Obama Dumps Obamacare

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Barack Obama addressed the snowballing controversy surrounding his healthcare law in a speech Thursday morning. He announced that the millions of Americans who will have their insurance policies cancelled due to ObamaCare mandates will be able to stay on those plans for another year.

His gracious allowance would permit insurers to continue offering plans – which leftists have been calling “junk policies” – provided they disclose what coverage is not included and instruct clients they can sign up for the government-approved healthcare exchange.

The executive move comes in the aftermath of widespread criticism over Obama’s promise that citizens would be able to keep their healthcare plans if they liked them. As cancellation notices have filled mailboxes across the nation, however, Americans are rightfully upset.

Obama planned his announcement just one day before House Republicans planned to put forward their own answer to the healthcare debacle. While Democrat supporters of the law deride the GOP for wanting to repeal or reduce ObamaCare’s mandates, staggeringly low approval of the plan indicates that much of America is in agreement.

In the end, this “fix” amounts to nothing more than the Obama administration sweeping its problems under the rug. With midterm elections approaching, Democrats want nothing more than for voters to forget about the disastrous healthcare law looming over their heads like the sword of Damocles.

Obama is basically demanding that insurers reinstate policies he himself forced them to cancel. Should any company refuse, it will obviously be labeled the real villain by partisan leftists dedicated to saving this troubled president and his namesake law.

As is so often the case among radical big government types, this administration has been responsible for utterly ruinous policies, which it then tries to blame on the private sector. The tactic is losing its effectiveness, however, as millions of former Obama supporters are beginning to see through his thin veneer.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: terrellaftermath

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  1. David Mumme says:

    He's going to have to make them do it so expect a new Executive Order any day. Although he may actually do it he has no authority to change the damnable law and force the insurers. His change in stance does not make his former promises a reality. He is forestalling the implementation of his forced cancellations, not fulfilling his vows. This is strictly political and has nothing to do with a desire to reform health care. Many will buy into this and perhaps the Democrats won't follow through on their threats tomorrow. Yet, I believe we can stick a fork in this administration, because it's done. He is already a lame duck and he's got three more years to go. Will TeflonMan continue to avoid his promise to uphold the Constitution, will he continue to act on behalf of America's enemies, what will be his next lie? You'll just have to stay tuned.

    • resident 0 is clearly abusing the meaning of Executive Orders. They do NOT give the President more power than he is Constitutionally allowed and I'd like to know why the Legislative or Judicial branches are letting him get away with this again and again.

      • You're right, and legislative AND judicial branches and sub branches must be taken down, including the supreme court, homeland security, immigration, the irs, congress, the Obama administration and all of it…… and we need to do that real soon……..

  2. Linda From NY says:

    As the article says, "millions of former Obama supporters are beginning to see through his thin veneer" too little too late the damage has already been done and we are stuck with this loser for another 3 long years while he continues to reck the Country, thanks to these low information morons.

    Heck, I saw through this clown over 3 years ago, these former obammy's supporters now they don't like him, they thought they were going to get a free lunch and found out he lie to them and it will to cost them dearly

  3. Evermyrtle says:

    Gracious allowance?,What do you mean by that term, belittling them or do you really mean it, of course you could not mean it unless the liberal bug bit you, therefore I'll give you credit for only fooling around with a lie!

  4. Uh…since when does resident 0 have the authority to keep changing this law without involving Congress?

    • He doesn't. But then, he had no authority to create and then force the law on us either, nor to do any of the other 250+++++ things (crimes) he's done and more coming either. We MUST stop him PRONTO!!!!! And we must do it ourselves. Congress is corrupt from one end to the other and they must go down with JiggaBama.

  5. Seeks_the_truth says:

    So now we ask again, is this Constitutional? Of course the answer is 'no'.
    This decree by the king is nothing more than an attempt to hold the insurance companies as the fall guy. This is nothing but a logistic nightmare. Insurance companies can no more 'reinstate' old policies as you can refuse to buy a new policy without all the crap being forced on you.
    This will be quickly debunked as was the 'crappy policy' bit was.

    It's time to crush this fiasco and return to, not a perfect but, a workable system. We can make the corrections then.

  6. Obama has NO RIGHT to tell insurance companies nor any other BUSINESSES, what they can sell or not sell, and how much to charge……. FOCK HIM!!!!!

  7. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obama’s political successes have been due in large part to his ability to give these rousing speeches that were so inspirational to so many “useful idiots” in the past.

  8. This obamacare is a joke who the hell he think he is that can change stuff without Congress he is not a king get that idiot out of the White House

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