Obama’s Greedy Worshipers Will Cheer ANYTHING He Says

Democrat Conventioneers Obama’s greedy worshipers will cheer ANYTHING he says

At this point, it seems like Barack Obama’s worshipers will cheer at anything he says. Imagine him speaking at one of his daily campaign rallies and saying the following:

What we need now is to take a good long look at slavery. We know many folks don’t want a job, but that bums the rest of us out. When we bring back slavery, everybody will be accounted for. Everybody will have a job and be secure in the knowledge that they are contributing to the greater good of the state.  Our slaves would be well-fed and have great healthcare and birth control devices. They would be off every other Sunday and one full week in the summer plus all federal holidays. Now how does that sound?

The crowd would cheer, but Obama is just revving up:

Businesses should not be allowed to make more profit than a government council sets for them.

The rich should be put in prison and kept there until they give us what we want. We want all of what they have stolen from us!

We need to put the rich on trial for theft because we know that the only way to get rich in America is to steal from the poor. We know that the wealth of the poor puts gas in the tanks of the block-long limousines they are driven around in.

We even have to put the lackeys that work for the rich on trial for treason! They’re part of the problem! If they didn’t work for them, the rich would have to drive themselves, feed themselves, and clean their own houses.

Nobody in America should be allowed to own more than one car! Hell, you can’t drive two cars at the same time; so why should we allow the greedy insurance companies to get even richer by insuring a second and third car?

There are Americans who don’t have shoes, so why should the rich have more than one pair of shoes. The government, we the people of America,  can decide who gets shoes and who doesn’t.

Hearing this, the crowd would go wild with throaty cheers!

And how about the auto industry? Why should we have so many car companies? We don’t need more than two car manufacturing companies, one to make cars for you and one to make cars for government commissars!

We don’t need a Congress, do we? I can make better decisions that help all Americans. I’ll make the choices for us so we can move on. Why do we have to have endless months and years of negotiating with idiot conservatives when we know that at the end of the day, the American people only want progressive solutions anyway?

Why can’t you have a life of unemployment benefits? Think of the boost to our leisure industry when millions of Americans are free, really free to travel this great nation with an unemployment benefit card that would act like an ATM card! You would be able to roam this great nation in complete financial security!

After making these remarks, the cheers would become deafening and turn into a chant of “O-bam-a,  O-bam-a, free stuff, free stuff! Ob-am-a!” He’d wave and climb into the back of his “block long” government limousine and return to the golf course.

Those who think this could never happening aren’t paying attention.  If Obama read the Manhattan phone book, his greedy hoards would cheer as long as they thought he was offering them “free stuff.”

Photo credit: BeFrank (Creative Commons)

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  1. Is this right around the corner? Very possibly!

  2. Whai is congress waiting for? IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    These people who worship at the altar of Obutthole are the dumbest people in the world.While he's on the stage reading off his teleprompter and telling them he will use drones to kill them,they cheer and people think Homer Simpson is stupid.

    • Hi Edward,

      I agree with you that these people that voted for him are the dumbest people in the world. A couple of weeks ago I was at the doctor's office and this lady was saying to me thank God that obama won, I just look at her and realized that I speaking to a idiot. And this idiot is not American, she is from one of those Indian countries. It dawn on me that many of these outsiders have no alliance or loyalty to this country.

      But then again a good many young college morons went ahead a voted this creep back into office, the joke is on them, now they can’t get a job, that is what they get when they vote for a communist. And you know what is worst, whenever I would see a older white person who should know better then to support this Hitler, that would infuriate me. When my own sister voted for this man I asked her, how could you vote for a communist and she try to explain, but I was too angry to listen to any excuses I will not let this divide my family or spoil our Christmas gathering, but I am still very disappointed.

      One day these people will see obama take off his mask and reveal the true Satan that he

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Linda don't feel bad I have a daughter who voted for little black Sambo and you don't know how it hurts me because she was brought up in a conservative house.Her trouble was the bird she married a foreigner who came ove when he was young and thinks he knows everything and just ask him and he'll tell you.My wife doesn't want me to start trouble but the day is coming

  4. Obama's followers are blind as bats.

  5. This muslim convinces these morons that voted for him, that rich people do not pay their fair share of taxes, obama is punishing these people that worked and sacrifice themselves to be successful, he wants to rob Peter to pay Paul, that is wrong, and is not fair.

    This man does not know or understand how our country works, he is inflicting his radical beliefs that he learned from his communist atheist mother and muslim communist father. What is a bigger shame is that he used our own laws to his advantage and now he is trying to re-write our Constitution to his radical beliefs. Congress just sits there and let him do what ever he wants, knowing that he is transforming our country to a 3rd world nation.

  6. I don’t know about “Greedy”, but they sure as hell are the laziest sons of bitches ever! Hell, none of them want to work, because their “lord and savior” says they don’t have to, they can get all the free stuff they want just by selling themselves to their “lord and savior”, and kissing his butt each time he draweth near! He can tell them anything, but all they hear is “FREE STUFF FREE STUFF FREE STUFF” AND…..”IT”S ALL WHITEY”S FAULT, IT”S ALL WHITEY”S FAULT THAT YOU ARE DOWNTRODDEN AND POOR AND HAVE MORE BABIES THAN YOU CAN SUPPORT!”
    Ain’t nothing their fault, it’s all someone else’s fault, mostly WHITEY’s fault! Now, if this sounds as if I am speaking of the “black” population, it’s BECAUSE I AM! OH! racist, you say? Yep, you got it! They are the worst offenders of all in regards to DISCRIMINATION AND RACISIM IN THE COUNTRY! And, it is all our fault, “our” being we WHITE PEOPLE, because you see, OUR ANCESTORS OWNED SLAVES! Geez, I wonder when it dawned on these “negros” that they could use this as an excuse to blame the white people of America for everything that ever goes wrong in their worthless lives, and I wonder how long it is going to take we white folks to finally say THAT”S ENOUGH! No wonder they worship this garbage in the White House! No wonder at all, in him, they have the perfect TEACHER AND EXAMPLE AS TO HOW TO GET AWAY WITH THE BLAME GAME! And as long as they have him, they will continue to take and mooch, sponge off those of us who work for a living, and as long as this continues, we will pay through our noses for their upkeep. UNTIL we get sick and tired enough of it, this is going to continue, and Obama will have His Church of the One, with his Greedy Worshippers falling at his feet, and Kissing Ass of the Almighty One! King HUSSEIN! The “lord and master” of all he surveys, and then some!!!! Oh, and if Jamie Foxx has HIS way, they, plus JF, will get to KILL ALL THE WHITE FOLKS TOO!

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