Obama’s GDP -.01%? “What Difference Does It Make?”

Hillary Clinton on the Hill Obama’s GDP  .01%? “What difference does it make?”

Just a day before we learned the GDP fell from  + 3.2% (the fairy tale told to us before November’s election) to  -.01% for the last quarter of 2012, Louisiana Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu pronounced the Obama Administration’s wild spending “problem” as something that was  made up by Fox News. Landrieu is one of  the head cheerleaders of a new breed of “in-your-face” Democrat who simply deny anything is wrong with our economy – or anything else in America for that matter. “Who are you going to believe; me or your lying eyes?” comes to mind.

She is joined by a growing number of liberal celebrities whose comments embody Hillary Clinton’s dismissive “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Halfwits like Paul Krugman smugly says the debt problem is “mostly solved.”  Slate’s Matt Yglesias demands “What sovereign debt crisis? There certainly isn’t one in the United States.”

Today, these deniers have been exposed as the fools they are by the truth. They have been relying on a pack of lies from the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which has insisted that a combination of economic growth, tax hikes, and promised spending cuts have already provided a significant reduction of deficits.

This sounds great, but it is the kind of nonsense the simpletons who vote Democrat believe. Here’s some truth. Michael Peterson, a non-partisan economist, has a different view. His comments, published in The Hill (which is certainly not a right wing site), pointed out that  the “fiscal cliff” agreement “may have prevented the immediate threats that the fiscal cliff posed to our fragile economic recovery, but we haven’t remotely fixed the nation’s debt problem.” He added. “….our nation is still heading toward debt levels of 200 percent of GDP and beyond.”


Hillary, clear your throat and give us your campaign slogan: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

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  1. Mary you be ashamed to associate with Obama

  2. I hope some Louisianaians beside me are reading this. Mary dear also voted to send F-16s and Abrams tanks to our enemies, the Muslim Brotherhood over there in Egypt. She sold her vote on ObamaCare and bragged about how much she got for it (her vote). She says there is no "spending problem – that its made up". Mary Landrieu has been in office supportiing the Democrats / Communists far too long. The policies she supports over and over again, without fail are destroying this country. She needs to go. How about retiring early there Mary?

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