Obama’s Amnesty Plan Would Let 99.5 Percent of Illegal Immigrants Go Scot-Free

Obama’s new administrative amnesty program, which requires immigration officials to dismiss cases against illegal immigrants who do not have an additional criminal record, goes into effect this week. While the vast majority of Americans disapprove of the program, few appreciate just how many illegal aliens Obama plans to release.

The Pew Hispanic Center estimates there are 11.2 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Others place that number at 13 million or more. Of those, just over 300,000 are currently facing deportation.

That means at most 2.6 percent of illegals in the United States face deportation, the penalty required by law.

However, the Los Angeles Times reports, “Fewer than 20% of the cases in immigration courts involve people with criminal records beyond immigration violations, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, a research group based at Syracuse University.” More than 80 percent of these pending cases would be dismissed under Obama’s administrative rule.

Of the 300,000 illegal immigrants facing deportation….

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  1. sure why not they do a crime (illegal means a crime was committed )let them go they are not a American let them take more jobs from us hard working Americans let then run up more bills for us tax payers to pay from hospitals let the Americans pay for their welfare im sure most of us don't care Mr Obama your wrong we do care you need too uphold our laws not break them

    • Obama is a F$%^&*( muslim! his goal was to destroy america,just as the entire democratic party!-Pushing for socialism.I could give a rat's ass about the republican's either,they are all a piece of shit! but sometimes,ya just gotta pick the best "TURD" out of the punch bowl!!!!!-that from what I see is Newt Gingrich,at this point.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obugma can't see what great trouble California is in giving all these illegal aliens everything but the kitchen sink and now the half breed wants to get the whole country in the same mess California is in with NY a close second.Floppy Ears would rather sue the states then hurt a hispanics feelings,after all a vote is more important.He's good at sending Holder the moron who doesn't know what's happening in his own justice dept. or Incampatano after the state who buck his political view.

  3. ProundPatriotToo says:

    Well, it looks like Obummer will be living in the white wood shed for the rest of his evil life. Time to go after Bin Laden the second. Battle cry – Lock and Load. To arms, to arms, the Muslim commies are coming. Draw a line and choose your weapon, its been boiling for a long time. They prep this terrorist illegal immigrant 20 years ago to destroy this country. To bad you all were smoking dope, drinking.beer, watching MTV, sports. Your attitude for years, my vote wont count. That's right, now it wont count. Electronic voting machines will be rigged, dead people will be voting, and 30 mil illegals. Wow!, what a take over! Back door take over. Cowards in Congress (red coats).

  4. And they will all be told to vote for O____, so they can be sure to stay here and sponge from we the taxpayer!
    That number sure sounds like support for re-election ! ! ! ! ! YUK

  5. this govenment is runned by crimenals

  6. Barack is one SICK Socialist ! IMPEACH NOW !!

  7. Libertyforourcountry says:

    Know what I think? I think Oblabla wants to green card these people, get them registered and have them vote for him in the presidential election. That way no one could win over him. That is if the Congress doesn't get off their duffs and impeach the son of a Bxxxx! Unfortunately I doubt they will because they would have done it already if they had any backbone at all. No one will oppose him because they are all wimps.

    • You are probably correct as far as I am concerned the whole dang congressional body needs to have their a**es handed to them the next election, all they are doing is drawing a check and padding their portfolio's , So far Perry is on to something with his idea of cutting their wages in half. One of the only things I do agree with him on but hey, even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while!!

  8. This has to be stopped at all cost.

  9. He could care less what the American people want. Look at his healthcare that nobody wanted. To hell with us take care of his money friends. He should have been impeached a long time ago. I can't believe anybody would vote for him after everything he has done since he's been in there. I do NOT believe one word he says.

  10. The American people voted and our votes told this USURPING MORON Obama not "NO"; bur "HELL NO" to amnesty of any kind! This USURPING MORON is violating the law and abusing the use of the "Executive Order" power to override the voices of the American people! Never, in the history of our country has a president over-ridden the VOTES of the American people! This USURPING MORON IS ANTI_American, he is NOT an American Citizen and therefore the SOB isn't legally in OUR Oval Office! When is this chicken-sh*t Congress finally going to stop this SOB or are the American people going to have to RISE-UP and put a stop to Congress? These morons in Congress have all the evidence they need to IMPEACH this BASTARD and still they are ALL sitting around watching as this USURPING MORON literally destroys our nation! Personally, I'd like to see our Joint-Chiefs walk into the Oval Office and tell this SOB he is DONE/FIRED! Maybe then the pitiful jerks in Congress would get off their asses and finally do what is right and Impeach this SOB and then put his Un-American ass on trial for TREASON, FRAUD and CONSPIRACY against the United States and the American people!

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      Frank, the American people had better rise up and do what needs doing, or this peice of half and half illegal himself will become the Dictator in Office for sure. It is obvious that he isn’t American, and hates us all, whites especially. And he hates everything that our country once stood for, how much clearer does he have to make himself, before it is too late? Do we have to become the serfs and servants of the rich and powerful before we realize that we have lost everything? As it seems now, voting isn’t going to work, with illegals casting their unconstitutional votes, as noncitizens of America. Unless, and until the entire nation stands as one, and demands his impeachment or resignation, and refuses to allow him back as “president’, we are doomed to another, what………4, 8, 12 or more years of his Dictatorship? It will be the American Patriots, the ones who truly love our country, who will have to do the Taking of America back from this administration if it is done at all. Or, are we just too comfortable and lazy to do what our forefathers did in years past? We are as divided now, as we were in the Civil War era. And that will truly be the downfall of our nation if we continue on this road that we are now on.

    • Frank you and I are on the same page, Impeachment Should have been done months ago. The first thing he did was to commit treason, He and jody evans collected moneys and she hand carried it to al quada. Obama is a musalem out to destroy America, we should pray for the shooter, that he has better eye sight and a streightr shot.

  11. As soon as the Illegal Aliens stepped over the Border they were Felons, Criminals! They are all aware of this
    and should not complain about being deported! The only option that the U.S. has is to deport all of the Illegals!
    The Illegals should not have any rights or privilges in this Country. Obama himself should be put in prison for any amnesty he creates! We have immigration laws that Obama is ignoring! Obama is n ot above the law!

  12. Robert Wainscott says:

    Its time to close these doors forever. illegals have become a very serious problem and MUST be stopped as making Obama a one term disastor.

  13. It`s past time that the states round up all the feds and ship them all back to DC The states know how to ship out illegals since the feds don`t know how or won`t.

  14. Mr Ideot Obama
    We are in enough strain without Mexico's law breakers, and drug pushers. You say you want to protect little children, what a two faced lie, if so you would close the mexico border and have a death penalty put on illegals that are found with drugs to destribute. That would put a cease on drug trafficking. It;'s only fair because they arekilling our children. The bible says an eye for an eye. After just a couyple of executions you would find no drugs on out borders. You have no ideas for solving any problem there is one to aid you.

  15. The ad says be considerate of others, I didn't know dumbo could read, he wants to give this country to the mexicans and musalims. Has a fair start on that , Impeach the IMPOSTER Obama AND HIS CABINET.

  16. oBAMA HAS NO RIGHT TO USE EXACUTIVE ORDER FOR iMMIGRATION, IT's not an emergency, and isn't declaring war on America as such. Obama is overstepping hid true authority, but Congress want do anything about it but let him do as he pleases, congress has no backbone they are all yellow bellied cowards. very few I would not vote to keep. Allen west has been pretty streight forward in last few days, a few freshmen senators would be worth giving another chance. All the old senators and house members should be replaced. There should be a time limit of just two years , and half the pay.

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