Obama’s Creepy New Plot to Get Republican E-mail Addresses

First, there was Flag@WhiteHouse.gov. Then the Obama campaign launched the the Attack Watch website. Now the Committee for the Perpetual Re-election of Barack H. Obama has a new trick to collect private information about Republicans and other Enemies of the State: getting your Democratic friends to rat you out under the guise of a “joke.” They are supposed to make a donation to Obama (who isn’t?), then send the campaign your e-mail address to tell you that you inspired the donation. The White House Dossier website explains:

The Obama presidential campaign is launching an effort to collect Republican email addresses by inviting its supporters to submit information about their Republican associates to the Obama 2012 website…

He then quotes the website’s pitch:

Who inspires you to give?

This holiday season, we’re giving you a chance to have a little fun at the expense of a Republican in your life by letting them know they inspired you to make a donation to the Obama campaign.

Simply enter their name and email address below. Then, we’ll send them a message letting them know they inspired you to donate.

Thank you for supporting this campaign, and happy holidays.

Important: By making a donation today, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to have dinner with Barack and Michelle Obama. By clicking on the “Submit” button below or otherwise participating in the promotion, you agree to be bound by these Official Rules and represent that you satisfy all of the eligibility requirements.

The result? Obama has the e-mail addresses of a vast group of people who do not like him. His obsession with spying on Americans is unnerving and should not be tolerated in a nation that boasts of its heritage of constitutional liberty.

— from Ben Johnson, The White House Watch.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    And AGAIN, we see another one of Hitler's plans in action. Didn't he have a plan to recruit young adults and kids to "inform" on those who did not "follow" Hitler's ways?

    Seems we're right on track with Obammy's plan for dictatorship.

    And by the way Obammy…. One who hates you is RIGHT HERE! Come get me…..

    • Dorothy Heath says:

      The underhanded tricks Obama and co. do to people never siezes to amaze me.! If they spent half that time doing the right things for America to help us get back on our feet maybe we would be on the road to recovery.I pray every night God will help America defeat this EVIL ,SATANTIC FAKE in OUR White House !I know in time he WILL come thru for us!!

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      Me too! My email address is right here, and I despise you, and everything you sit, stand, and flap your ugly purple, muslimey lips for! You are an outright insult to every American, present, past and future! You insult the very idea of America and what she once stood for. If you feel the need to apologize for anything, or anyone, next time, apologize to the American people, and beg for their forgiveness. And then APOLOGIZE FOR YOURSELF FOR BEING SUCH A BALLESS WONDER WHO CAN”T RUN THIS COUNTRY, EXCEPT TO RUN HER AND HER PEOPLE INTO THE GROUND! You are a worse embarrassment than Bill Clinton was on his worst, adulterous day in office! I thought I disliked him more than I was capable of disliking any president ever to sit in office, but then you came alone, and proved me dead wrong! I would be most happy to tell you and your America hating wife that I do not like you, I despise you both for what you have done to MY country! I’d sooner eat dinner with PIGS than with you!

  2. Every time I hear another discouraging story like this one, I pray "Lord, we are in big trouble in this country; please help us to defeat the evil that has taken over our nation." Pray hard folks, pray hard! We need to defeat Obammunism!

    • ALL AMERICAN says:

      Marie, morning and evening I pray the same prayer.
      Thank you.

    • herdzcatz says:

      Amen, D. Marie! A small group of us have been meeting weekly since Aug, '09 to pray for this nation and to see God have His way. An Obama-planned (or Soros-planned, more likely) take over will have the activated, unseen (by them) force of prayer warriors to contend with. A man named Rees Howells lived in Europe during the time of Hitler. He had a small band of pray-ers who met daily, I believe, during the worst of Hitler's oppression. An instruction he believed he received from God was BEND HITLER. They prayed that way consistently, even when things continued to go from bad to worse. Many people today who have read about that prayer group believe that the persistence and fortitude of this faithful group and others like them empowered the Allies' defeat of the Axis powers in WWII. We cannot afford to be lax in our hour. Press on in prayer and encourage others to do so as well!

  3. evermyrtle says:

    First and foremost, "He ain't my brother."

    Christian people have nothing to worry about, JESUS will soon come. We must keep our faith. Don't give in to the threats surrounding us every day. It won't be dooms day for HIS people.

    • Lora Hubbel says:

      I do believe Jesus will come again..but the Germans and my Dutch ancestors thought Jesus would come for them and that they would not have to suffer under Hitler. The Chinese Christians have their babies torn from their arms and smashed to death, thought Jesus would cmoe before they suffered so…The Christians in Sudan thought Jesus would come before their country was so ravaged and millions of Christians mutilated, raped, torm from families and fed to lions…..so WHY do you think Jesus will come before you have to suffer just because you are in America?

      • Betsy K. Larsen says:

        Lora, Jesus will come. But He will come in His own time, and not in that of any one of our time, we can only pray that He does come soon. And, when He does come, it will be for the WHOLE WORLD, not just for America, or the Chinese or anyone else. He came once before, as a baby, and He came for the WORLD, John 3:16 tells us that he came to save the world from their sins. The WHOLE WORLD. I do not think Evermyrtle meant that He is going to come to save America alone. No one who knows what is in the scriptures thinks, or beleives this. Only those who do not know the whole word of God would think in such a manner. I beleive in His return, but I beleive that He is going to come for everyone on earth, the Chines, Iraqis, Israelis, Afganistanis, for ALL, He will come. Just as at Christmas once, long ago, He came as a baby in a manger, for us all! Oh, the true date of His birth is not truly known, but we celebrate one day each year, just to give thanks for His coming. This is why Merry CHRISTMAS is a MUST with those like me, for we should remember that it is HIS BIRTHDAY THAT WE CELEBRATE! The “happy holidays” bullcrap is in the worst possible taste for those who still want to say “thank you” to Jesus Christ for coming, and dying for us ALL! I am one such person. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! And, may HIS RETURN BE SOON!

      • Atlanticgrl says:

        Excellent point. Americans seem to that this distorted sense of salvation. SOMEbody will save us. A "nothing like THAT could possibly happen HERE" attitude. Well it IS happening here. Just because we live in modern times and in the US doesn't mean we have some protective little bubble over our country.

        People have been plotting to take down this country since it's inception and now because so many of our citizens have become distracted and complacent (not too mention the polluted influx of anti-American illegals) those "destroyers" are stronger and more embolden that ever before. Far less us than ever before are willing to – or even see the need – to stand up and fight.

      • evermyrtle says:

        Down through the ages a small percentage of the population have studied the Bible. Many prophecies have been fulfilled int the last few years that earlier generation could not claim. The condition of the world is described in HIS WORD. This is the very first time that America has been to the point of being overcome by anti-GOD laws. HIS WORD says that he world will as Sodom and Gomorrah in the last days. It tells of the vast growth of knowledge in the last days. Look at what the computers can do. It says the whole world will turn against Israel and we are their last friend to turn enemy. This is only a very short list of what has been fulfilled in the last days according to the WORD OF GOD. It also says we have a choice to believe or not to believe. My choice is to believe what I read in HIS WORD.

  4. Obama already has my e-mail address….. He thought I was a Democrap and kept sending me things so I would reply telling him what I thought about him, his administration and his policies and agenda. I even called him a parastic bottom feeding dictator… He wants me all he has to do is ask for my address…..

  5. American Patriot says:

    I have a message for the pretend king ovomit – drop dead!

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    He can read my e-mails,I'll tell him to his face he SUCKS and lies.Now Obozo is trying to take credit for Iraq and Afghanistan something he was against when the dumb ass was senator.He is no better then Hitler sending that goofy Holder out to invade the publics privacy.

  7. Thurman J LeNormand says:

    This President has no shame and is on a roll. We are being betrayed ever day by ever so silent Rino Republicans in congress who are gaming the system to stay in office. We must hold them accountable!Contact your congressmen and insist that they get on the offense. Insist that they begin impeachment proceedings immediately against this Tyrant who rules from the Whitehouse.

  8. steve anderson says:

    We do need change but not the kind we are see in the past 3 years we need a real american leader and get our country back i feel they have gave us away and we are going to get the short end of the stick again so manup and get it right this time and save our country and yes let some other,s go home if they don,t like the way we live here. don,t try to change our country to another i like mine so do what u have too.

  9. EVIL is the only way to describe this man & anyone associated with him

  10. d.k.dexter says:

    let the games begin!

  11. mary howlan says:

    he doesn:t have to use drastic measure to find my email I will give it to him and decline his donation. another crooked way for him to get elected. That;s the only way he can win by fraud. Read carefully what you are donating to.. They will stop at nothing to fool the people. We need to work haeder to get this Kenyan on his way back home.

  12. Phyllis Murphy says:

    They sent this e-mail asking me to turn in my conservative friends. It stated I am sure you all have relatives or friends who you would love to do dirty.First it was asking for $3.00 and help start grass roots movement, next came dinner with the president, along with $3.00 donation, now this week you get them both him and her.I have never seen such low down attempts to destroy relationships in families as this underhanded Democrat plan.Can you imagine if a Republican tried this attempt to turn family members against each other. It sounds like the plans of Hitler.

  13. Bippy Bellito says:

    The only thing missing is The Brown Shirts! Obama promised a Palace Guard. With TSA and The Brown Shirt, he has it.

  14. He already stole my email address. I have received a total of 4 spam emails from the White House and I have no idea where he got my email address from. I NEVER signed up for ANYTHING related to him!!

  15. A. Reginald says:

    This, unfortunately, is no joke! This man and his bunch of sycohants should all be arrested and tried for treason.

  16. I'll be more than glad to give president Obama my email address if he is willing to give me his private address. One that he personally will respond to, so I can tell him a few things about how he is ruining this once great country and dragging it down to a "third world" level. Somehow, I sincerely doubt that he would be willing to do so!

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