Obama’s 41% Approval Rate Only The Beginning

President Obama face WH photo SC Obama’s 41% approval rate only the beginning

The shock of last week’s CBS News/New York Times poll showing Barack Obama’s approval rating at just 41% was well understandable. Incumbent presidents don’t get reelected with approval numbers at or below 45%.

Nevertheless, the results turned out to be a matter of not being able to see the forest for the trees. Since we could not have expected the ashen faced leftists at the New York Times to point out the other bad news in their poll, adding to their misery seems highly appropriate.

Hidden in the report was the fact that a staggering 80% of those polled said they are NOT better off today than they were four years ago. News flash for the “expert pundits”: people vote their pocketbook in normal times, and these are far from “normal times.” Obama is a man who dampens enthusiasm for his own base and builds enthusiasm to vote among his opponents.

As bad as the reported numbers in this survey are, they were still worse because the Democratic cheerleader pollsters could not resist using phony understated samples of Republicans and phony overstated samples of Democrats.

The percentage of Republicans sampled was a laughable 26%, which is a full 10 points lower than Rasmussen says it is. The 33% Democrat sample was actually .5% higher than what is actually true.

Moreover, no matter what the media tries to tell us, 54% believe Obama is capable of bringing down the price of gas and will of course hold him accountable. Blaming George Bush for this problem isn’t washing.

The trends of the numbers are also running against Obama. In just the past month, Republican disapproval has grown 7 points; Independents who once favored Obama now disapprove of him, and even Democrat approval has fallen to 78% from 85%.

Both the rise in Republican disapproval and the fall in Democrat approval have to be seen as indicators of the enthusiasm each group has for voting in November.

Anyone who would argue Obama can turn these numbers around doesn’t drive a car or have a religious affiliation.

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    Still too HIGH, get it down 10 more before we're safe, that many more dead and illegal votes he'll need to buy!!

  2. the media is putting out wrong numbers on obamma it is far worse than they say it is ,he is going to loose big time in november you just wait and see,the american people are not that stupid and there are not enough liberals for him to win and they know it.this man has made a mockery out of america and he is going to pay for it.

  3. Mutantone says:

    What worries me most is his ego and destruction of the Constitution will lead him to direct his Union financed "Occupiers" to become more violent in keeping with what his Aid told them that they should be doing. And now he has laid the ground workings for taking over all industry and services for the first time not under the conditions of war. I foresee that he will declare Marshall Law and suspend the elections as his approval ratings continue to drop.

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