Obama’s Economy And Hilary Rosen Lead The ‘War On Women’

Barack Obama 6 SC 300x199 Obamas Economy and Hilary Rosen Lead the War on Women

The president’s acolytes have been working overtime to convince the American people there’s a “war on women.” They’re right—but it’s not being waged by the Republicans.

The real “war on women” is tied to the state of the U.S. economy, which is currently engaged in its most anemic recovery in the post-war period. President Obama’s policies of tax, spend, and regulate have prevented business expansion, produced layoffs, and led to nearly 3 million people dropping out of the workforce. Of those, women are the hardest hit.

Since Obama took office the nation has lost a net 740,000 jobs, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, and unemployment had gone from 7.8 percent to as high as 10.1 percent in October 2009 before coming down to it’s current rate of 8.2 percent. And that’s only counting people still looking for work. Without them, it’s closer to 9 or 10 percent according to various estimates.

For women the picture is even bleaker. The bureau reports that the unemployment rate for women has increased from 7 percent to 8.1 percent and the number of female employees in the workforce has declined by 683,000. The female labor force participation rate fell in March from 57.9 percent to 57.7 percent.

The president’s failure to get a handle on the economy constitutes the real “war on women,” depriving them of opportunities to enter or remain in the workforce. In order to divert attention from these cold, hard facts, Obama and his allies—like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz—have tried to focus attention on the nonsensical idea that the Republicans want somehow to ban women’s access to birth control.

Read More at US News. By Peter Roff.

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  1. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    I have been saying/writing, for a long time now, that women are not safe under this “administration” and it’s mu SLIME boss……..we all know that mu SLIMES have no respect nor use for women! And to my thinking, or what this looks like to me, is a way for this mu SLIME in office to work AGAINST the women of this nation. No, he cannot just come out and say that women have no place in the work force, and that this is what is being done to keep them away from the jobs that he prefers the men to have. This is an underhanded ploy to make it seem as if the “other side” is to blame, so that he and his minions, thugs, can do their “work” and take the heat off themselves while they do what he has planned, what was planned long before he was elected. What one needs to do is read between the lines of everything this enemy of our nation says and does, do not take anything at all coming from the White House and from his little “Poop Boy”, Jay Carney’s mouth, at face value. (a poop boy is one who carries the bucket for the “soldiers” in battle to use….” To take anything they say as truth is a mistake we all should never make. As with his comment to the Russian that he did not mean for us to hear, there was more to what he said, than what he actually put in words….”wait until this election is over”, “give me space”……he plans on being in the White House longer than just another 4 years, he plans on being the RULER of our nation….that is what I heard in between those lines. And when he is the RULER, we women are going to lose every right we have, and everything that our mothers, grandmothers, and great, great grandmothers fought for so hard, will be thrown into the garbage pail, and we will be set back 500 years to when we women had NO RIGHTS AT ALL, and certianly, WERE NOT ALLOWED, DO YOU UNDERSTAND………ALLOWED…..?….TO WORK!!!!! It will not be less jobs for women, but NO JOBS AT ALL, BECAUSE WE WILL BE UNDER THE RULE THAT IS CALLED SHARIA LAW! And women do not even have the right to dress as they have always been allowed to dress, never mind, work outside the home! Where sex is not an option, it is the RULE OF THE LAND! And our daughters will SUFFER the fates of these poor little girls in the middle eastern countries! And right now, we are worried about our JOBS? That will be the LEAST OF OUR WORRIES IF WE ALLOW THIS THING IN OFFICE TO BE RE-ELECTED! War on Women? Oh, you bet your Aunt Fanny’s rearend it is! It is a war, a total and COMPLETE WAR ON ALL WOMEN OF AMERICA! And this female who spoke those words is more stupid than the man whose rearend she has her nose and lips glued to! We have seen “The Diary of a Mad Black Woman”……….perhaps my “comments” here should be called “The Diary of a Mad WHITE Woman”, because I am madder than hell about the way my country, and my rights as a woman who has always loved America for what she has always been, is now under attack. I refer to America as “She” and “Her”, because this nation is like a beautiful woman who has blossemed under the freedoms that our ancestors fought for! And some of those ancestors were women! My nation is a lady whose name is AMERICA! She has always been a GREAT LADY AND SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO REMAIN SO! And over time, become the GREAT GREAT LADY THAT SHE WAS INTENDED TO BE FROM THE FIRST! I am a female, and I want to be always, A FREE FEMALE AMERICAN! DO YOU OTHER FEMALES AGREE WITH ME AND ARE YOU WILLING TO FIGHT FOR WHAT OUR ANCESTORS FOUGHT FOR, FOR US ALL?

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