Obama’s Change – A Brand Of Evil

Obama Promise of Change SC Obama’s Change – A Brand of Evil

Every period of time in this world has had its despots and tyrants who forced their particular brand of evil on those they ruled.

To insult the Jews, Antiochus Epiphanes (Antiochus IV) slew a pig in the most sacred spot in the world for Jewish people, the Holy of Holies.

Herod, wanting to please the Romans, hoisted up the Roman Eagle over the door of the Temple, which was a clear defilement in the eyes of every Jew.

Later, Roman Emperor Nero began killing Christians for sport and to entertain his willing bloodthirsty citizens.

Fast forward to modern despots. There are so many we will hone in on the best known. Hitler killed Jews and anyone else who resisted his diabolical Third Reich. Millions died before his twisted schemes could be reined in and Germany could be brought down to a heap of smoldering rubble.

All successful despots throughout all time have shared one thing in common: they knew that crowd control was not something that you do when everything has gone out of control; it is something you do so it won’t ever go out of control. Julius Caesar was known for saying that if you gave people a piece of bread and a spectacle, you could do anything you wanted with them.

Enter Barack Obama; unlike any President before him, he tosses those with a nanny state mentality a pile of freebies, cuddles up with Hollywood moguls and celebs who keep us titillated and laughing, and sits down to dinner with the kings of earth on the taxpayer’s dime. His wife flourishes in her role as the queen of America, with TV appearances, worldwide trips, and $3,000 per night stays in world-class hotels.

Scandals are too many to keep track of, and confusion and pandemonium reigns in the other branches of government to the point of paralysis and confusion of face. Because Obama’s Vice President, appointees, cabinet members, agencies, sycophantic drooling mainstream media, and unquestioning minions and followers are all flesh of his flesh, the Congress is fighting brush fires and rumors of fires while the entire forest is burning down.

Seventeen trillion dollars in debt will soon be accompanied by the biggest train wreck in American history, known as“ObamaCare.”

The president’s way of handling all of this is to shoot off to Africa for a multi-million dollar PR junket for some political purpose known only to him.

At home, DOMA has been dumped due to the dilettante, ‘evolved’ morality of the president; and every major guide and tradition has been abandoned for the whims of a man with no known accomplishments to his credit (and over twenty hidden and never-seen documents about his past.)

The Bible, the Constitution, and 6,000 years of human adherence to the laws of nature and common sense regarding marriage have been dumped under the auspices of a single man, who has promised a change that is now becoming the most defiant, divisive, and destructive policy ever presented to any nation in history.

What contribution has Barack Obama made to American greatness and her way of life on any level? Honesty would convulse if we named any area at all – but one. The prurient, perverted lifestyle and practices of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender population is the only thing noticeably promoted in the first and second term of Barack Obama.

It is Barack Obama’s unique and particular brand of evil, and yet it is being presented as a great win for civil rights. It is dragged up and paraded as something akin to the great civil rights struggle of the blacks. At the very least, it is touted as the means by which Obama has streamlined America and brought her into the twenty first century.

The path to a nation’s demise and doom has been well-catered (or pimped, depending on your view); but a confetti-strewn floor and a few straggling balloons, once the party is over, will hardly be an answer for a nation whose greatness was the most remarkable accomplishment of civil government in the history of the world.

When Obama announced he would not defend DOMA, the courts were weakened; and on the fortieth year of the inception of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court made its second worst decision in the nation’s history.

Those who know their Bibles will tell you in a heartbeat that America had only three aces in her hand, and one of them is not the incessant declaration that our president is the leader of the free world.

Our morality and conscience were all that ever mattered. It is what kept families sacred and children safe; but now, under the administration of one man, those things have plunged to the place of no return. The other ace was our connection to, and our protection for, Israel; now, even that is fully in question.

Obama’s involvement in the advancement of the Muslim Brotherhood, a complete failure, and his spineless commitments to everyone from our Libyan ambassador to Syrian peace gives little hope that he will stand up for Israel if she is attacked in force by Muslims, who are committed to the hatred of this tiniest of countries.

The world mocks those who proclaim that antichrist will soon emerge and reign for the last few years of time before the Lord Jesus Christ returns and takes the reins of power away from men. Yet, we have a man said to be the leader of the free world doing everything to prepare the way for such a man.

Yes, the rest of the world is also chomping at the bit to enter the changes that Barack Obama is proposing here in the U.S. To those who understand prophecy, that is only proof that the stage is being set for the coming of the ‘Man of Sin.’ (2Th 2: 3)

Will it be the free-for-all of the LGBT with parades and open shows in media and public, or the dark portent of Sharia law where women are entombed in black potato sacks and reduced to the social level of cattle? Will America be a nation ruled by a political party led by Jihadists, or a big party put on by the LGBT? Will the Muslims bring Sharia to Hollywood first to cover up the nudies, and thus end the excesses virtually overnight? Which confusion will emerge to take us into the twenty first?

Will we thank Mr. Obama during his lame duck year, if the world lasts that long? Will we see him on his way to other great pursuits and welcome in the next modern avatar of modernity and Avant-guard? Will we rest under the shade of the spreading social changes we have planted like so many trees in the garden and watch posterity reap the rewards of the “change we can believe in?”

We will do nothing of the kind; but rather, we will not have time to lick our wounds or recover and start again. The order may change now, but it will be short-lived. And the real change will become permanent, as in eternal.

“For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” (1Th 5: 2, 3)

Not even Barack Obama could circumvent or abort this baby (sudden destruction); it will be born to the nations as has been foretold by prophets from the foundation of the world.


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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Hell I knew this man was a spitting image of Adolph Hitler only half black and evil as they come.His speeches when read from a teleprompter sounded so sincere that people believed this evil person.But since being in office he has brought America to a second rate power who no one fears even countries like Ecuador.He has been in league with the muslim brotherhood because he is one of them.He has turned the US against God and with the exception of a few pastors, churches say nothing especially the catholic church.They give him a pulpit to preach his abortion agenda.He uses the young as props to get what he wants.He has brought our economy down with the aid of the EPA and this madman uses the IRS gestapos to go after anyone who defies him.This man is Satan straight from hell.If he had holy water poured on him he would sizzle.

  2. I wonder, do our elected politicians really know what they have allowed to happen to our country? There are so few in office that have stood up for America and citizens. And now he's bringing in Russian troops?? Plus he has his own army, and now he is training young men..for what, or should I say for who??

  3. e1313ruth says:

    The democrat party is who paved the way for antichrist with the abortion murders, the removal of God from society, the acceptnce of homosexuality and the lie of political correctness..
    Had some in our nation not became so alienated for Christ they would never have voted in Obama, the ultimate evil..He is antichrist in flesh…

  4. Goodbye Norma Jean…………………………………………………

  5. No longer Free says:

    Sadly, I don't feel safe in signing an online petition. I'll gladly sign a written one that I feel will be kept safe, but I don't trust that my government won't seize this online information and use it to endanger my freedom.

    • Linda From NY says:

      To No Longer Free,
      we still have some freedom left, lets not give up on it for this idiot fool, I signed 2 online petitions, at this point I do not care if the government knows who I am, I want this fool out of our white house. He does not belong there and he not only a fool but a dangerous fool. I wrote to my congressman as well and told in regards to this communist of what he is doing to the Country.

      I no longer care nor do I feel afraid, our Constitution give us the right of freedom of speech that still stands for the most part.

  6. M. Evans says:

    Any thing that puts secular humanism and separation between mankind and God is what the goal is. In an effort to separate children from the truth and their parents through untrue statements i.e. separation of church and state has been so mislabeled that it freezes unenlightened individuals to acquiesce to believing that they cannot speak of God, now freedom and liberty in the village square. It is shameful and and appalling that Americans fail to see the truth and the light. One must ask themselves why is there so much changing in this nation at this time and yet there is so little ever stated on the news even on FOX. WHAT and WHY is so much being silenced and not reported to the masses. Why are the people to be left ignorant of the facts? We must all wake up to the fact that a strangle hold on the people are wrapping around our proverbial necks choking our freedom and liberty from existence. Be aware and ever vigilant and reject anything that removes said liberty and freedom from our collective grasps.

  7. All you people are bat sh*t crazy.

    • yea like your mama, John, I guess that you are not of this country for you to defend this muslim dictator

  8. john connor lll says:

    Dem+Rep=Corruption. Replace them All. THIRD PARTY FOR THE CONSTITUTION.

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