Obama’s HHS Mandate Disrespects Catholics Everywhere

Obama Pope Birth Control SC Obamas HHS Mandate Disrespects Catholics Everywhere

The HHS initiative is anti Catholic in its inception and its implementation. The Obama administration has demonstrated its disdain for Catholics and religious freedom in general. The initiative is a disgrace for what it intends to do.

Anyone who looks at the situation through an objective lens can see that this administration is trying to impose its will on Christians and especially Catholics. The government exists at the will of the people, and yet this administration constantly tries to pull the wool over our eyes as if we were children who cannot see through their obvious attempt to usurp our right to practice our religion as it has been prescribed for more than 2000 years.

The Obama government actually thinks it can change thousands of years of tradition and beliefs.  Secretary Sebelius and the Department of Health and Human Services should be ashamed of exploiting young women the way they are doing. They are encouraging women to go out and have sex with anyone and not worry because any mistake can be corrected within 72 hours, and all of this should be funded by their employer. It doesn’t matter whether or not their employer happens to be the Catholic Church, whose teachings specifically forbid the very action the government is championing.

In spite of the Constitution and the First Amendment (freedom of religion), the Catholic Church is being forced to fund contraception and short-term abortion. Of course, if the pill doesn’t work, the women can still “correct their mistakes” as the president so eloquently put it. He proved this was his view when he was a State Senator in Illinois. He voted to allow out-of-uterus abortion regardless of the term. This borders on infanticide and should be treated that way. Illinois’ morals are a question for another time. Now if all the precautions and pills fail, the women can still go to Planned Parenthood and have it taken care of right up to the day the baby is born.

At a recent Congressional hearing on abortion, Planned Parenthood was asked what should be done for a baby who is born and and still fighting for its life. Their answer was that the decision is up to the patient and the doctor. Of course, they were referring to the mother as the patient. They had to be reminded that since the baby was now a living person, he/she becomes the patient. Once confronted with the reality, having been caught off guard,  the Planned Parenthood spokesperson could not answer the question. And Planned Parenthood receives government funding. Do you see where this is going?

This is all part of a secular conspiracy to blunt the influence of the 1.2 billion members of the Catholic Church. This feeling of entitlement is instilled to keep the women dependent on the federal government for their every need. One thing the women should remember is: what the government gives to you, the government can take away. When that time comes, it is too late because you are so dependent you don’t even notice your rights slipping away. Once Socialists gain power, they throw away the vehicles they used to get it. Stalin massacred 20 million people after taking control of his government.

Soon, the Supreme Court will render its decision. The walls and doors of many buildings in DC have pictures and drawings of Christian and Catholic tradition and symbols on them. I hope the Supreme Court Justices are inspired by those images and hand down a ruling that reaffirms the rights of people of faith (and more specifically, the Catholic Church) to administer to people the way Jesus would.

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