Obama’s Biggest Lie: ‘I’m Fighting For The Middle Class’

Barack Obama speech 7 SC Obamas Biggest Lie: Im Fighting For The Middle Class

The president has positioned himself as a “warrior for the middle class,” fighting against a ruling class of one-percenters. But a new book says Obama is really at war with middle America.

In fact, Obama hates the American middle class and all it represents, according to “Spreading the Wealth” by Stanley Kurtz. The president is secretly scheming to destroy it where it lives: the suburbs.

Of course, we don’t hear that from the campaign.

As part of his “Middle Class and the Economy” bus tour, Obama last week traveled to Iowa and visited with a middle-class family in Cedar Rapids. He sat down with the McLaughlins at their kitchen table in a one-story suburban home and exalted their “hard work” and “all the things that make up a middle-class life.”

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  1. So what is this man fighting with a paper sword and a cardboard shield! The man couldn't fight for me because he does NOT know me or American citizens in general…he is NOT one of us! illegals from Kenya are not U.S.Citizens and do NOT understand who we are! I am disgusted w/this Individual and allll he stands for! &^%$#@!@#$%^^&&**(()

  2. tom berquist says:

    obama is lying as usual. Aside from the Bush tax cuts, obamacare and slashing medicare $716 billion to pay part of obamacare he plans to section taxes into regions rather than local, city, state. Why, because he plans to gut the middle class by increasing taxes to those in the suburbs and giving it to cities. The middle class will no longer exist if obama has another four years.

  3. Evermyrtle says:

    What Obam is fighting for is another vote, any lie to get one will be fine.If he can get one vote per one lie, he has a great chance of winning, again!.

  4. hey obama, im poverty and i still dont want you too fight for me…..keester that.

  5. Wrong, he's fighting for everything that destroys our country. That's why this November we need to vote for a new president.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    The only one this ugly Kenyan is fighting for is himself.He is looking to be supreme dictator and will stop at nothing to achive this.

  7. elaine lane says:

    need to stop the name calling dont judge by your beauty standards

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