Obama’s Army Against Capitalism

General Obama Forward Stand Down SC Obama’s Army against Capitalism

At what point do we become enslaved by the Obama Administration?  Many without their consent have been thrown to the wolves by Obama and added to his trophies of political victories. They have rapidly transgressed from controlling their lives, their future, and achieving their dreams to being controlled. They have been thrown into the Obama dump and joined the masses of the entitlement society.

These people have been the victims of Barack Obama’s devious plan to increase the number of people requiring welfare services. Basically, it’s a system of simple math – it’s an automatic formula that empowers Big Government. As the number of welfare recipients increase, so does the long controlling arms of the Government.

Obama knows that in order to expedite the fall of capitalism, he must control over 50 % of the populace. That sounds like an impossible mission for anyone to undertake, but Obama’s experience as a community organizer gave him a leg up in knowing how to accomplish his mission.

It’s pretty simple. He has been given an open credit card courtesy of the taxpayers, allowing him to increase our National debt, fund the Muslim Brotherhood, take over our children’s education, and control our healthcare, along with the capabilities to access all of our personal information.

First, he prevented or hampered economic growth through misappropriation of our 787 billion dollar stimulus.  Obama gave the EPA the green light to infringe upon the rights of businesses big and small by imposing costly restrictions and laws that prevented healthy growth. This was followed by a barrage of programs that would increase our National Debt.  Overnight, he earned the nickname “the food stamp President” and has recently acclaimed the title of Commander in Thief.

Obamacare is a perfect example of “Big Government” control – policies and dangerous regulations are being imposed on us as Obama continues marching to the same drummer, saying that everything he is doing and has done is for our own good.  This is a person who hates America, Americans, and the freedom and rights given to us by our forefathers in the Constitution.

The DHS, IRS, DSA, FBI, and CIA are the junkyard watchdogs monitoring everything we say and do in order to take final control of our lives, claiming that they are making Americans safer and more secure. We are no longer America the beautiful, “land of the free.”

Our little children are fined because they didn’t have a permit for their lemonade stand.  A 6-year-old girl is expelled from school for bringing a clear plastic toy gun to class, and a 5 year old is facing possible suspension for making a toy gun out of legos. Lunches prepared at home for our tots are now inspected to insure they follow USDA rules. In many States, laws are in place to prevent feeding or passing out water to those in need.

Whatever you do, don’t collect rainwater on your own property; and don’t hold a home Bible class without a permit. These are just a few rules that seem rather harmless and insignificant, but it shows how the bureaucrats are chomping away at our rights and taking over our nation.

Big Brother has turned into a malicious monster who wants our souls. Obama’s end strategy is merely to create total dependency on Big Government by weakening our economic wheels (big and small businesses), increasing our National debt, managing our healthcare and our education systems from kindergarten through college, redistributing our wealth, and reducing our freedoms and rights.

This all paves the way to Sharia Law and the takeover of the greatest Nation in the World by his Muslim friends.

We  have been too complacent for a long time; but the recent scandals have been a wake-up call, and we realize the real war is on our own turf. Obama, FYI – we will take back our Country, and you are about to be dethroned.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca


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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obummer always hated capitalism even though he use to lie in those speeches he gave about helping businesses. all the boot wants is a big government so people have to depend on him or who everpulls his strings like Jarrett orbSoros.

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