Obama/Holder Could Face Felony Charges for Fast and Furious

Doug Book, FloydReports.com

Why waste time asking “What did you know and when did you know it?” when the Obama Regime might already face felony charges?

That’s the question Attorney David Hardy and others are asking those investigating the role of Regime members in the deadly gun walking fiasco, Fast and Furious.

Since whistleblowers brought this scheme to the attention of Congress early this year, Senator Charles Grassley and Congressman Darrell Issa have been frustrated by Department of Justice stonewalling, subterfuge, and misrepresentation.

As Grassley wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder in a July 18th correspondence, “If the attorneys working on the [Justice] Department’s response to the Committee spent less time redacting documents and more time producing them, we would be much closer to understanding the failures in leadership surrounding Operation Fast and Furious.”

But it is Hardy’s contention that….

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  2. Felony charges…….Are you serious?? I am now a firm believer that obama could smear s!@t in the face of everyone in the media and every sitting member of “congress” and it would just be laughed off/justified somehow. Who, may i ask, is going to initiate these “charges? Grassley,Isaa? These two are as much a threat to obama as two fleas on a pitt bulls ass. I never knew you could blow someone off/tell someone to go get f!@#$d in so many different ways. Both of them need to google the deffinition of “insanity”. Sorry, folks, i gave up a LONG time ago

    • Angelicsweep says:

      Ron, afraid you are feeling what a whole lot of us are. obama has done SO MANY ILLEGAL things that if it had been a republican, he’d been BURIED 12 ft UNDER the PRISON! There is a book out there that may give you insight as to what is happening since obama came on the scene as an ill state senator! The book also gives us a clear picture of what we are in for if obama is allowed to continue with his agenda. History DOES, INDEED, REPEAT itself because it is doing so right now and people are to BLIND and STUPID to see it. This BOOK proves the point…the book is: LOUISIANA HAYRIDE by Harnett Kane. The book is about Huey P. Long who became DICTATOR of Louisiana and had his eye on the Whitehouse. EVERYTHING obama has already done and is trying to do, Huey Long already did! GET the book and read it! At least you will have a heads up on what we are in for if nothing is done with obama!!!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Never happen to this half gorilla is surrounded by the media and demodrats in the senate and congress.Did Rangel or Geythner go to jail answer no.Did Weiner have to declare himself a pervert or his democrat buddy Wu from Oregon
    These congresspeople can't get the info they need from the people who perpetrated the con to sell guns to the cartel .
    So Robin Blackhood and the Sheriff will get away as usual.

  4. So why not Impeach O'Bama? Is it because he is black? Is it because he is a Democrate? Is it because he is Muslem? What if he was Jewish, would he be impeached? How about if he was a Republican?
    We need a strong leader that won't cheat us out of our Constitutional rights and be able to make decisions. We need a leader that will stand up and say enough is enough and balanced the budget. We are the only super power on this planet. America has saved the world in two wars and maybe many other times. We owe other countries nothing because they would be nothing with out the United States of America.

  5. Virginia says:

    How much longer must the people of this country wait and suffer under the hands of this "true" Dictator. I think this is a true sickness and he can't be in his right mind. Geez, his speeches are so repetitive, I wonder if he understands what he is saying??? It's time to roll up the red carpet, sell the limo, we've had enough! Let it be over so we can rebuild our country, under new leadership. If Obama is ineligible then so is Biden, his laws would be null and void.

  6. We’re getting closer to taking down Obama and his perverts, but
    people like you have to join the citizens class action to show
    solidarity and give strength to people like Issa and Grassley who
    want to what’s right. We the People must unify against this Usurper!
    We all had enough!


    Citizens Class Action Against Barack Obama

  7. SEAN MURRY says:

    We know they are guilty of felony charges.

  8. womenfly says:

    I'm so sick of both of these clowns… get rid of them! And the rest of the socialist in congress!

  9. Of course Obama is at the top of this scheme! It's his and corrupt racist Eric Holder's grand plan to build a case for gun control. Obama's taken over car companies, taken over the banks and student loans, shut down the gulf oil drilling, taken over our health care and next on his hit list is to disarm all Americans. Unfortunateley, the self-proclaimed Dictator Obama does one illegal act after another and no one in Congress challenges him. Why does Obama have Congress so neutered? Because he is black! And if he were investigated and charged with anything, there would be huge racial riots and civil war, that's why. It will not be long before Obama declares himself supreme ruler and we will be staring Germany 1939 right in the eye. Heil Obama! Bye bye elections.

  10. 4th cav says:

    Jail is almost not good enough for these two.

  11. Evermyrtle says:

    Do you want to make a bet, that some day be charges brought against either of them??

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