdemeanors. I firmly believe that his status as the elected leader of this country will be dealt with soon.  However, the question now becomes, what are we going to do in the meantime to stop him from trying to change the country through illegal acts and corruption?  Until he is removed from office, his power is immense.

We finally have Boehner acting to try and curtail Obama’s treasonous actions with his lawsuit against unilateral presidential actions that go against Congressional intent. We have the Supreme Court finally striking down other flagrant abuses of presidential power with their ruling on the NLRB and other cases.  We have the Congressional select committee on Benghazi finally being stood-up to investigate what happened that night in Libya.  All of these developments are good but will take time to become effective.

The one legal avenue conservatives have to make a serious difference in the trajectory of this country in the near term is the November midterm election. Yes, we need to take back the Senate. However, what we really need is a significant majority.  A veto proof majority in the Senate is probably not possible–just due to the math. However, I believe there are some good-hearted Democrats who are unhappy with what Obama is doing as well.  After the election is over, they may be persuaded to help enact laws that benefit the country, and to try and stop this lawless behavior.

If we have a landslide victory in November, perhaps the Democrats will get the message that this type of corruption doesn’t sit well with the American public.  Perhaps the media will get the message as well.  We can only hope for that outcome.  However, we can work as hard as we ever have to try and make an impact this fall.  So get involved with your local campaigns and make sure you turn out to vote, as your country’s future depends on it.

Photo credit: mar is sea Y (Flickr)

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