Obama’s Alias, Harrison J. Bounel, Disappears from the Internet

Jerome R. Corsi, WND.com

WASHINGTON – “Harrison J. Bounel,” an alias identified for Barack Obama by debt collection and skip trace expert Albert Hendershot, currently is being scrubbed from professional databases, the investigator reports.

“I believe Obama supporters are trying to eliminate any and all evidence of Obama’s shady past from all public databases,” Hendershot told WND. “It’s the only explanation for why the alias ‘Harrison J. Bounel’ has dropped from sight in database searches on public records done for Obama’s Social Security number and home address in Chicago.”

Hendershot documented his analysis in a report written for WND that can be read in its entirety here.

As seen in Exhibit 1, Hendershot has put together a chart that documents how he first found the Harrison J. Bounel name appearing in databases he was using to search properties in Chicago, and how he has worked with WND to make a series of previously unknown disclosures about the Obama home in Chicago’s upscale Kenwood neighborhood at 5046 S. Greenwood Avenue.

Exhibit 1, Chart documenting discovery and disappearance of Obama alias from databases

As Exhibit 1 points out, following the discovery last March that the alias “Harrison J. Bounel” associated with Barack Obama’s Social Security number and with his Hyde Park mansion, Hendershot published his research in May, on his Internet website.

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  1. It doesn't matter if it gets scrubbed. There are a lot of people out there that have all the information on Ob's illegitimate BC and SS# downloaded onto their computers and most likely have files with all this information readily available for future reference. I imagine they will be quite happy to supply this information if requested for in the future.

    • Perfectlyaged says:

      What else is going to come to light about Obama? Yesterday, a poster told other posters to google "Down Low Club" and "Donald Young"….What I read was shocking and made me fearful to think about the type of man we have as President in the White House! There are three investigations going on now…maybe one will convict Obama and send him to jail!

  2. I don't really understand what all this means, except that the more people look into things around Obama, the murkier things seem to get. This is not what you would expect if Obama was innocent. Explanations from him are lacking. Obama is counting on most Americans not paying attention to these things, or not caring about these things… even if true. Come on America, the truth will eventually come out anyways. Better now than later.

  3. AmericansRon2U says:

    If you really want to listen to something that will blow your mind about the "Usurper" in the WH, listen to the video link below. Atty. Stephen Pidgeon, author of "The Obama Error" is interviewed on one of the Christian radio networks…he has evidence of a name change done in British Columbia back in 1982. Barry's name at that time was Barak Mounir Ubayd and was changed to Barack Hussein Obama. The plot thickens, folks. Any way you look at it, the guy in the WH is nothing short of a "shape-shifter"! Yet the GOP is silent. Maybe that earthquake today in DC was God issuing a 'warning shot'?

  4. Our ranks are growing, and judgement day is coming. Enjoy Martha's Vinyard before going to the Big House! Join us and make it happen.

    Citizens Class Action Against Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro, Harrison J. Bounel, etc., etc.,)

  5. The 25th amendment section 4 was written to remove a sitting president. DEMAND REMOVAL of SOETORO!

    Reinstate the GLASS-STEAGALL Act H.R.1489 to wipe away the FICTITIOUS DEBT.
    Return to prudent banking laws.
    It's NOT OUR DEBT!

  6. TaterSalad says:

    America leads in "re-coverable fossil fuel supplies" and not what Barack Obama is telling us. We have over 1.324 "Trillion" recoverable barrels of oil and have 28% of the worlds coal. We my friends, are energy independent!

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